Thursday, 23 June 2016

Angry Joe uses auto aim during a stream

Seems like Joe played a big part of Uncharted 4 multiplayer with the auto aim on, only disabled people use it but I guess that's just what Joe is. If you like games and are a gamer you aren't going to turn on auto aim or any assist tool like that, only cheats and disabled people use it. If Joe is a real gamer like he thinks he is why is he using auto aim? Challenge is an important aspect of the gaming, Angry Joe is one of those people who don't get gaming. Angry Joe claimed he was "testing it" but that's not true as he had auto aim on for most of the stream. What a liar.

Also Robinoyo covered all of this in his stream, he makes a lot of good points. It starts at 16:30.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Angry Joe does 24 Hours of Le Forza Stream #Sponsored by Audi

With full Jew mode in effect Joe has went and done a 24 hours stream sponsored by Audi for the new Forza game as if anyone cares. It's minimum commentary all the way through, just Joe muttering random words trying to keep the one thousand people watching entertained. At one point he claims his bad performance was due to him being delirious, yeah we all know that's just him being a terrible player. To make matters worse the comments section is full of people calling Joe a bad driver, mostly because he can't bloody play a driving game properly. I mean he keeps crashing into the barricades, constantly not being able to turn a fucking corner correctly. But to deflect criticism he keeps calling everyone else a "pro", oh boo hoo Joe is a casual game please feel sorry for him. What a complete joke.

Joe said this on Twitter sometime after the sponsorship. I think we all know this isn't true. 

He also argued with some dude on Twitter, seems like Joe is the one who can't stand someone's personal opinion. And get a load of Joe's "4chan sheep troll" comment as if he knows what he's talking about, what a joke.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Angry Joe get's sponsored deal from Audi

Looks like sellout Joe is up to no good again, this time he's got a sponsored deal from Audi to shill the new Forza game with a bunch of other gaming journalists who have no integrity. He'll fit right in.

 Hopefully like a real beaner he'll crash his car.  

Other than that he's uploaded a boring ass vlog for E3 because he's too lazy to put any effort in and make a proper video, and played a Demo for the new Deus Ex game and uploaded it. No effort what so ever, he should just admit that he doesn't care anymore and he's only in it for the money. Because anyone can see that, Joe has no integrity and only cares about money, like a real Jew.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

AJS June 2016 Update Vlog! + E3 Coverage

Basically this video is utter shit, it's Joe just saying a big load of shit. I'll bullet point it because I honestly can't be bothered typing a brick of text. This is what he said:

  • blames amazon for late doom review and having to go to E3
  • work his ass off
  • unable to get into EA events
  • maybe won't do E3 because he wants an easier time
  • unable to do doom review until after E3, he blames other Joe's appointments and stuff arriving late
  • wants to create schedule
  • he says he sorry and loves gaming
  • check out E3 video's
  • wants your questions and opinions because he has none of worth himself
  • has more good stuff coming after E3
  • July moving forward will be more structured.

I mean why hasn't Joe done his EA conference video yet? Is he even doing one? DSP and tons of other people have their out already, this just goes to show you how little effort Joe puts into his video's. Also, I doubt Joe will even do any of these things listed above. What do you think?

Also go watch DSP's EA's Conference Video, at least he puts out content unlike our resident beaner.

I know, of all the people I recommend DSP. Honestly, he's far better than Joe and actually knows what he's talking about when it comes to gaming. Unlike Angry Joe. Give it a watch.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Angry Joe meets PurrlunaGaming

One of the manlets over on the DeadHorseInterchangeable mentioned that PurrlunaGaming was going to meet up with Angry Joe. Naturally I checked what all this was about and apparently they are meeting up for something. It seems she idolizes him for some bizarre reason, shits weird yo.

Angry Joe should play the 30 year old virgin in the inevitable remake. 

Now this is the post she made on some shitty social media blog I think. Get a load of what she says about Joe, he's the "most amazing guy she met"! I guess she hasn't met much men. "He's so, kind, talented and hardworking", yeah I think we all know Joe is anything but that. But the craziets part is that Joe "opened up feelings she's never felt before". I think we all know that's code for bestiality, because you know...Mexicans. Basically it's some stupid Swede (who should be getting screwed royally by Muhammad back in Sweden) whoring herself out to Angry Joe to get popular on YouTube/Twitch and it seems Joe took the bait like the idiot he is.

Captain Sweden! AWAY!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Angry Joe goes ballistic over Overwatch review backlash

Looks like Angry Joe has blown a gasket, seems like all those Overwatch autists are mad that he didn't go all out to dicksuck the game. A seven is good on his scale but I guess people can't handle that he gave the game a 7/10 for all the right reasons. But let's get to his actual review, his Overwatch review was just awful. Camera recordings of his monitor screen (of the website and stuff).Bashing on the loot box system with no real arguments behind it nor mentioning the fact that they're practically thrown in your face with the leveling system.Saying it lacks a story even though there's tons of lore out there.I'm not saying he wasn't right about some things. (No PvE/story mode etc. but I don't really mind that.) But it feels as if he didn't do his research properly, nor did he play it enough to get a genuine feel for the game. It's all to quick/cut-and-dry for my taste.You can see his response to everyone's outrage below:

I guess Angry Joe is Angry.
I like how he claims he has no time, on his playstation account he has no playtime because he lets that pedo furry delrith play the games for him, proof that he's not the one doing most of the work. Basically he's being a bitch. This is the kind of temper tantrum you throw once you've forgotten what it's like to actually have to bust your ass to make ends meet. Not saying he doesn't put some work into his channel, but he's living an easy life and isn't in any position to be complaining like he is.

Joe be like:

Seeing youtube e-celebs sperg out makes my day. You reap what you sow, and when you make your name with *solo* video game and movie reviews and then devolve into a quirky le meme reaction channel, you better be prepared for some backlash. Although tbf it started going to shit after his whole angry army nuthugging bullshit community. But to top it all off he went and deleted that rant, top kek. Everyone already knows what an asshole he already is. He must really be ANGRY.

Joe is thinking of turning off YouTube comments because he can't handle criticism. If he actually does it I bet people will riot.

These are the people who defend angry Joe, their average comments are like: