Sunday, 25 May 2014

Twitter Madness - 25/05/2014

Well it's been another slow week over at Angry Joe's Twitter account. He's been posting very little compared to what he used to post months ago, probably because he knows what kind of backlash he'll get if he says the wrong thing again just like when he had that argument with that IGN guy. Anyway here's some highlights of what he did post.

Idiot can't tell that EA owns Battlefront and not Disney so they don't have control over it dumbass

No Joe it wasn't funny when other internet reviewers said it and it's not funny when you say it

Because that's what we all want to see Joe play

No Joe you don't know shit about Goyer, your just jumping onto the bandwagon against some guy because he offended you idiots with his views. Grow up
I think we all know the reason why Joe retweeted this

Joe begging on twitter for a spare room near E3, how can people take him seriously when he's so unprepared for anything

I wonder if he'll even review it

If he seriously thinks that the 1998 Godzilla movie is terrible he must have only seen very few movies
That's it for this time, check back again for movie of Joe's failings.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

AngryJoe Plays Daylight - Epic FAIL Finale!

Really, more of this shit. Well at least this time he tells us what he thinks about the game at the end of the video, he didn't do that on the other let's play video's but at least he did it here. The video was below average and very annoying as Joe's just running around like a retard as usual, you can just tell by looking at Other Joe's face that he's having none of it. Throughout the video expect to high squealing from Joe because he's just some child wanting attention by mimicking a PewDiePie video, and you just gotta be sad to do that. When he gets to the ending he clearly wasn't even paying attention as it takes multiple re-try's to go towards the door with the light coming from it, how to hell he missed it is beyond me.

Since the game ends on some stupid plot twist, both of them are obviously irked. Other Joe just says "What the fuck was that", but Joe only the other hand acts like some retard saying "What the fuck Outlast", like he's trying to coin some term. He also shouts "JESSICA CHOBATS" like a bloody idiot mimicying the scene from Star Trek 2, probably because he thinks stupid internet memes are :kewl". Anyway comments time:

Seems like people can't handle criticism

Nice explanation about the game for those interested, though Joe is really an idiot when it comes to playing games
Exactly, We're all still waiting for it

No need to get personal dude, we're all people too you know

I know, Joe excels at being annoying

Never heard of him doing that, I complain and he hasn't banned me
I'm with you on that one

He needs the money, that's why

That's it for this time, next post should be the weekly twitter stuff.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Godzilla (2014) Angry Movie Review

Nice blowjob face Joe.
Well it seems Angry Joe really is retarded, for one he says that he's a Godzilla fan and yet he knows nothing about what made Godzilla great in the first place. He expected the new American remake to be like Godzilla All Monsters Attack when in fact it's more close to the original movie, how Angry Joe doesn't seem to notice this is a wonder for me because he's basically broadcasting to the entire world how big of an idiot he is. Just look at how he flings around his arms during the video, he must be a spastic. He also does a shitty parody making fun of the movie, hey what does that news company logo look like?
FOX News anybody.
Because we all know everybody on TGWTG is a bunch of democrats who always like to trash the Republicans and their media coverage, see Spoony One and the Cinema Snob for more on this. Anyway stupid review, clearly Joe had the wrong mindset going into the film and he obviously isn't a Godzilla fan is he thinks Godzilla all about the action. Onto the comments, they'll make more sense:

This comment is just golden, explains in every way why Joe is wrong

Exactly send him back to where he came from

I lose respect every time he puts out a video

Exactly it was awesome

Joe's just acting like he's a fan to draw attention to himself
Joe just doesn't understand what Godzilla really is about

Yes, yes he is.

That's because he's not a longtime Godzilla fan
Well now wasn't that fun, just watch the Cinema Snobs midnight screening to get a real opinion on the movie that isn't wrong.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Guns of Icarus: AngryJoe & Team Battles the Devs!

Hey look, a watchable video for once. After the snore fest that was the last video it's good to know that he put out something that's enjoyable to watch, though he really should have shortened the first part down tremendously and joined it into this video to make one 30 minute video instead of two parts making 60 minutes separately. Though the video was great to watch I will mention a couple of things that bothered me, notice how right at the start of the video he's waiting for the recording to start with his blank face, he should learn how to edit it out as it's really unprofessional.

During the video Angry Joe keeps spouting random dialog like he's some NPC in the video game instead of acting like his online personality, also Joe doesn't really seem to be enjoying himself as he's really monotone throughout the entire video. They were fighting against the developers in the video's but what they don't show you is that they lost in the second half which Joe didn't upload to his YouTube account but to the Polaris account probably because they need the attention because everybody's fanbase is taking a hit these days. Anyway comments time:

Yeah, he really was acting like some bot

He sold out long ago

Yep, Joe really did make a fool of himself in that review

Agreed, but Joe doesn't care what his fans think

I think Joe wants to run himself into the ground with these videos, what other reason is there?

Exactly, Joe probably can't admit that

That's it for this post, onto the Godzilla review...oh boy

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Twitter Madness - 18/05/2014

Another week, another twitter madness post. Well it seems Angry Joe can't seem to stay away from getting into arguments on twitter about the stupidest things possible, probably his ego speaking for him instead of his brain, as if he has one.

Wow, another vlog and it's about the recent Godzilla movie, also no Joe the boxart for Farcry 4 isn't parodying the third games cover art, what a dumbass

So that must be why Joe gives game incorrect reviews, my mistake
Look at this, even Joe's an asshole to his loyal fans

Jumping on the popular bandwagon again Joe

Who the hell would want to see that, what's next Joe and Other Joe playing with each other on twitch

Joe's so stupid he needs other to tell him the reason even though it's sitting in front of him
Is Joe an idiot, they dropped it because they listened to feedback and how can you say last gen is unsupported when games are still being released on it, dumbass. And how would he know he's a PC elitist anyway

I think Joe made the same face when Other Joe showered him in sun

Friday, 16 May 2014

Guns of Icarus Online Event - Customization

If you want to stare at this for 40 minutes be my guest...
What the hell is wrong with Angry Joe, he thinks he has the balls to release a 40 minute video of him and other online personalities just customizing a god damn airship, 40 minutes of them doing one god damn thing. What the hell was he thinking?

Oh wait...did we forget, Joe's a money hungry whore.
Never mind the fact that the video is 40 minutes long, the only thing he could have possibly done to make this situation worse is not mention the fact that all parties involved in this video were there as part of a "PAID PROMOTION", but wait here's the best part:
He has the balls to put out a bore-fest like this and promises a battle coming next, well I think the community deserves the right to tell Joe to go FUCK HIMSELF!

I think it's Joe who sucks Superman's dick

Ignore the trolls responding to the guy, his opinion is right as Joe really is slacking big time

Got that right
I don't think he cares

I know, I just can't stand his voice

Never mind words, try letting them find Ukraine on a map

I know, bunch of sellouts

I think Joe doesn't want to open a can of worms, nor does he care for anyone's opinion
I would rather watch paint dry
Because Joe wants to hide the fact

And why couldn't Joe put this into his video description,  not too hard now is it