Thursday, 9 March 2017

Return to form? 2017 Forecast

Now I know that I haven't posted on this blog in ages, sorry about that but I have actually been really busy so any free time I do have naturally isn't going to be spent on this blog. Anyway let's get down to business. Frustrated Fernando has stated that this year he'll be keeping to a schedule, one month into January and he already has failed. Bravo, Joe! Clearly the fame is going to his head, and no not his brain unfortunately. I mean he's getting fatter and fatter every time he makes a video, I guess mountain dew and Doritos do that to you.

But let's ignore all the crap he's done over the last two months because it's mostly fluff and honestly I couldn't give a shit. Angry Joe thinks he can take on Nintendo by throwing one of his autistic fits on YouTube, hoping that his legion of fanboys will come to his aid and butt rape Nintendo into submission. Though we all know that won't happen because Joe hasn't got a chance seeing that he's violating their copyright and would have to be taken to court where he would cry a river of tears and get deported faster than his cousins. Even so Joe thinks that Nintendo is targeting him personally!!!!!

Let's just remind ourselves that this is only happening because Joe is trying to monetize the video! Otherwise Nintendo would have no problem with you making a video or review, but everyone just wants money because they are lazy fucks who can't get a real job. Internet nobodies and their internet welfare are the worst.

I mean it's got to end at some point but like a fucking cancer it just grows and grows, there's got to be something we can do about these sad fucks. Anyway that's all I've got for now. Keep me updated in the comments section because I can't be bothered to check up on whatever this taco head is doing. Later faggots.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Angry Joe reacts to lack of reviews

Joe says he's stretched to the limit with their current schedule, guess why they are behind: Joe is being lazy and claims the skits in his reviews are what takes most of the time working on reviews which is total bullshit. Joe says he has depression which is also bullshit. Muh depression muh YouTube is hard work. Grow a spine and admit that you are a lazy fuck Joe.

He claims that he wants 2017 to be a clean slate even though he said the same things last year, and all we got from that was a big load of shit.  He claims reviews have never had negative comments which just goes to show that he doesn't even read the comments section at all. Joe even admitted that movie reviews are easy, the first truthful thing he has said in a long while.

This is what he wants to do monthly:
  • 4 movie reviews a month (1 a week)
  • 2 reviews a month
  • Wants more let's plays
  • More twitch
  • Promotional videos
  • board games
  • Vlogs (claims the fat fuck Boogie influenced him, in other words told him)
Twitch is their only source of happiness I mean money, won't stop at it. Joe will buy every game twice for console impressions which is plain stupid and we know he won't do it. He has the gall to claim he is a variety channel as he will not making a second channel for all the crap he makes which is way more content but it's not just reviews just crap.

And I forgot to post this article weeks ago but I forgot about it, whoops.