Thursday, 28 July 2016

Angry Joe gets cucked by Swedish Chad!

Ah good god this is some creepy paedo shit right here, no wonder Delrith is head over heals at the moment. Literal paedo bait. But that's not what I'm here to talk about today, what we're here today for is because Angry Joe is a cuck.
Yeah you read that right, spending christmas together and going out together. Looks like Angry Joe is a cuck, and not by Muhammed like most Swedes but an actual chad. What can I say: Birds gonna fly, cucks gonna cuck. This was spotted by one of the guys over on the best website ever which is DHI, props go to them for finding this out. I wonder how long Joe's and Purrluna's relationship lasts with this latest revelation, maybe it'll all end when she goes back to Sweden after she's had enough seven dollar taco's.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Justice League - Angry Trailer Reaction

I won't even write anything, check out the grilling Joe gets in the comments section:

Basically it comes down to Joe being nitpicky as fuck because there's no Superman, oh boo fucking who cry me a river Joe. Muh Superman, get over yourself.

Wonder Woman - Angry Trailer Reaction

Joe says Gal Gadot looks 100 percent as Wonder Woman, opinion 100 percent disregarded.

When Joe said "fighting for the Americans" when British soldiers were charging I wanted to kill myself. And he obviously doesn't know anything about WW1 with the Nazi comment he made. Hitler creates the Nazi party in the 30's after WW1, God, what a fucking idiot this guy is. He also needs to stop fucking calling those gatlin guns. They are MAXIM MACHINE GUNS, they replaced gatling guns. If it is not crank operated it is not a gatlin gun. Btw does Joe not understand that WW1 in Europe is supposed to have a grey overcast? It's not meant to be bright and happy. Did i just saw a black amazonian in the horse riding scene? What the actual hell? I won't even go into that bullshit. Also Joe had no reaction to this, nice to know he's a dirty liberal beaner scumbag. And why are you so focused on gender, Joe? Why does the fact she's a woman automatically make it "a movie for women and girls to look up to"? Was I not supposed to enjoy the other superheroes because they were men? That's absurd.
"Oh the women are going to be cheering as they kick men ass!"... It seems that by trying to promote gender equality, you are actually promoting gender segregation. I don't care for a character's gender if that character is well made. In fact, trying to put gender on the forefront weakens the character.

All that crap aside I can't believe he loved this trailer yet complained like a little bitch about the Justice League trailer. Shit taste confirmed.

Star Trek Beyond Angry Movie Review

Another movie review, yup the Angry Joe Movie Review Show gravy train is on a roll these days. Better get used to it. Joe calls himself a "Star Trek fan", yeah right. Sorry Joe but all the things you are praising for this movie are the exact reasons why I don't care for the new series. It is nothing but a pew pew bang bang action movie. And NOT the intellectual thinking man's Sci-fi. *tips fedora* And wtf joe this isnt even a review, its just you explaining the whole fucking movie, not even a spoiler warning or anything like that. Get a load of what Joe said:

".. when you think of Star Trek, you think of spaceships, exploration and of laser fights and phaser fights and all that other stuff...."
I think he is confusing the frame story of the Star Trek universe with the actual idea what Star Trek is(should be) about, Gene would turn, probably did already, in his grave. Being the 50th Anniversary they should have included the Living Original Cast ... Nichelle Nicholes, George Takei, Walter Koeing, and William Shatner! But now the opportunity is lost... with the death Leonard Nimoy. Paramount has greenlit Star Trek 4... which will be time-travel story for Chris Pine's character of James Kirk who meets his father G. Kirk in the PAST!!! (How stupid can Paramount be???) And for the love of God somebody needs to tell Joe to stop reviewing movies and go back to games. Does anyone agree? Yeah I bet you do. 

Is he right?
Oh and paedo Delrith is in this movie "review", uhm yay. Doesn't he have some furry related activities he should be doing. Sick fuck.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) Game Angry Review

First a movie review and now a video game review, I guess it was to be expected of Joe as he needs all the movie related crap he can get his hands on these days. And now honestly, I can't be bothered watching this video because it's not interesting at all and I already know what to expect. A long, boring ass review where Joe acts like a complete retard to appease his 12 year old fanbase with terrible sketches you'd find in a porn parody. Does the game deserve the hate it gets? Yes. But does this warrant a full review when games like Overwatch and Uncharted 4 get on mini review, fuck no. The only reason Joe did a full review was because longer video's with him being "angry" gets him more views and more money, it's purely a business decision in the mind of a beaner who's sole purpose nowadays is to pay his bills.
And let's not forget how Joe is shoving his new whore he bought online from Sweden (yeah he donated and got people to pay for her to come to Texas) into his video's now because apparently a piece of ass will make you do things if you are a complete moron who thinks with his dick.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

AngryJoe & Purrluna play Battlefield 1! And new review coming soon!

Joe has finally propped Purrluna on his offical YouTube channel, I knew this was coming. Joe acts like a complete retard as usual, trying to say random German words like a 12 year old. Screaming shit and being as loud as possible, he seems more spastic than usual. I guess he's trying to impress Purrluna because she's obviously laughing at all the childish stuff he's doing. All of the video is from twitch, no editing whatsoever.

What expression is he trying to convey?
In other news, a new review is coming! Usually that's good news but it's a review for the shitty new ghost busters game that he streamed recently, sigh. He says it'll take TWO DAYS to edit the review, wow Joe is working 48 hours to edit something that's under half an hour. Bravo. Though it's not because he's just thick in the head, it's because he's not really working those two days. He's streaming more boring ass board games on twitch, going out to eat tempura, and other crap. Working really hard as usual, what a beaner. I can't wait until God Emperor Trump builds that wall and kicks his lazy beaner ass over it.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Angry Joe's Ghostbusters (2016) Movie Review

Well as expected Joe has released a stupid movie review of the new female Ghostbusters, naturally he hated it like the CIS white male he is. Joe gave it a 2/10. It was almost as if he hates it a little too much, this is basically a love letter to his "angry army." He went into it already expecting to hate it and everyone is counting on him to deliver on that promise. Every other JewTube reviewer is saying either it's average, alright or forgettable but Pissed Pedro has an audience to play for. In the same vein that feminists have to give it a positive review, Ornery Hombre and his lackeys need to cater to his neckbeard crowd.

Who are these people and why should you care? Yeah I have the same question, these tweets were posted to DHI since they commented on Joe's Ghosbusters review score but honestly I think the movie deserves all the hate it's getting. Joe may be right on this one for once. But hey what the fuck do I know, I didn't even watch the video, I cobbled this post together from a 4chan thread.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Purrluna is back in Texas for Angry Joe

Looks like Purrluna is back in Texas to meet with Angry Joe and stream more crap people don't care about, seems like the little gold digger is at work and Joe is still falling for the bait because he's a moron. And get a load of this:
He took her out for tacos of all things! Ah, yes...the romantic meal for two, Mexican fucking food. If there's one thing you take a girl out for it isn't food, and especially not Mexican food unless your girl is a hambeast. And Purrluna wonders why they don't have taco's in Sweden, that's a pretty dumb questions because it's cultural apportion. That would be like me wanting random Japanese food in Ireland like a real weeb, and yes these places do exist because the dawn of nu-males has arrived. I wonder what he's got planned for her, because I hell as don't want to see her on the YouTube channel or the reviews. Stay the heck away. They are already bad enough with some skank ass hoe making it worse.

They also streamed and played shitty video games, I didn't watch it so I've got no clue what happened. Anyone got the down low?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Angry Joe loses [80,000] subs in ONE DAY!

Found this on Reddit of all places, apparently Angry Joe has lost 80,000 subs in one day. According to on the 28th of last month Angry Joe Show is recorded with a GIANT 80,000 sub drop. You would have to be blind not to realize the amount of hate all his videos are starting to get in the comment section... The question remains... Why? I almost though this was because of all the bullshit Joe was getting up to but YouTube regularly cleans up spam, fake and terminated accounts.

Angry Joe heads to Tennocon (War frame Convention in LONDON)

Seems like Angry Joe and a slew of other "content creators" are in LONDON of all places to shill for Warframe at Tennocon. Note that all of these people have been paid to go to this event as it's a paid promotion. Not that you'll hear any of them saying that.

Seems like Joe has his priories right, he'd rather travel around the world and shill then make proper video's for his fans. Also, a little about Tennocon. The basic ticket is $25 but VIP passes that include a tour of Digital Extremes’ offices and brunch with the game’s developers sold out in a day despite the price tag of $250. I wonder which one Joe has, though I presume since he's a "content creator" he'll have a special pass or some other bullshit.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

AJ Celebrates July 4th! [DP-12, MP5, P90, & More!]

Delrith and Angry Joe proves yet again that fat people can fire guns. Bravo. AMERICA!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until they both shoot themselves and their family members like most people at a gun range. Bazinga! Both Angry Joe and Delrith act like they are total experts but don't even know how to use and handle the guns properly, they act like kids at a candy store except everything's a bunch of dicks.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Angry Joe's late Doom Review and closes comments in paid promotion video

The Doom review is too short and has many flaws, you don't need me to tell you that so here's someone from the AJSA pointing out the flaws.
In all honesty, the review was good, but let's face a few flaws:
1. It's pretty late, for whatever reason. Either he just did it as fan service because it was so requested, but nonetheless, it's simply too late and it's kinda pointless now.
2. It's basically, "it's a good game go get it!" with a few good reasons he told us as to why the game is good and why we should get it, but he didn't really go into depth
3. Length. It's pretty short, even for a such a simple game. True, you can't talk too much about this game, but as I said in my 2nd point, he could of gone a bit more into depth with it and give us really good reasons on why we should buy it and it's flaws. Maybe tho he didn't feel like it because he thought it was pointless making it too long for a game like this.
4. Multiplayer. He didn't talk about it at ALL, except "It's there and it's not good as other MP games, but it's still fun."  It's still a big part of the game and he should of taken the time to talk about the mechanics there, maps and whatever else you can talk about. If he took time to properly talk about it's MP, it would add another 5 minutes to the video, making it almost a 20min review which would of made it almost perfect for a game like this. 
However overall, I think it was a good review. It was pretty hilarious and what I like about it is he added lots of that classic AJ bullshit into it with horrible acting and shitty costumes and terrible effects lol, which adds lots of quirky humor into his review, so that was pretty good.
Tho personally, I don't think it's a review I would depend on if I'm thinking about buying the game. I would watch at least 1 or 2 more, specially because he totally ditched talking about multiplayer.
See, there's people doing my work for me now. Tehehe! Anyway let's get down to business: Angry Joe has taken the first step and closed comments and the like/dislike ratio on his latest paid promotion video. The only thing I've got to say is:
We'll see what happens from here on out as the internet reacts to Joe's drastic measures.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Umbrella Corps Angry Review

For some reason he makes fun that there hasn't been an angry review in 4 weeks, when in reality it's been much more than that because he's been doing rapid fire review. The dude can't even fact check his own work for Christ sake, how does he expect to make it in the big leagues? Oh, and he also brought back Corporate Commander and Evil Joe. Oh, joy! He also pushed this review out before Doom because he was ANGRY!

He says playing the game is like getting punched in the face, look at this amazing criticism...or rather lack thereof. The game should be banished according to Joe because it's the worst excuse for a video game all year, yeah because it's the bane of his existence. Joe clearly has only played a handful of games this year. Joe claims the game is worse than Operation Raccoon City which is objectively wrong, he clearly hasn't played that game, plus it's unfair to judge both games side by side. He complains about micro transactions which are cosmetic and have no real effect on gameplay, but does Joe mention this? Heck no! Because he's got his head so far up his ass to pretend he's angry so he can get views on YouTube. Shame. Claims it's worse than Godzilla. He also shows lots of live stream footage, which is just plain lazy editing on his part.

I wonder if he used auto-aim during this game too.

Where is the content he says, yapping about lack of content when the game is an E-SPORTS GAME which he makes no mention of is both unprofessional and ignorant. He clearly hasn't done any research to back up his opinions, other than playing the game for a few hours that is. He also says you fight zombies in the game when in reality you fight other players online, complains about why there is cover in a game which is a third person cover shooter. And I've yet to mention the bad sketches, which are abundant in nature. Joe complains about things minuscule in nature such as how the character aims their gun, yelling to attract attention and foul language is an act of a twelve year old, exactly what Joe is. At the end when he does the final verdict and the rating (a 2/10), the Final Verdict as well as the number for it and the Epic Fail aren't there. Bravo.

All of the band wagoners were already hating this game because they think they're cool. Last month it was Battle Born, this month Mighty No. 9 and Umbrella Corps. Combine a common hobby and no social life and this is what happens. For those who want a good unbiased review, watch the video below: