Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Angry Joe: M&M: Duel of Champions Rematch!

Well you knew it was coming, the rematch between Joe and Other Joe. The match is over fairly quickly since Other Joe just mops the floor with Angry Joe, the video is fun to watch and is great overall, especially if your a Duel of Champions player so then you can poke at all the tactics both of them use. The interaction between both Joe's is just great especially when Other Joe starts taunting Joe, it's just hilarious to see Joe's reaction on camera when he knows he's doomed. Though Joe doesn't need to appear at the end of the card game, he should just upload the matches and not prolong the video since people came to watch them play and not him yabber on for a while, anyway check out what the viewers said below:

Third match all the way

It think it's Joe who should be scared

Come on man, it's all just fun and games

Dude it's free to play, what did you think it would be

It was 4.00 am when he did this video, he was probably high off his ass on coffee
Exactly Joe should expand more into this game with his community

Monday, 28 April 2014

Angry Joe Watchdogs Interview - April 2014

Well it seems Ubisoft contacted Angry Joe to do an interview with them for their upcoming game Watchdogs. Joe gets to talk to the Animation Director Colin Graham, who doesn't really know that much about the game other than what they were showing off at the show floor. Joe mostly asks questions about what they were showing off though he did ask about the graphics downgrade which the guy brushes off quickly after saying that the game will have those graphics if you have the best pc, we'll see that for ourselves when the game launches but just by looking at it you can tell straight away that it's not the same thing they showed off at E3.
They talk about some of the games features which are cool though not really what you would expect from a next-gen game, especially since it will get more redundant when you'll progress into the game. Other than Joe basically sucking up to the guy to get kudos from Ubisoft for saying great things about the game Joe does an alright interview and shows enough footage from the game to keep you interested. Though it's really stuff you've probably already seen, anyway the guy Joe's interviewing keeps avoiding eye contact with Joe throughout the video probably because he's being told what to say and not giving his own opinion. Well that's just video game pr for you, only tell them the good things and never the bad. Now onto the comments:
Well we won't know until he puts out the review, but I guess he'll give it a good score due to him getting an interview

True, there were probably other people waiting to do interviews

Yeah, the graphics don't really look like a real next gen game, probably because it's on last gen too.
Exactly, nobody's talking about the Xbox One version, probably because it'll be inferior to the other platforms so they can sell more PS4's

True, just look at the Titanfall pc version before they patched it, just goes to show developers only care about making money first and making a good game second.

Graphic's do always make a game but you do want your "next-gen" games to look good and not like some bad port from last gen.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

27/04/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems Angry Joe's trying to set up a multi-camera system in his house for playing card games or something like that. Other than that not much has happened this week.

Angry Joe testing his system

Seems Joe can't keep up with his commitments to playing with his fanbase

I doubt anyone would want to see that, though I know tgwtg fanboys probably would
Joe's rematch with Other Joe

Joe's interview for Watchdogs

Joe's Elder Scrolls review only available in 240p for some reason, fixed now though

Joe giving away beta keys
Joe's Elder Scrolls review

Friday, 25 April 2014

Angry Joe Plays M&M: Duel of Champions

It's looks like more Let's Play footage, but don't worry this time it's not just some boring video but a duel between Angry Joe and Other Joe. This video is really fun to watch and you can just see how much fun both of them are having, though the video may be a bit long for most people you should find it very enjoyable as Joe and Other Joe go toe to toe. The interaction between Joe and Other Joe is another highlight of this video as you can see just how ecstatic they are at playing one another. Check the video out, you won't regret it and just maybe you'll play the game also, I know I will.

Angry Joe Plays M&M: Duel of Champions:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn-d1M-xqyg 
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions: https://www.duelofchampions.com/

Anyway let's see what the comments say:
Me too, this video makes me want to be back into card games

Please someone don't do any fanart of him as Yugi

Yeah seems Joe just couldn't get into the Elder Scrolls Online
I agree, this video was awesome

How do you know they paid they to promote the game, and if they did get payed at least it was for a good game

Exactly, a nice chance of pace from the usual let's plays he does.
Also Joe has put up a re-match he did with Other Joe and a Watch Dogs interview he got from Ubisoft, I'll cover those as soon as I watch them.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Angry Review

 Oh man does this review suck the big one (the big purple one I might add), I mean seriously Angry Joe put so little effort into this video that it just shows how much he actually cared. Just look at the video length, 38 minutes, and most of that is just him showing clips from his twitch stream which go one for far too long. This video was just painful to watch and you'll most likely be suffering just like me if you watched it.

Shaq Voice "Can't you see my face that means I'm Angry"
He starts off the review by stating that they "don' fucked it up", he he hilarious Joe that will never get old (oh wait). He criticizes a lot  this game has to offer but never once did he say that it wasn't made by Bethesda so it shouldn't be held up to their standards. I really though Joe was smarter than this but no, time and time again he just comes off as some chump among the crowd. If Joe actually got off his high horse and judged the game properly maybe his review wouldn't be 38 minutes long!, anyway long story short he gave the video game 5/10 which is standard but I know lots of people who would contest his score. So Joe can go stuff himself because he doesn't give a fuck what his fanbase wants, only that they feed his fat face so he doesn't have to work, the sad shit's probably on welfare as well.
Joe likes to think of himself as a White Knight but we all know the truth, he really is Corporate Commander.
He literately only talks about the games main feature for a couple of minutes: the siege battles, which he did state were cool but made no attempt to rationalize one playing the game unless "your a hardcore Elder Scrolls fan". Joe does bring up good points but really I can't stand him anymore, onto the comments section, maybe they'll rationalize something.

Would you rather prefer communism, you red bastard.

Hey look, someone with a brain cell, it's about time someone had some sense

Exactly what this guy said, thank god people like this still exist

Need I say anymore
Joe's the kinda person who speaks without thinking, so don't trust him...ever!

Damn right, at least it wouldn't be a bore fest like this review

I know this post has been a bit more angry than usual but it's well warranted, here's to the next video Joe does it actually watchable. Til next time......


  1. I am not even a fan of this Joe character, but I am less a fan of you. Your posts are filled with blind hatred and vitriol, lacking any rational basis. You resort to cruel and unwarranted personal attacks (body image and jab on welfare) that are unnecessary. From what I glean, Joe produces his show as his employment, and works hard to do so - a much more productive venture than your blog posts. I sense underlying bitterness, envy, and self-hatred in your posts. I feel you see similarities between you and Joe, feel you could do much better than him, but whereas he is somewhat successful, you are a sad, unemployed loser who must resort to trolling for attention.
    Be a better person, a decent person, and delete this blog. Or at least learn to express your criticism constructively.
  2. If you've actually read anything I've posted you would have noticed that I don't hate Joe and am actually a fan of him, and as for trolling, one could see it as that but it's just my way of constructive criticism. Your taking this way too seriously and you should actually think before you post next time.
  3. I found this blog when searching about Joe vs Dan IGN. Do you really hate joe, you sound like you're offending joe because of his recent reviews?
    1. No man I don't hate Joe, I actually like his video's but when he messes up I've just got to write about it. He has had his ups and downs but Joe really is getting complacent with his fanbase with him earning more money on Twitch than his YouTube video's since you pay 5 dollars to subscribe to him on Twitch and there's got to be thousands of people who do that.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

20/04/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems like it's been an eventful week for Angry Joe, between going to LA again and slugging it out on Twitter with IGN's Dan Stapleton, it's really put Angry Joe on the fence. I won't be covering the war of words between Angry Joe and IGN in this post since it was covered in the last one though I will mention that they did both make up and are now on equal terms. Anyway onto other news:

Better late than never

Well there is evidence that Joe did make money off of the video and that he faked his reaction to his death, see video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjdIbCGYv_U
Hey look Angry Joe "Reviewed" Infamous on twitter, now he doesn't have to make a video...right?
 Notice how Joe posted barely anything for two days on twitter after the IGN debacle, seems like he took my advice and shut his mouth for a couple of days.
Seems like Angry Joe doesn't like people talking about him
Well other than this that's about it for this time, hopefully the next video Joe does is the review and not some more lets play footage from his twitch account.