Sunday, 22 February 2015

22/02/2015 - Twitter Madness

Well Joe's come back from his trip to Sweden and he pumped out one vlog and one interview, both about 40 minutes each. I think that's too much Joe for one week.

Working through the nigh isn't good for one's health, and I know.

I hate it when people compare on game to another, it's so stupid and goes against judging each game as it's own.

Seems like that's what everyone has been saying.

Hard hitting my ass, who does he think he is, CNN?

I don't know what to make of this one.

Yeah, because you "grab" review copies. Just look at his tone on this one, he's more or less complaining that he didn't get sent one. He does this everytime he doesn't get one, like he's entitled to one.


  1. whats that place?
    The Angry army Fag-cave or what?
  2. Joe is a faggot who just parrots the shit everyone else says and then tries to pass it off as his own critique a few days later so he can make sure that he has the correct opinion to please his idiotic followers.
    1. Yeah remember when he posted "his" theory on Destiny's story and it was just a copy of what some chick on Kotaku wrote. What a fucking hack.
  3. He'll never be a real reviewer since he lacks objectivity, or the ability to do that. Watching him is like watching a super slow motion train wreck happening. You just can't seem to divert your eyes as much as you would like to.

    You know I actually think he was really out of breath during the little skits for the evolve segments, and that wasn't acting.
  4. It's obvious that these "hard hitting" questions were pre screened and that Angry Jew was well compensated for giving this company exposure. Also Joe's sense of entitlement is disgusting. He calls himself the "People's Champion" but he won't even buy his own fucking video games to review.

Friday, 20 February 2015

PDXCON 15' - AngryJoe Vlog Impressions

This video is so long, it's almost 40 minutes long. He didn't even bother to edit it, it's just raw. Anyway the video is them talking about their trip to Sweden and the different games they saw, all courtesy of Paradox Interactive. The same publisher of Fort Zombie (Shitty zombie game) and Mount and Blade. He talks about many games and says what he liked and what he didn't like about them, he did a good enough job of explaining why but he really should have condensed his points into a first impressions video or something instead of a long and boring vlog. Did he actually think people would watch all of this video? It's not like it's a podcast, if he did a once a week thing like that it would be okay but it's not. Just look at the way he keeps interrupting Other Joe when he's talking, I know he's done this before but let the man speak Joe. All in all, the video's okay but he better not start promoting Indie games like no tomorrow again. Anyway, here's some comments:

Well he did go to Sweden recently...


Yeah, it's like he's being a mouthpiece again.

Ahh, that face.

Oh yeah, remember that happened.


  1. Other Joe's novelty has worn off imo. Also, Google "angry joe jewwario rule 34" for a laugh. :D
  2. His interview with the people from Paradox was pretty bad as well. Seems like there were points where it was decided that he had to ask a hard question. Its quite obvious that all the questions were screened/approved ahead of time.
  3. Yeah anyone falling for this is a moron. Its so obvious there was a deal made.
    "Ill let you promote your company and tell excuses for failures if I can ask some harder questions which I dont even care about and then we'll go suck each others dick!"

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Variloh's Video's Get Taken Down on YouTube

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If you don't remember Variloh he was the guy who did a series of video's about Angry Joe. Here's the original post I did about those here:

You can probably guess why these video's were taken down, yes that's right. A hoard of Angry Army members massed flagged his video's and got his YouTube account banned. There's no way to tell who actually did this but you can probably guess why and who wanted the video's taken down. And there's not much he can actually do about this since the appeal process on YouTube is suffice to say, crap. If any of you can get in contact with Joe or someone in the Angry Army, please do so and get a response from them on this matter.


  1. Funny how this was the guy who said that he was neutral on the Gamergate movement. Yet here he is antagonizing a Gamergate member instead of actually trying to have a calm and nice discussion. Neutral my ass, Hope Veermono's video's aren't next. I do hope Joe gets enough flagges to get him off for good, Can't wait till your next post Ciaran.
  2. Posted on sargo of akkard, mundane matt (just to expose mats angry joe love) and Joe's video. I don't have twitter or else I'd tweet all of them
  3. Joe is on the feminazi's side because he is gay and its all part of a huge agenda from satan using the gays and transgenders
    1. Did your straightjacket fall off again?
    2. Cant handle the truth? Stick to your fairytale world where there is no evil then until you become a man.
    3. I'm with sigmund on this. You're crazy harry. You're the one living in a fairy tale world. Satan is not behind homosexuality. Nature is.

      Stop believing in lies and then maybe you will be capable of having a conversation with the grownups.
  4. Vee really needs to talk to Damion Rayne (moderately high ranking aa army member) about this.
  5. So, Angry Joe sucks, because some of his fans are jerks?

    Joe is neither responsible for who is fans are nor their actions. Or do you have proof that he posted a tweet that told his fans to flag Variloh? Heck do you even have proof that it was his fans who were responsible?
    1. Hmmmmm, if that's the case then you're right. He shouldn't be judged by his fans actions. However i know for some cases he's responsible for creating his fans to behave like that, Which means he needs to have a chat with them about it if he truly is neutral against Gamergate. But based on the fact that he talks about Joe taking paid promotions and exposes more of what's wrong with the Ajsa system he most likely won't. unless of course he is willing to have the truth be told.
    2. What's wrong with a paid promotion? Making these videos is Joe's life. Literally Last time I checked he is a full time youtuber without another job. And with the problems with youtube monetization lately, he would have been stupid to not take it. Plus, did you even see who else took part in the latest paid promotion? The Game Theorists group (MatPat, Gainjin Goombah, etc.) Alexander from ThatOneVideoGamer, etc. Are you telling me that all of them are sellouts/shill/whatever you want to call them because they took part in a paid promotion?

      And nothing has been exposed. Every gaming community has its problems. Heck the people on this blog have their fair share of problems themselves, including believing baseless claims about Angry Joe (he has anger management issues, but none of the "he is a shill" claims have ever been proven).

      He is not responsible for his fans actions. Unless you can show me a tweet or video where he overtly tells his fans to do something, he can in no way be held responsible.
    3. Good points Mr. MadDemon. Just so you'll know I'm not out to pick a fight with you I just have a different opinion. If you have good evidence then I can be persuaded. But your right about Joes problem with his anger, which is me and my fathers biggest problem with his franchise. Plus he seems to kind of promote the message of like this game or your a loser, or if you like something he doesn't like he thinks theirs something wrong with you (from what it seems). I followed his channel for quite some time and I don't recall him saying that he supports people who think differently for a lot of his videos. true more people should think for themselves but he should promote that kind of message more. Especially since what he said about Risen fans in his top worst of 2014 video was horrid and demands an apology. Also the reason why I stopped supporting mr Vargas is because his channel now lacks enthusiasm and the passion that Me and My best friend knew and loved years ago. His channel just has lost the innocence and tons of fun experiences nowadays to me. Like someone who commented on here a while back I hope Joe goes back to his old self and becomes more fun again but until then I don't support him. while I'm not obsessed with the blog I don't find the new Ajsa any more enjoyable. So MadDemon I hope you don't think I'm some obsessive hater of Joes. Ciaran hope this blog continues to get better and better and if need be take Maddemons advice and add a little more evidence. But remember it's for the purpose of trying to expose Joe if needed but to also try and make Angry Joe better. Both of you Have a nice day.
  6. Good new Ciaran Variloh's back. He says though that he most likely wasn't flagged by the Ajsa and it's most likely someone else. But that doesn't still change my opinion of Joes franchise and community. Have heard though his recent interview with someone was very well done by many. But it's going to take a lot more than one very good interview to make me come back to the Ajsa. By the way got a copy of Risen 3 not too long ago. I don't get why people have such strong hate for it. I mean honest mature dislikes are fine, but some act like Joe did when talking about. Have a nice day man can't wait till your next post.
  7. So many blocks of text... Learn how to use the fucking enter key you retards.
    1. OK geez man, no need to be like that just inform us nicely.
  8. I don't get why he gets defended for EVERY shit. I mean if it's justifiable, sure but some of his actions are out of fucking line.

    Him being an ass on Twitter and trying to be subtle about removing his "rude" tweets. What a scared douchebag, I can see why so many females in TGWTG don't want to go near his ass or even collab with him. Same with the males side except for Doug who gave him a small cameo here and there.

    Another one is him bitching about what celebrities should be what roles for superheroes. "This woman is kinda skinny for Wonder woman!" Seriously Joe? So you want your pornstar looking girlfriend to take the role? I don't want to hear Joe's taste in woman if his girlfriend looks like THAT. Just look it up.

    "Man of Steel is such a great movie and I don't want to hear about anything bad about it! But let's make fun of Pacific Rim because it's new and doesn't have my jerk-able superman that I buy action figures even though I am a grown ass man!"
    1. Especially that one Tweet where he rages at a guym for just telling to try to use reason with broteam pill was horrible. If he apologizes for it or puts it in the past then fine, but I have yet to see an apology message and I can't say if he's sorry for what he did.
      The thing I hate most about Joe is that he comes off as a douchebag even on his show. Which makes me lean over to Pewdipie and Markiplier because they act like such cool dudes, who you could hang out with and they'd give no problems at all. While Joe comes off as a immature raging Psychopath who seems to not play very nice.
    2. I agree that Joe is a douchebag and he also thinks he is number 1 in arguments. He can't even ignore the hate/criticism. Instead, Joe just jumps right in to the frenzy acting like he is something. There is nothing sincere about this guy.

      Markiplier is the opposite of Joe, that is why Markiplier has a respectable fanbase and isn't idiotic like the "AngryJoeShowArmy"