Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Visit Angry Movie Review

Right off the bat you can tell he's trying to attract attention with a clickbait thumbnail, John Cleese is giving his death throws right about now. It's funny because Joe mentions that no one will watch this video, yeah because it's a stupid movie review and that's reason enough to not watch it. I like how Angry Joe asked Delrith what he thought about the movie and he didn't answer so Angry Joe kept talking instead, I mean there's being an ass and then there's being Angry Joe. Joe is also interrupting Other Joe and Delrith as usual, that just makes him seem like an insecure asshole who only cares about his opinion. Kinda like me. Who said that?

I also laughed my ass off when Other Joe disagrees with Joe, and then Angry Joe is telling him he's wrong. Seriously Wtf? Honestly Joe is not a movie critic. He needs to stop trying to sound like he knows how to make movies and know how to act. His terrible skits are an example of this, I'd love to see what Micheal Bay thinks of that. He'd probably try and make some TMNT or Beavis and Butthead porno, oh wait they already exist. Uhm, toodles.


Insert paedo joke here.

I doubt he will, he needs peso's on twitch. 

Ouch, Angry Joe takes critical damage.

Joe can't even read a cereal box, how can you expect him to understand that?

There's also a lot of Delrith hate again, poor guy can't catch a break.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

AngryJoe plays Company of Heroes 2: British Forces!

Another paid promotion from the Mexican Jew himself, he must really need all that money for pay for his eye surgery and fast food that he's always chomping down on. And he's playing Company of Heroes 2, an expansion to a game he hasn't even bothered to play. Yeah, that just tells you that Angry Joe isn't even a gamer and only interested in making money on the internet. He's also pulling a very insulting and bad British accent throughout the entire video, a Latino doing a White Mans Accent... Isn't this Racist in the Politically Correct Society we live in at all. If Joe can butcher a british accent then I can do a Chinese or Japanese accent...Is the chicken rubbery? Racist!!!!!! Got to Love Liberalism and Political Correctness these days.

I watched the first twenty minutes and Joe is pretty terrible at this game, as usual. He dens't even use (or know how to use) the retreat and refresh function, maybe he should atleast know the most basic and elementary game mechanics before making a promo video and sticking his ass in the air for developers everywhere. If your going to watch it then be warned, Joe shouts like a retard at a christian sunday school when Uncle Buck comes to visit, it gets real annoying real quick and just hampers the overall video.

Joe also needs to clearly identify in the title that video is a paid promotion, he needs to be forward that he's selling out. Also, just play Men of War that's a much better game than this casual piece of shit.


I think he spent in on chicken. 

Why would he stop when he can make Jew gold?

Exactly, we should do mexican accents since he did a british one.

Well said.

Insert Freddy got Fingered reference here.

Haha, this is so true.

How much can you give him?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Angry Joe Tries It: Talking about Quiet From MGS

Metal Gear Solid V: Spoiler Post-Review Discussion

Jesus, another boring 40 minutes video. Who in their right mind would actually sit through this entire thing willingly? And it's mostly Joe and Delrith rambling about random stuff that happen in the game, this is the exact opposite of an intelligent conversation, not that I expect this from Angry Joe and co anyway. Throughout this video they say alot of stupid stuff, mostly relating to how "MGS is one of the best games of the year" and that Joe is now a metal gear fanboy and is going to play all the other games. Get a load of this, Delrith's wearing the same shirt as the last video, I mean can't this guy wear anything other than shirts? I'm not asking him to wear a gimp suit but holey moley, don't be wearing the same thing again and again, oh wait he's probably copying Joe seeing as he wears the same stinky jacket without washing it. A true mexican patriot.

And as usual Joe keeps cutting the others off after he asks them something, he should let them speak or just do the video alone, because it's annoying as hell. He also mentions Jim sterling......opinion invalidated. When he gets to Quiet he is just being a politically correct queer, yes it's a "sexy" character and all that crap, moving on. People don't subscribe to watch childish conservative PC American bible belt bullshit, huff said. For some reason Other Joe just sits there with his thumb up his ass not knowing what the hell is going on. He's quiet as a mouse.The comments section is really toxic and funny with lots of Delrith hate, that guy just can't catch a break. Joe also starts yapping that he couldn't get a review copy and that's why he couldn't' get the review out faster, yeah but you could just buy the freaking game like a normal person instead of being a special snowflake.


Joe is too young to have played the earlier games.

Maybe he can't afford another shirt.

Well, he's a casual.

You suprised?

Angry Jew sounds so much better than Angry Joe.

No love for muslims? 

Well, Joe is a poser.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Angry Review

Why is his face so punchable?
Before you do anything, you need to know that Angry Joe hasn't played any other Metal Gear game outside of Ground Zeroes, Revengeance and The Phantom Pain. He is a casual gamer who panders to what the casual video game viewer wants to see on Youtube, he is a poser and not a real gamer because his first console was an Xbox. Nuff said.

I can't believe Angry Joe, people on the internet think he makes great reviews and gives games proper scores, numerous of his reviews (namely Bioshock Infinite, Witcher 3) are obviously either him being too much of a casual or being payed to give games high scores. This is apparent all the way through this video, because he sells the shit out of this game like it was the second coming of christ. He practically sucks Konami's and Kojima's dicks throughout the entire video so hard that you can faintly hear it in the background, or that could have been that sasquatch porn I had on in the background.

What the fuck am I looking at?
Joe says the game has "Not many flaws", this proves that this game was not made for MGS players, but brand new players like Joe. The fact that Joe loves reflex mode shows how much of a casual he is. A LOT of Metal Gear fans are terribly disappointing in its story and streamlined gameplay. Though the gameplay is really good, the game as a Metal Gear game failed, and this is apparent to anyone who's actually played the other games.

The video is also filled with stupid sketches that only make the video even more boring, not to mention that some of them are gay beyond belief. Joe also says that he won't get into the Quiet thing but then does, he is obviously pandering to feminists on tumblr, Angry Joe sounds like Anita Sarkeesian.

Is Angry Joe gay? Serious question. 
Case in point, it's a boring review filled with misinformation on Joe's part. Him giving it a glowing 9/10 is proof that he's just as bad as IGN and Gamespot, if not worse for thinking he's better than them. And why the hell is Joe so bad at making reviews, most of the video is just background noise without any substance, it's more of a vlog than a review. Did you also notice how it took Joe almost three weeks to make a review, now that's just laughable. Anyway, what did you guys think about the review?

And if you want to know what's wrong with the game, then check out the bit after the comments.


A good opinion.

Like most games then?

It's because he's pandering to casuals. 


Damn right, Joe can't review properly.

And he sucks it hard!

Most of his video's are boring. 

Everything wrong with MGSV

>Shyamamalan-tier twist just for the sake of having a twist. It actually changes nothing,
neither in the series as a whole, nor in this particular game. Venom Snake is literally
brainwashed to think that he is Big Boss - so he acts pretty much the same as Big Boss.
So why have him as a character in the first place? Also he never fucking talks. He doesn't
say a single word during the entire ride with Skull Face.

>Disgraceful 2nd chapter and completely lackluster ending. It's beyond obvious that they
ran out of ideas/money/time and the result is just sad. Even worse when a slightly better
ending was found on disc but of course it got cut too. Without it, Eli acquiring a
Metal Gear seems like a gigantic plothole.

>Recycled content as Main (!) missions. Nonsense like this belongs in NG+, Side-OPs or
a difficulty menu - it's shameful to offer it as main content of the game and makes it
all the more obvious how much actual content is missing.

>Side-OPs are repetitive to no end. The sheer number of them is misleading, when there
actually are only about 15 different missions, just recycled ad nauseam.

>The pacing is all over the place. Chapter 1 takes ages to reach any meaningful plotpoint,
yet chapter 2 flies by in a breeze. Many 'main' missions are at best loosely connected to
overall plot.

>Only 2 real boss fights. Seriously?

>Skull Face reduced to simple-minded cartoon villain, complete with dumb Zorro mask and all.

>Quiet is the 2nd most pointless character, right after Venom Snake. She adds absolutely
nothing to the story. And the only real benefit she added to the game at all, having her as
an optional buddy, is taken away from the player for no reason whatsoever.

>Everything about FOBs. The fact that they literally lied when they said you could freely
construct and manage them in offline mode. The fact that they can be invaded at any time, so
you might find yourself missing a good chunk of your team and resources, for daring not to play
the game for a few days. And then there are micro-transactions which, of course, influence both
the single- and the multiplayer: because more resources and larger squads are a direct benefit, end
of discussion.

>Upgrades take game-time to finish. Yep, that's right. Your FOB can freely be raided and plundered
when you're offline but your development queue won't move at all. Some upgrades literally
take several hours to complete, it sure would be nice to have them finish over night.

And by far the worst offender:
>Completely misleading marketing campaign that is single-handedly responsible for a huge portion of
the disappointment now felt by many players. This game is not about Big Boss going nuclear. This game
does not touch any taboos. This game does not even have the same level of brutality as Ground Zeroes.
Quiet is pointless and just there because Kojima fucked Stephanie. Keifer is pointless because Venom
barely talks. Nothing new or concluding is gained from the story at all, it's almost filler-tier content.

>Less content than PW
>Less polishing than GZ

Extreme mode levels don't even have more guards and thus have no variation from how you played them before. Older MGS games offered more variety upon different difficulties than this game which copy pastes its levels into the story as Extreme

cut content, no level editor's, and lies about custom mother base.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

AngryJoe Previews Total War: Warhammer!

Shit eating grin.
Man, another video that Joe's fan base doesn't care about this. It's like he wants people to hate him, just take a look at the comments section and you'll see what I mean. And when Joe says he got an "exclusive" he really means he let the developers pee in his butthole, what don't you believe me? Joe also says the review will be out by weekend, what game is he talking about? I mean he could have easily said anything but no, he just thinks everyone already knows what he's talking about. How stupid can this guy get?

This was also recorded at the start of this month, this is probably the thing he left Texas for. As for the video, it's freaking 44 minutes long, and it's very boring, that's all you need to know. It's a generic Total War game and Joe's getting all hyped up for nothing, it also takes 10 minutes for the battle to start and then again it's only interesting to people who have never played an RTS in their life. I watched ten minutes of this tripe and couldn't be bothered getting through the rest, don't watch this video and let your voice be heard.

And I love how Joe takes over a whole month to put out a 30 minute review, it's like he's sitting on his ass getting donations over on Twitch......on wait that is what he's doing instead of working on making reviews. I smell Jew gold. And I can' believe that Joe has the gall to upload a raw session without editing it to make it watchable, he should have made a 5-10 minute video showing off the game's new know, putting some effort into making a video instead of being a lazy Mexican. He'll go no where if he keeps this up.


A poser does what a poser does.

Joe don't know shit.

He probably meant they'd being doing something that's not his workload.

B-but the let's plays...

He got fat.

This is so true.

This comment is so true.

A joke that'll stand the test of time.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Out with the old, in with the new!

That's deep, man.
As most of you have probably found out by now, my old blogger account was terminated because I received a DMCA strike for something that was unrelated to Angry Joe. Contrary to popular belief, Joe and the Angry Army had nothing to do with it. Anyway, what does this mean for the future of the Angry Joe Sucks Blog? I don't know, I'm thinking of only covering his reviews from this moment onward and doing monthly posts about what's been happening. I'll wait and see before I make that decision. In the meantime, go fuck off somewhere else...only joking...actually I'm not, fuck off this time Angry fanboys. Pardon my french.

And if you're wondering what'll happen to all those good old times we had on the old blog, fear not cretain! Whatever I can salvage from google cache will be put on this blog too, it'll probably just take ages since it really is a daunting task. That's it, that's all I've got to say so go wallow in your sorrow somewhere else.

Angry Joe Tries it Push Up's

Comments Section:


His form is horrible
There's those $800 chairs he makes sure to include in every video.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The AngryJoeShow Expands!

Wow, just look at those two autistic retards, shaking their fists like it means something, and let's not forget that they're fucking pumped, they'll repeat that because they can't think of anything worthy to say. Anyway, this video is mainly an ad for you to jump to his Twitch channel to subscribe and donate to his Mexican ass. Apparently he'll be streaming 3 or 4 times a week, the same goes for Delrith as he'll be stepping up his presence as if people want to watch a piedophile and a furry play games. Joe calls more Delrith "better value" whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, it's like he's treating this as a "business".

And he's only thanking his subscribers now, wow, I mean wow. He reached the 2 million cound ages ago and he only got off his fat ass to thank you now, that says something about him, he doesn't care. And this point is even more valid as he says he'll be making more content including let's plays, movie reviews and board games. Looks like someone doesn't read the comments section, or take feedback for that matter. But he'll say that his community on twitch is the best because he gets money, I mean that's the only reason he actually does it, and we all know it. He said to also look forward to next year and all the things that will blow you away, yeah like his track record *sizzle* and jewness.

He said that the Phantom Pain review will be out in 4 or 5 days or maybe a week, he thinks games is amazing and loves every minute. Was he payed to say this or is this just me? Because it seems that way or he only played the first hour of the game, what a dumbass. He also said he might squeeze out a Mad Max review but don't count on it, he's lied before and he'll lie again, because that's what he does.

Comments Section:

This comment has been removed by the author.
U need ta run spell check lil nigga. You so salty and jealous it burns my eyes readin the comp screen. That nigga brings in my nigga other joe ta handle more reviews and thanks people for gettin da nigga here and u still over dere cryin like a lil bitch usin those faggoty tears as lubricant while u feverishly masturbate chantin i love u joe.. i love u joe. Man nigga u one IRA butt pluggin loser my man. Now run along ta school lil nigga.
Don't you have anything better to do with your time than to pick fights in this blog? No job? School? Anything?
Im 25 and work security nigga. I switch between days an nights every other week. Why u care i like giving this whiny piece of shit a hard time. Got anything better ta do then worry bout what im doin?
Is he really telling us about his job? Nobody cares lol

Get a second job if you still have the time to harass honest people that reveal how much of a Jew Joe is.
Honest people?hahahahahahaha. Damn u niggas are clueless. every tuber man is in for one motha fuckin reason.. that green. Not a one cares about their fans but how tha niggas can make more cheddar. Honest? Paid promotion (mr blogger is cluless how indie devs work and the gamin industry as a hole) cocksucker, faggot, jew is all dis nigga spouts (clueless because da nigga just a salty kid) what exactly is this nigga honest about dick?
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's ok my nigga. Kinda thought you were a closeted gayman. Now jus be comfortable with yerself.
If you guys want to shut up, click on this link:

What Joe SHOULD do is expand with other people. Have the others like Delrith ans other Joe take care of new shows and live streams and Joe should focus on reviews and rants THATS IT.

Joe got big for reviews and rants so breaking away and doing less of them makes zero sense. His numbers might be growing but its a bubble. Eventually of he doesn't get back to doing what he used to do...what made him YouTube famous... The fans will start to leave.

Hell I still subscribe but I watch like 1/15 videos or less. I watch is his reviews which means in terms of YouTube's analytics system is bad. A subscriber should watch 50% or more videos. I'd love to see his analytics page...
Not a half bad idea.

You see Ciaran, this is what valid criticism looks like! Take notes!
He talks about other Joe moving down so THEY can do MORE reviews.
Hey my nigga mad. You know we da same person right? Lol. You also know da blogger is yuichi_rants, dani filth, and spoony sucks right? A whole year and a half goes by and dese niggas neva speak i show hom how he be all dese people and for the first time ever him and yuichi speak to one another tryin his damndest ta make it look like they aint. Dis nigga is fun as shit to trolol. He's so bitter and salty he gettin desperate.
The only valid thing Joe could do at this point is have MadDemon and Chillock on the show.
Mr. Blogger would cream his tighty whiteys if his crush asked him on tha show. And joe wouldnt want a deranged stalker anywhere near tha nigga. Lol. Wtf u thinkin dick.

*absorbing information*
It's called Angry Joe Sucks for a reason MD.
Yes yes we know Ciaran. You gave it that title because you can't stand the fact that he has a different opinion than you.

We know. Cry us a river Ciaran. Oh wait, you've already done that.
Really? Yeah, I've totally been crying over the fact that Joe has a different opinion than me. What kind of world do you live in? You've got to be a moron to even suggest that, oh are.

We all know you can't stand me because I have an opinion about Joe, and that you've been crying a river. You don't need to deny the facts, we all know it's true.
10.    've been pointing out that you've been crying over the fact that Joe has a different opinion than you and that you do a horrible job of hiding that fact.

And again, this "fact" about me not being able to stand that you have an opinion about Joe is completely false, because well, that's just you projecting. In truth, it's you who can't stand the fact that Joe has an opinion. That's the fact that can't be denied.

All I want you to do is tell the truth for once. Openly admit how shallow and hollow your claims are. Just tell the truth.
But what about sarcasm, Chilly? Where's the fun in that?
Man, you really are crazy.
Told you so, why you think I only respond to him once every 100 posts? Dude is bloody mental.
There's no point in denying, Chillock. Many people (including you) will get mad for having different opinions than anyone else.

You're the man-child from the very beginning. Fuckin' man up!
That's rich coming from a guy who's probably a fat neckbeard keyboard warrior, now that I think about it...that's what you probably are. Or just plain autistic.
I would cream my panties, if thi nigga chillock asked me to write on his blog. I would take it up the ass for nigga angry joe dick. I'd even pay to get fucked by both these crackas
Salty Mr. Blogger? Im so sorry i made ya cry my nigga. It's ok. Yo ass will grow out it.
Man, your weird. Writing comments on here all day and impersonating me just shows how much you can't stand me or that someone speaks out against Angry Jew.
I like this blog I think it's interesting to see someone else's point of view. If people don't agree and make fun that's fine. But Ciaran has the balls to publically say Joe does something wrong, if he could point out Joes good points more often it would make this blog more balanced. Either way Ciaran can do what he wants, I doubt people on here complaining about Ciaran will make a difference. Ciaran puts the time into this which should mean something.
This is pathetic.
If you click to view his profile you see "Ciaran" joined in September 2015. Clearly someone loves Ciaran so much they want to be him.
Totalbiscuit says what Joe does wrong. Jmi Sterling says what Joe does wrong. But they actually find legitimate things to criticize him on and do so in a constructive way.

Ciaran is just whining about Joe having a different opinion than him.
And you're whining about me having an opinion about Joe.
No, I'm pointing out that your opinion that he sucks is based off of him having a different opinion than you.

Listen, dude, turnabout is only fair play when you actually use it properly. Claiming that I am a hypocrite for pointing out how fallacious your opinion is about Joe because you claim that it's no different than what you're doing is fallacious itself, because what you're doing is whining that Joe has a different opinion than you and straight up lying about stuff he does. I'm pointing out that your logic is faulty, fallacious, and downright wrong and showing how that is. It's completely different.

Try again.
Agree with fake Confucius.

Nothing will change. Unless....if ciaran is doing an embarrassing action, a trauma for example.

I agree. Joe should actually check this blog, which he prolly does, to try and better himself. I mean he reviews games, he should respect the fact that someone reviews him.

With that said, im not a fan of the racial slurs Ciaran uses. I know he likes to use the "get a thicker skin" to defend himself, but i dont think anyone should ever have to get a thicker skin against this, especially considering whats going on in the world. And we are all diffrent and react differently to stuff like this.

Ciaran, if you read this. I like this blog. I think alot of youtubers get away with way to much bullshit to make that easy money and its good someone calls them out on it. I also like the fact you are attacking Joe's person less and less and focus more on the actual work he does.
Glad you understand HMA187, and have a balanced opinion.

As for you MD, stop your whining. It's getting pathetic at this point.
Oh yes, I'm whining. As evidenced by the fact that I'm calmly explaining how flawed and fallacious your claims are.

You're the one whining here Ciaran, not me. Why else would you feel the need to throw failures of insults at me at every turn? Because you're losing and you know it.
Losing? Far from it bro.
You know what? You're right. You are far from losing.

You lost. A long time ago.
You're just enjoying yourself, are you? Not even Jim Fucking Sterling Son can change your mind otherwise.

How dare you!
Jim Sterling's a moron, 60 FUCKING FRAMES PER SECOND!
Nice fanfiction bro, and thank you for giving me a reason to moderate the comments section from this moment onward.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Do I get a cookie? Jk. Keep up the work dude.
Yes, you do get a cookie.
*steals cookie

*eats it

It's *munch* *munch* horrible!

*munch* *munch*
That's because it was a Mitt Romney cookie, mu ha ha ha.

*munches on Obama cookie*
Where's obama care when you need it?
In the dumpster, alongside his foreign policy. Ohhhhhh...
This reminds me when he said he would provide more content when he was going to twitch, so yea heard that before, all in all nothing will actualy change, they will provide more twitch live streams for more donations, making him cut out more of that footage to upload onto jewtube as a pretext for him adding "more content", dont get your hopes up, his reviews wont come out "faster" nor will it be "alot more" (unless your a company shilling out free trips and lodges)
All Joe does is talk his way out with promises, we'll see if he actually does anything in the future.
Fuck Delrith. He is horrible. What does Joe see in him?
Joe must have a thing for fat Furry Pedophiles.
Not to mention Delrith said:

'These two Beautiful Men!' in that expansion video.. furry faggot.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Welp. Someone deleted his own comment.
This is what you get when you sell your soul for succes, sooner or later the devil comes back to bite you in the ass and ruin everything you had.