Thursday, 27 March 2014

28/03/2014 - Twitter Madness

This is another new segment of the blog where we'll be looking at what Angry Joe's been up to on twitter in the last week, but since this is the first post I'll include stuff from before.

Angry Joe pissing all over his fanbase with this comment below about the bad feedback to his dark souls video, he basically says he doesn't care what you think because he's all "Fuck You, Give Me Money!", oh wait that's what he said about EA and all those other big companies so he's quite the hypocrite now isn't he.

Check out this from when people were hating on Other Joe for some reason. 

This one was when people were checking out Joe's height and making fun of him because he's been looking to get back at that guy who owned him.

Some creep sent him some fan art, oh lord no it's "chibi" which means some basement dweller did this.
Angry Joe sticks his ass in the air again by promoting  that bloody MOBA game again.

Someone called Angry Joe's girlfriend a whore, and really someone with a big rack and very sluttish images on her instagram account who wouldn't be surprised is she was a hoar and pushing drugs on the side. You know those minorities and their drugs, believe me I've seen "The Shield".

Seriously and with the name "Megamanda" one wouldn't be supprised by what's "Mega". You can be an even bigger pervert by going to her instagram page, you won't be the only one because she's already got a couple of stalker of her own to deal with.
I think we all know why shes called "Megamanda"
I think I'm gonna need Rich Boy, Barrack Obama and that Ancient Aliens guy for this one.
They were the ones that said it so blame them

Angry Joe Plays Dark Souls 2!

Those emotes look like they were pulled right outta Lost Planet 2
Wow, another lets play, Angry Joe's really driving his fanbase into the ground recently, just look at his video views on his last couple of videos. He'll lose a lot of his fanbase to other You tubers if he doesn't start putting up regular content that isn't clips of his twitch streams, which really doesn't take any effort other than editing the video and uploading it. Today he's playing Dark Souls 2 which came out on March 11 in the USA, and he did the live stream on  the 13 March making two videos lasting 1 hour and 35 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes , which makes this video 15 days old content that he decided to upload to YouTube because he's too busy doing god knows what in LA. For those who haven't been following his twitter feed he went to LA for some reason to meet a bunch of unfunny hacks just like him.
Anyway to the actual video, Angry Joe acts like a complete retard while he's playing Dark Souls 2, he gets hit and dies tons of times and he doesn't even try to block. Now just look at the terrible graphics of Dark Souls 2 and then look at the new Metal Gear game in the picture above, I can't believe both are on the same system because Dark Souls has shit production values and it's clear that the Japanese developers don't give a shit what their video game looks like. He's also wearing the stupid helmet he wore during the Rome total war review because he's like to role play when he's playing video games, proving that he is the biggest child out of them all, and he wonders why people call him retarded. I won't say much more because it's basically him acting like a retard running around and dying but blaming the game, though I'll let the YouTube comments speak for for themselves through a new segment on the blog called "Viewers Response", lets begin:

 Now wasn't that enlightening, come back next time when Angry Joe screws up yet again.

Red Lantern Angry Joe in DCUO - Part 2!

Another video so soon, you spoil us Joe...oh wait it's just some clips of him doing a live stream. Most of the video is Joe and Other Joe making their characters based on what people voted for in a poll on his site. Riveting stuff right here, though it is cool to see them recreate some "characters" from the show and they look great, though if character creation is not your think don't worry Joe will show you some combat from the game...oh wait that's what in part two, how silly of's not like he could make the video a little longer...oh wait he can but he's just choosing to make another part so he can make some more monies.
This video drags and you'll see for yourself when and if you watch it, which isn't many because right now it's at 89,727 views in two days. He also acts like a total prick during the video which isn't really a surprise because that's what he's like when he not in character for the Angry reviews. Just look at they way he treated Other Joe during the outlast videos and he's doing the exact same here, probably all that sexual tension between the two, either that or Angry Joe is upset over who plays mother or father when they put pineapples in each others asses. He also accidentally pulls up an amazon page by accident, its on screen for a second but don't worry Joe as I screen capped that and now we all know that you were buying more purple dildos.
Damn, look at those prices...ouch
Well he might as well be, he was actually browsing for the Elder Scrolls Online Soundtrack, the dumb ass probably needs to prove to himself how big of a fan he is by buying the soundtrack, oh wait its sold out and the only people selling a physical copy are charging extreme prices. If he really cared he would have pre-ordered a copy and not checking at the last minute. He also said during the stream that there's no girls in the stream, one: how does he know that and two: that's sexist, (or at least I think it is) both genders watch streams, it's not all guys with their junk hanging out beating off to Joe and Other Joe. Speaking of Other Joe, Joe is a complete ass to him throughout the video, just look at his face you know he wants to punch Joe just like this other guy below:
Anyway what are you still doing here, please kindly read more or go watch pewdiepie or something. Or count how many times Joe is written in this post because I'm too lazy.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Angry Joe [AJSA] Community Update! - March 2014h

 Basically it's a video telling everyone about the new servers that Angry Joe payed for! Wow, now everyone can be sad all in one place, great job Joe, though seriously people should just play on the games normal servers unless they want to take part in the Angry Joe "Community" which even Joe said he won't be a part of much. That's why he has even lamer people to be his "Commanders", who the hell wants to play with those guys, even if Joe was online and you could join you'd have a one in a million chance of playing with him.

Even Joe doesn't want to be here
He also shamelessly tells people who complain about him doing live streams to just "fuck off", looks like all that complaining is finally getting to him, seriously he can't even do a review a week even though he has no bloody job and is probably living on welfare just like all the other shits on the TGWTG. Now take a look at Joe's body guard at the left, Joe calls him a "Marine", yeah in what Army the Angry Army, what a joke he looks like he should be on Home Improvement. Get a load of the comment below:

He also wants people in Europe to play in the Angry Army even though we're in a different time Zone, the dumbass probably thinks everyone will stay awake all night to play with him. Even more worrying, is that Joe is basically advertising his own Twitch channel (I'll get to that soon) and the games which they will be playing, people have said he's a sell out but he sold out long ago. Take a look at the first comment below:

Take a look at their supported games list below if your interested, more mmo and MOBA shit, awesome Joe you always pick the best games, oh wait ... no Call of Duty ... fuck you and your homoerotic friends Joe, but we all know Joe's already doing that.

Official Supported Games:
Planetside 2
Guild Wars 2
Battlefield 4
League of Legends
Counter Strike: GO
War Thunder

Upcoming Games:
Elder Scrolls Online
WildStar Online
Star Citizen

Nice blowjob face Joe

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Angry Review

I totally agree with everything Angry Joe said in his review, mainly because he is right and all the things that pissed him off pissed me off. Though I will comment on a couple of things he said in his review.

For one he states he hasn't played any previous Metal Gear game and I mean really, really Joe you at least must of had a PS2 or an original Xbox because games have been released on both systems. Though this may further compound the rumors that Angry Joe only really got into gaming when the Xbox 360 came out, hence his lack of knowledge of Metal Gear Solid, though even I don't even know what's going on anymore because like Joe, I never had a PS4 and the franchise just dropped off the radar for me.
Angry Joe really tackles a lot of issues with the game ranging from its price point to its controls, and much more. He really covers most aspects of the game and does it justice, though he played it on the Xbox One much to people dismay because it's always been a PlayStation game but really who cares what you play it on. All the parody moments Joe and Other Joe do are all well done and really funny, unlike a couple of  his other videos recently...cough...cough. He also mentions how Case Zero was kinda like a demo and how it's similar to Ground Zeroes even though the two are totally different cases.
He also mentions the controversial "vagina bomb" which for one is just plain wrong, he pulls off a very funny parody of this scene involving Other Joe's butt, really check it out. Though he didn't mention the other controversial parts of the game such as the torture or the gang rape in the audio logs in the game. If you complain anywhere about these parts of the game prepare to get bombarded by fan boys who'll try and explain the stupid reasons behind Kojima's childish writing style and misogynistic views. More information of this can be found here:
I highly recommend you check it out, it'll give you an insight into Hideo Kojima's distorted view of women, which at times is really messed up due to him being Japanese, and that's a whole other issue altogether. Taking all facts into consideration he gives the game a 5/10 which is really a fair score. Agreeing with Joe really defeats the purpose of this blog though we'll see where he goes from here.

Though in the bloopers at the end of the video Joe says to other Joe that he "lubes him up", I know they're joking but people do talk about how gay they are sometimes though they're just messing around. Not a sight I would want to imagine.........damn it


  1. Name one MGS game on the original Xbox, don't worry, I'll wait.
    1. Metal Gear Sold 2 Sons of Liberty, I know because I've actually played the game.
  2. You suck and fuck your blog, looser ,p

Friday, 21 March 2014

Titanfall Angry Review

 The video starts off with both Angry and Other Joe shooting each other wearing bad cosplay, they shoot and call down each others titan's, but they play with toy robots instead. This sequence is both long and boring and only serves as Angry Joe's reason to keep the video under parody because otherwise he wouldn't be able to make monies, which he need moar of. Together the intro sequence takes 2:56 out of the total 31:58 running time. Let's continue.
He says that Titanfall provides a fresh new experience, so does every other new game franchise or at least they do at first. Take Halo 4 for example, it was great to play when it came out and was terrible a week after because all the excitement of playing something new runs out, something Angry Joe does not mention. He also says that it succeeds in creating mech and infantry based combat, now listen just because it has mechs and infantry together doesn't mean it is good because the game isn't even balanced because the mechs move so unrealistically, I would have rather they gone with a "real mech" rather than a guy sized up because that's really what we got. Though it's really down to a players preference, and yeah I know too much text.

He also is annoyed by the game having a bad story even though it was always going to be multiplayer focused, though they could have done more than audio logs. He also brags about it not having destructible environments, yeah it seems Joe's going all Battlefield on this one, that alone would not have made the game better it would have made it worse. Strange enough he wants to be able to shoot planes out of the sky even though no game has that sort of thing, he also says the game should have more maps even though no game ever has more than 15 at launch which is about right for a multiplayer focused game.

Angry Joe is even more fail because he never even touched upon Gun or Uniform customization or lack thereof, which he could have at least mentioned. He didn't even put up a list of improvements that game could have only mentioning a couple aspects, seriously his game review is only so long because he includes sections of his lets play, that and he runs his mouth more than Pat the Nes Punk. Anyway he gives the game a 7/10, which oh my is an average score Joe, it seems he's just as big as a hypocrite as those other game reviewers. (oh wait he always was)

He shows what scores it got for some and shames them for giving it a decimal, in what world does he get the right to judge if someone gives it a decimal, seriously he had the same thing with Pacific Rim and he was wrong there also. Anyways his review is too long and tedious to be take seriously, ,..... just like this post ......

Saturday, 15 March 2014

And so it begins...

The time has come dear followers of the Internet, the time for Judgement. And the one who so deserves it is...

                                                           Angry Joe aka Joe Vargas
The fool himself
A long time ago Angry Joe was a funny guy, but now he is as shallow as the companies he mocks, joining them together in moneyfaggory, now his videos are basically advertisements for the companies products. Take his recent MOBA, Free to Play and MMO craze for example, with the videos and interviews of:

DC Universe Online
Heroes of the Storm
Infinite Crisis

Free to Play / MMO
Heroes of Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls Online
Might and  Magic X

He's been let's playing this shit for months now and there doesn't seem to be an end to it, many people have been complaining about Angry Joe mainly because his video's now suck and he just drones on and on instead of getting to the point, but now he targets his videos towards those who just want shits and giggles and the fanbase is openly divided on his official forum, YouTube and twitter. He's has only reviewed one Next Gen game and that was the new Killzone, is he stupid, doesn't he know people want to know what he thinks about those new games. But apparently he can't make money, oh boo fucking hoo, why doesn't he just shift off to Blip then, oh wait probably because his fanbase wouldn't go with him.

Anyway sleaf6 sums up pretty much why Angry Joe sucks, read below: