Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Email Exchanges with Angry Joe Part 1

Well, here you have it. My emails that I've been having with Angry Joe. I was too lazy to resort them so you'll have to read from the bottom to the top.

"The other email probably got deleted in spam, so I'll send it again. 

Okay, I'll clear somethings up.

1. What I said in the last email was partially influenced by some other people's opinions.

2. I do plan to putting these emails on the blog, that way somethings like the whole Jew Wario think will be cleared up. I just didn't want to stick them up without permission, I won't edit them because I'm not Mike Matei. (Okay, you probably don't know what I'm talking about when I mean Mike Matei.)

3. The actual posts on the blog don't reflect my actual opinion, they're meant to be written in a trollish manner. But seeing where you're coming from I'll change the blog so that new posts are more reflective to the truth and my actual opinion, and I'll try and refrain my making baseless statements and the like. That way the blog will become more balanced.

4. About that whole "pyramid scheme" thing, some guy from the high ranks of the AJSA (or at least he claimed to be) told me about this whole pyramid scheme thing you had going on over on the forums. From the founders package's to other stuff that happened on the forum's and in public events, he email me about all of it. Though I'm not sure how much of it was actually true.

5. Okay, I'll admit I was being a little too angsty when I said you had ego problems. It's your personality and we all have different ones, heck, I even have a god complex from time to time. And I've never said once that you should never convince people about your opinion, and I will admit that I'm a little biased, maybe I've just been thinking too negative. (Time to be proactive, I guess)

6. I think we've misunderstood each other about the whole celebrity thing and the way you treat your fans (or random people on twitter). I just think that you shouldn't stoop down to their level, you shouldn't act like an asshole back to an asshole. It'll only give people the wrong opinion about you, since most people will read your tweets without seeing what the other guy said and only concentrating on what you say.

7. I didn't bring up the VGA/geoff keighley incident, in fact I haven't even mentioned it once on the blog or in these emails, at least before you brought it up.

8. It actually takes little effort out of my daily schedule to check out what you do, I still wait to see every video to see what you think. I don't check your twitter every single day, it's more like two or three times a week. As for the posts themselves, it generally takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the type of post. 

9. I will admit that I was a little "butthurt" (for lack of a better term) over how you treated the Risen series (including the Risen 3 rant), I have played the games and am generally a little more forgiving on certain types of games. Unless it's a JRPG, man do I shed man tears everytime I play them or at least the bad ones. (I don't know why I even bother)

10. I will admit to going overboard with some of the stuff I say, sometimes I'm not really being fair or level-headed when I post. 

11. It's good to see that you're willing to change, that's something a lot of internet people don't really consider. 

12. About your playstyle, it's just that it's frustrating to see someone play a game and not even be able to block or dodge an enemy. 

I see where you're coming from with all of this, I really do. Also, people are seeing me as some kind of guy who's "taking the fight" against you. It's really getting weird that I'm getting emails and messages from people who see me as some kind of rival, as a figurehead of some kind of revolution. I've attracted all kinds of weirdo's that I didn't think even existed, it's like all those people who watch Fox News, and I'm Fox News. It's really maddening.

And about Age of Ultron, I'm planning on seeing it tomorrow. I can't stand all those crowds, I prefer to go a week or two after most people have seen it. 

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 14:11:25 -0500
I'm not sure why I'm doing this honestly.
But maybe because I want to show you who I really am and change your mind about me at least a little bit.
But ill reply. Please put our full unedited email conversations on your blog.

1. I would understand what you were saying here if it was closer to the actual truth. It's not. Let me explain. The issue is that if you look at your comments, you encourage "Real" Hate. We aren't talking "constructive criticism" we are talking just mean-hearted and hateful comments about me. That's what you encourage and facilitate. You benefit from it, you never shut it down or ask for calm. Or ask for proof of a claim. Also you don't seem to understand the definition of Constructive Criticism. "Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one". This is certainly not at all what you do. You aren't "well-reasoned". You don't look at both sides at all. You don't offer solutions or changes. You don't offer positive comments. You simply nitpick at every post, video, and tweet in the tone of an obsessive troll as "satire". That's the reality of your blog.
2. You hurled out a serious accusation claiming I had a pyramid scheme. That's your fault and I'd like an apology, since its clearly not true - to this you admit. At the time you said this you didn't mention you didn't mean it in a literal sense, so there was no way for me to understand it any other way. You say, "You use the Angry Army to promote yourself", uhm, yes? Its the Angry Army a community created around the show? So in a way its related and does bring like-minded people together who enjoy the same things and enjoy the videos. There is absolutely nothing wrong with self promotion when you work hard on your own independent show. Your goal is for people to watch and enjoy your content and spread the word, every piece of content or community you build helps do that. This is basic logic, im not sure why you have an issue with my community that I created, being related and promoting the show that spawned it.
3. I don't think ill convince you of my "ego problems" you clearly ignored me when I said I dont think im anything special. I treat every fan with respect and give them as much time as I possibly can, staying late doing things outside of planned events everything - ask anyone whose actually met me whether they think i have a huge ego and youd SEE. Wanting review copies helps my show, I want the best for my show, you would ask for review copies too if you reviewed games and you would be upset if they were suddenly cut off if you reviewed one game badly and truthfully. How can you be this shortsighted? Do you never look at things from two points of view? Of course I want to convince people of my opinions as being the "right" ones. They are my opinions and how I feel. This type of logic you have of "you shouldnt convince others of your opinions" what the hell is that? That makes no sense.
4. I didnt say you didnt care about celebrities shitting on people. I said that I dont shit on people as a "celebrity" because I have been shitted on many times and remember how terrible they made me feel like i was nothing. I vowed to never treat any of my fans or friends like this. 1. Im not a celebrity, im just a dude on youtube making dumb videos. 2. I only get "snarky" or "Assholish" when someone is rude or mean to me first. Why should I treat someone with respect if they dont treat me with respect? You'd do the same.

Already you have at least two double standards for me that you yourself would never follow.
A. "I shouldn't convince people of my opinions."
B. "I shouldn't shit on people who are mean/rude/assholes to me."

5. Again I don't have a problem with constructive criticism, if you think that's what your blog does you are factually incorrect. I have a problem with outright lies, twisting what I say, and the level of pure misguided hate that's based on those lies and falsehoods.
6. I can't believe you are still on about the VGA's this was what? 5 years ago? 4 years ago? I'm not a journalist. I didn't go to school for how to "properly interview" someone. I'm a guy off the street whose youtube channel got lucky. I was invited to an event based on a negative video I did about the VGA's which at the time many gamers agreed the VGA's were shit. I had taken questions directly from gamers to get answers for. I was promised a sit down interview. When I got there, it was jerked around, got no sit-down and was ambushed last second when we were packing up. Geoff was rude to me first by doing that, he "handled me" really well as he has infinitely more experience and I was nervous as fuck as my first event or interview of any kind. So yea, I flubbed lines, flubbed questions and didn't perform at top level. I admit that. I tried and failed, but at least I tried. And I was treated poorly there, thats why I made a response video in such a heated manner. Maybe I should have never made that video and just let it go that I was ambushed and taken advantage of there. If thats what you think, then thats cool. Later on me and Geoff met again several times and talked about what happened. He admitted that he knew who I was and what my opinions where and said he had no idea that we were supposed to have a sit-down interview. But he agreed we both treated each other badly based on what we cared about (him for his show) and (me for doing the best I could for the viewers I was supposed to be representing there). Why do you expect me to go into my first interview in a hostile environment where I was "Set-up" and expect me to knock it out of the park? That's a third double standard.
7. You said specifically, your own words "You ignore the FACTS laid out in front of you" - I replied with basically what the hell are you talking about, your blog is the opposite of FACTS, its OPINIONS, hateful trollish ones that you yourself admit are done in that tone on purpose.
8. So you admit that it takes far little effort to devote an entire blog to destroying someone. Interesting. I'd say anything that requires the amount of work you do, screen capping all my tweets, following all my posts, watching all my videos, waiting for something to pick at DAILY is time-consuming work. You aren't fooling anyone.
9. Your personal insults were very weak? So thats cool to do if they are "weak"? Uhm Okay. And I don't and have never given a "fake" impression of anything. I legitimately don't like Risen, Risen 3 in particular was very lazy recycling so many assets and being filled with bugs. But god its nowhere near Raven's Cry levels of BAD, seriously you should see how fucking terrible that game is. 100% times worse. Maybe you are a Risen fan and therefore think im lying when I say its not very good? And you say my "playstyle" is lacking? so I cant call myself a "gamer"? HAHAHA. Theres your Fourth Double Standard - This is almost too easy. What world do you live in dude? Good one Ciaran. I didn't know that you had to be MLG good at every fucking game you play. or that Ciaran himself determines who is and who isnt a "Real gamer" based on their playstyles  - Thats Real a Smug Big-Headed Ego thought process Ciaran and you are guilty of it.
10. I'm giving you permission to post all of our email exchanges in their entirety as long as you don't modify or edit them. I asked you to do it. Thats not rude. Thats you hiding the truth from your bloggers. The biggest thing they'd be interested in, you are purposefully hiding so you can keep them beliving in your false "Version" of how shit a person Joe actually is. Thats completely hypocritical. Post these emails to your blog. If you don't post them I could do it for you in your comments?
11. Very mild mannered in your last post? "What's with the insults?" What reality do you live in? I don't think you have basic understanding of your own actions. I'm trying to talk with someone who im giving far too much credit to. I dont understand how you can be so blind of your own bullshit. Your May 3rd email exact quotes: "You have a pyramid scheme" "you are a shill" "you are a poser" "you are too ignorant to accept facts laid out in front of you" Those are ALL insults. Not including the DAILY insults to me on your blog.
12. Proof:

Yes you are coming across as a bit mean. But more importantly Its clear to me that so many of your complaints hold no water if you were being fair. You're complaints are nearly all double standards, as if you hold me on a higher level than a normal person. I AM NOBODY. I am just like you.
Theres no reason to tell me im not a real gamer because you dont think im good at X game. I have over 600+ gaming videos and have likely played more video games than you have at this point because its now my job. Does that make you "Not a real gamer" that you havent played as many games? Fuck no. Thats stupid logic. But logic you have and use against me. You honestly think what you are doing is "constructive criticism" when its not. Its just "Troll Satire" and thats fine, but call it like it is. Yes we can come to an understanding, I can't worry about every single person on the internet and what they think of me, because I can't reason with everyone in the world as if they will use neutral logic like a vulcan. If someone doesnt like me and wants to devote an entire blog to lies, insults, and hateful twisting of halfthruths - so be it.

I do try to change for the better Ciaran, but its not blogs like yours that drive me to do that. If you say you dont hate me, I believe you. Thank you man. Thank you for at least saying that. I just try my best. When you do a show like this for something like 6 years, do you have the same intensity or insane video release schedule as when you first started? No, its difficult. Realize ive done this all by myself this entire time and the amount of different hats I wear and things ive had to learn to get everything done is a ton of work. People just think I flip on a camera then upload, that couldnt be further from the truth. It would be obvious for anyone that cared to look. I think the quality of my reviews - lighting, sound, fx have risen since my first video and my first reviews where i simply used a single image in the background and on camera sound. If you dont think so, thats fine, thats your opinion and you can do and say whatever you like. I just wish you were fair and didnt engage in those personal attacks and I wish your blog didnt exist to stoke the hate against me for people that actually DO HATE me.

I hope you see that Im a good dude, and that the internet can take anything, literally anything and turn it against you. I care about you Ciaran and what you think about me, and I just wish you had met me in person. Stop looking at all my posts where I reply to people that attack me and use that as reason to confirm that IM the asshole. I'm just trying to entertain people and also make a living running an independent show on youtube. It's harder work than people think. And while I can't respond to everyone who sends me an email, I do my best.

I hope you can change your mind about me.
Anyway, gotta get ready to Avengers 2 with Joe, have you seen it yet? What did ya think?

From: Ciaran Hillock []
Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 6:04 AM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Oh, here's my last email that I sent.

"1. I like to think of the blog as constructive criticism, that is if you can get past the trollish nature. And seriously, you must have got thin skin if you feel "offended" by it. You call it "bitching", but I call it the facts and the cold hard truth. 
2. When I meant pyramid scheme I didn't mean it in the literal sense, one look at the Angry Army and the way you use it to promote yourself makes it easily comparable. 
3. Yes, you do have a huge ego, and it doesn't just stem from the Geoff Keighley incident. It comes from your attitude, and you don't need me to point that out for you. It's obvious to the whole world that you've got ego problems, from interviews, to wanting review copies and you always insisting that you're opinion is the right one. And so on...
4. You don't think that I don't care about celebrities shitting on people, you don't know me and that's just be judgemental.
5. People aren't creating a "villain" to themselves to hate, it's called criticism and if you can't take it then you shouldn't be in the business.
6. There is no excuse for you flubbing you're interview with Geoff Keighley, you were simply too green and not up to the task. Knowing how high profile the event was, you should have knew better.
7. Facts? You never asked for me to present any facts. As for who you were and what you've become, I think you know far too well what we're talking about. You must be playing quiet the fool if you don't know what I'm talking about.
8. You said I "devote" my time towards that blog when you have no idea how little effort is actually involved, that's just you're wild speculation.
9. The little personal insults that I put in my post were very weak and for you being a poser, it's fairly obvious that you give fake impressions to games such as Risen and many other games. And that's not even mentioning your playstyle with is severely lacking and you call yourself a gamer, good one Joe.
10. I've kept them off the blog because it would be rude to post personal email exchanges, I thought at least you would be able to understand that.
11. What's with the insult's? I was very mild mannered in my last post, is this your way of projecting yourself and your issues. Not cool bro.
12. Why would you think I hacked into your steam account? For all I know you just made that up, proof or it didn't happen Joe. "

I know I'm coming across as an asshole and harsh, but this stuff and more needs to be said. I hope we can both come to an understanding.

If you've read that or skimmed over it, you'd realize that I don't hate you. I know that they way I word stuff can rub people the wrong way, but I started the blog thinking that one day you'd change for the better. I can understand how you feel when you discover that there's people talking about you on the internet in a bad way, but you've got to understand that a lot of people that have been watching you from the very beginning (me included) on YouTube have stopped being fans. It's mainly because you are not the same person we all watched on YT all those years ago, all that energy you had back then isn't there anymore. Maybe it's just be being nostalgic or something, but you can't deny that you've adapted to the changes on YT. And that's what has a lot of people angry. Again, I don't hate you.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 22:05:31 -0500
Your last email before this one must have got deleted in spam.
You can resend if you like.

Did you answer why you didn't put up our email exchanges unedited on your site?
Or are you just going to add that into your pile of lies and misleading actions to continue the Joe-hate you cultivate on your blog that actually does hurt me and makes it difficult to be happy and creative at times when I'm feeling down?

I wish someone would make their entire being (and devote their free time) to tearing you down, twisting everything you say, throwing out wild accusations and assumptions about your character daily.
You'd understand then what I feel and why it's so shocking, hurtful, scary at times at the level of commitment and devotion to character defamation that one person can have that's never met you.

I day dream. Could Ciaran ever been my friend? Could he ever have been a fan? What made me him hate me?
What made him decide to devote his life to attacking me on a blog - making up such hateful lies, and twisting everything I say in public into something negative? What did I do?
Was it something terrible? Could I have avoided it?
Could I avoid pissing off one person in my 2 million subscriber based or the countless others who aren't subscribers but may have watched a single one of my 600+ videos?
Would he ever stop harassing me in this way? Would he stop giving people false reasons to continue their hate? IF he thinks his blog is successful would he just stop even if his mind was changed about who I am?

This kinda thought process is maddening. And takes away from what I'm supposed to be doing, what's made the show successful and what makes me and my viewers happy. Content. Having fun. Connecting with others and talking about games.

I wish I didn't care so much. Maybe you've put me on the path to finally stop caring about this kinda stuff. If that happens, thank you.

From: Ciaran Hillock []
Sent: Monday, May 4, 2015 6:59 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Have you had time to think about what I said?

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Sun, 3 May 2015 13:39:14 -0500
Good one Ciaran,
"Assume the worst about you?" You run a hate blog about me that bitches daily about how much of an asshole and shit person I am without ever having met me or without knowing me. Of course I have assumptions about you being "worse", because you've actually earned that.

1. I have no Pyramid Scheme. (Do you even know what a Pyramid Scheme is? Please define it. And point to my supposed one.)
2. I don't think I have a Huge Ego. I'm no celebrity. I take time for everyone that comes up to me. I reply to as many emails as I can. I don't know how many times my haters say this - its the root of why they want to HATE me so much. You've just proved that. I spend hours on the floor of places im at to makes sure every single person gets a picture that they want, because I remember how shit some werstlers and football players treated me after I drove hours to meet them. Do you care at all about this? No.
2b. The Best I can tell where people think Im so full of myself, since they link me it so often: Is From one video 4 years ago in the VGA's where I said "I'm supposed to represent gamers", when taken out of context sounds bad, I was upset, I meant I was there to represent the gamers who gave me questions and who I went there to get answers for. And I didnt do a good enough job. I was a rookie interviewer, who was brought to be made an example of. But does that even phase the people who are convinced I think I speak for all gamers? NO. THEY ARE ABOSULTELY CONVINCED of the VILLAIN they've CREATED FOR THEMSELVES. Its fucking shocking. Never in a million years did i ever imagine this would be my life. I don't think I'm better than anyone else. What ,I have conviction in the things I say - So Im a bad guy who is full of himself? Seriously? Thats how black and white some people think? I honestly worry about how shitty my opinions and reviews truly are, THERE ARE A THOUSAND people with FEWER SUBS who are FAR MORE TALENTED than I AM. I HAVE NO TALENT. I seriously don't. I just try my best to be entertaining. Its a nightmare coming up with new stupid jokes and ideas when there's tons of expectations now that I've reached a high number of subscribers.
Will this convince you of my supposed "ego"? No. Because you've already decided for yourself without any input from me, who I am. what the hell... God if you were in my position and you saw and dealt with these things I do from this end, maybe just maybe you'd see. Or maybe not, I don't know you. Nor your life experiences. So just believe whatever the hell you want to, obviously you are going to ignore the truth.
3. Finally - You talk about "Facts"?!? There's not been one FACT you've presented to me. Just wild negative speculation on my motives, who I really am and how bad a dude "I've become". (it seems like you were a fan or positive viewer at one point)

You could have devoted all your time and energy into something else, yet you attack good people like myself and brad with your drama blogs relentlessly because you are driven by hate, personal negativity, and conspiracy. Why are you ignoring answer to this?

4. And what have I been a "poser" on? Why so many personal insults hurled at me? What did I ever do to you?
Look at all this hate you have pent up. HOW?!?
HOW if you've never talked to me?!!
Did you get this mad from my opinions you didn't agree with on your favorite game or company?!
Did you get this mad that I did a video on something you don't like!?!
Are you upset that I make a living making videos on youtube?!
HOW, when I don't even know who you are personally, are you convinced I'm this massive enemy of yours?
Or are you making a niche for yourself misleading people with your blog and drumming up clickbait type articles for attention?

The FACT that you can't answer to any of my 4 points here is proof you are totally on the wrong path, you have made wrong assumptions and you are FORCING an image and idea of me that's completely wrong, have you EVER considered that?

I'm thankful to God and my fans every day and I've never taken advantage of my pure LUCK on Youtube. But there will always be people like you who hate me for it, who hate that the show has grown, hate that people like it and hate that people enjoy my content enough to keep watching.

Im so tired of wasting my time and energy defending myself from people like you to someone that will never see reason, never change their mind, never consider they maybe their wrong.
Why do you think I care enough to continue replying? Into putting out a wall of text. Because I do care what you think of me. I give everyone credit that they are intelligent and if they had time to see reason or review facts or reality they'd find the truth. I keep giving you every opportunity and you keep throwing hate back at me. If I was this monster you say I am, why wouldnt I just be like, "fuck you" as my total email? or just ignore your initial email entirely and continue doing all my "conspiracies" and money making "schemes"?! *sigh* whatever dude.
I can't reach you clearly. I tried. Have fun in your reality that you've built for yourself. Maybe this is the type of entertainment I provide for you, and if thats the case- I hope you enjoyed it and I brought a bit of excitement to your life. Which is all I've ever wanted for people who watch the show.

You insult me daily, telling me I have the mind of a 12 year old.
But isn't that a perfect description of what you do?
Ignoring adult conversation and being willfully ignorant to someone who is truly trying to reach out to you. That's actual immaturity.
Accusing me of all sorts of unsubstantiated horrible things. And yet you want to talk to me on neutral terms, you want to seem unbiased, you want to seem like you truly care about the truth.
Yet when presented with it, you ignore it and scream bloody murder with falsehoods and not one iota of proof of anything you claim.
You even obsess over whether or not people should care where I put BBQ chickfila sauce tops while I'm enjoying a meal (which you made an entire post on).
Do you even realize how ridiculous your blog looks to anyone neutral? just look at your comments section.

If you are so concerned for fairness, truth, and actual conversation why not post all our email conversations to your blog in their unedited entirety?
You've purposefully kept them off your blog because you are hiding these correspondence from your readers. What a "poser" and "fraud" you truly are.
You want people to believe in your version of me, instead of who I actually am.
That makes you a hypocrite on a level I can't even touch.
And entire blog about me and how I suck and you've not made a single post about the time you talked to me nor any my replies. Exposed.

And now I feel sick to my stomach having spent all this time on something I know is futile. I just need to accept that not everyone will like me personally.
And that I can't stop nasty things being said about me on the internet. It just hurts to see people so lost.

Did you have someone hack into my Steam account? This morning someone has. Using my email somehow.
I had to ask because this has never happened in the entirety of my show, but happens just after I start talking with you via email. (a very large hater who'd like to see my show destroyed or stopped)

From: Ciaran Hillock []
Sent: Sunday, May 3, 2015 7:06 AM
To: angryjoe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Good one Joe, nice to know you assume to worst about me too. But don't worry, we've already exposed lots of your secrets and that pyramid scheme you have going. Keep up the shilling and I'll keep up the posts, you're too far gone from what you originally were. You're ego has been inflated to the size of mount Fuji and keeps on growing, and that "Joe hate" exists for a reason. You're just too ignorant to accept the facts which everyone lays in front of you, but then again, being a poser is what you do best.

Date: Sat, 2 May 2015 20:20:44 -0500
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
I didn't "hide" that I did Sponsored videos last year. The field of net video sponsorship is relatively new years ago i may have missed labelling a few, after a reddit post from a guy who did a great amount of fantastic research who contacted me ive gone back and labeled and continue to label videos as sponsored videos when they are.

Whats more important is why do you always assume the worst about me specifically?

Are you just going to believe everything on internet and ask me a bunch of negative questions about every little internet drama online crafted up about me? Is that what drives you? Thats cool man.

As much as id like to answer every email you send I feel its unfair you get any continued attention at all versus others just because you run a hate blog about me. So this will be my last prompt response I hope you understand! And wish you luck on anything you do! (besides your trollish angryjoeshow and cinemasnob blogs)

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

-------- Original message --------
From: Ciaran Hillock
Date:05/02/2015 7:03 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: angryjoe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Hey Joe, just wondering but why did you hide that you were doing sponsored let's plays last year?

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 14:30:53 -0500
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
You already know the answer to this as you follow my tiwtter closely. I would never monetize a memorial video. When I made that video I specifically unchecked the channels default monteization option which is implemented by my managed channel network, polaris.
I then put the video live immediately.
It is possible that youtube has a delay on those check box options on when they take effect.

If anyone saw ads they were likely only up for several minutes before the changes from default took place.

My channel does well enough on its own through my reviews and lets plays that its wholly unnessecary and insulting to monetize a memorial video to my passed friend. Anyone close to me or friends of mine knows this. 

Anyone claiming otherwise knows its an easy target to claim some conspiracy theory in order to attack my character.
Its just another hateful dark net tactic by trolls and haters to fuel the fire of joe-hate. You should know this much you engage in this very thing. And blogs like yours make internet lies and drama like this easier to believe.

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-------- Original message --------
From: Ciaran Hillock
Date:04/30/2015 1:51 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Well Joe, I'd like to ask you a question which I guess is untrue. Did you monetize the Jew Wario memorial video?

I'm just looking for some clarification, I know you probably had auto-monetize on by accident and didn't realize until it was too late. Just looking to hear you're two pence on the matter.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 23:41:27 -0500
I'm sorry, I'm not going to do anything in return for you Ciaran.
Just because you ran a hate website of me. It's not right. Hope you can respect that.
It's like my father says, you should be focusing on those who like your stuff, not changing it for those who hate it.

You don't have to make any changes to your blog.

From: Ciaran Hillock []
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 3:40 PM
To: angryjoe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
"Hate website" is such a strong word, it may be written in a trollish manner but the criticism is there if you can get past the obvious. What I mean was that I'd change the writing style to give criticism, it's a good chance for you to improve you're image if you actually want people to change their mind about you. 

I don't hate you, it's just that I disagree with some of the stuff you do.

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 12:12:44 -0500
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Not sure why exactly Id want to speak with you. 

Ive recently come to terms that you just cant change everyones mind about who you are nor can you stop hateful lies or general dislike about you as a person. It comes with the territory as you grow as a channel or become more successful.

I dont have a problem with someone saying they dont like my character or brand of reviews or videos or whatever. But its the type of people who make it their entire bring and existance to attempt to destroy, tear down, discredit and distort who I am that bothers me to the core at times when im vunerable. That would be people like you and your blog. 

Some people are driven/fueled by your brand of internet drama and obessive levels of directed dislike of me as an individual despite never meeting me in person or seeing how I treat those who are fair or polite in return.

Ive come to understand that often times through personal experiences in some peoples lives they often gravitate towards building villains for themselves to direct their time and enegry into that instead of something productive or more positive. Uts cheap. Its easy. Its theraputic. Its fun. Its entertainment for rubbernecking and net drama. But many of these people fail to underdtand their targets are human beings too. That care (more than they should, sure) and have feelings as well.

Do you also operate the Brad Jones sucks blog?

How many other blogs like this do you operate?

And finally why exactly do you do this so fervently?

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From: Ciaran Hillock
Date:04/27/2015 11:12 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Hello, I am the owner of the Angry Joe Sucks Blog. I know you probably think of me as some asshole on the internet which I kinda am, but I was once a fan of yours. With that out of the way I'm guessing you've got a lot to say, shall we try and clear the air?

Yours sincerely, Ciaran Hillock"


  1. Well that's an interesting read. I'm not sure what to make of it all though
    1. That most of what people from the AJSA have been saying about Ciaran is true apparently, that this never was meant to be a satirical or constructive criticism blog.

      Of course if he actually does make things more even handed, that would be good, but given his behavior on the forum, I doubt he will. He still resorts to saying "Oh I'm sorry you can't see through your fanboyism and realize the truth that this blog is meant to be satire" (um...yea...claiming that people who see your blog as genuine hate and not satirical only do so because they are Joe fanboys only proves their claims).

      Although, he actually did manage to prove that he did email Joe, so I will give him what I want to say, but it's too little too late really. Proof that he actually emailed Joe is not enough to wash away every other vitriolic lie and baseless claim he has made. It really only proves that he's a habitual liar, not a pathological liar.
    2. I don't need proof that Joe is still a sell out and is an asshole to most of his fans, this blog is proof of that alone. And yes MD, you are a fanboy and can't even give any criticism of Joe.
    3. The blog is proof that Joe is a sell out, because the blog exists.

      Pretty sure that's circular logic.

      And I'm not here to criticize Joe, just point out the flaws in your logic, such as thinking that calling me a fanboy refutes my claims that you make baseless claims. Hate to break it to you, but that's an ad hominem fallacy, and a poor one at that. All it does is show that you can't refute any of my claims, so you resort to logical fallacies.

      As I said before, all you have done is prove everyone who has ever claimed your blog was not meant to be satirical correct. So why do you insist on proving your own claims wrong? Why are you so adamant on making up baseless claims about Joe whenever he isn't paying attention but cower and kowtow whenever he does?
    4. Aww MadFaggot64, it must really stick that Ciaran got so many emails from Joe and yet you still haven't been able to get Senpai to notice you.
    5. Well, when you make up baseless rumors and vicious lies about someone, you're begging for "cease and desist" letter.

      And once again Spoony, you stick to the lie that I'm here to impress Joe. You're going to have to try harder than that disproven claim. Maybe try something more believable, like "Aliens made me do it."
    6. Lies and rumours. We've proven lots, from Joe's PS4 competition, censorship on his forums, him hiding the fact that he did paid promotions, doing paid promotions, to him just being an asshole in general. Oh, let's not forget the fact that he sold out, but I'm sure you're jealous that sempai didn't notice you.
    7. No, you haven't "proven lots".
      Because you haven't provided proof of your claims.

      You can't prove what you don't provide proof for (seriously, you think that the fact that this blog exists proves that Angry Joe is a sell out; you have only proven that you have no idea how proof works).

      And why would I be jealous of you being noticed by someone I never really cared if they noticed me or not; I was just content to watch his videos. I never needed him to notice me (would have been nice to maybe play a SMITE match or two with him back when he played it, but really it's not that big a deal that he never did; unlike you I'm not obsessed with him. Unlike you I don't think about him every waking second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. Unlike you my life doesn't revolve around Angry Joe).
    8. So you aren't refuting my claims this time? Sounds like someone is ignoring the truth, I thought you were all about the truth. But then again, the truth hurts.
    9. I don't need to refute them. You are refuting your own claims by refusing to provide proof.

      That's the truth. No wonder you hide from it.
    10. What about that proof I just told you about, it's on this blog. Seems like you're being delusional, more so than usual.
    11. Well a storm has swept through my comment for sure
      There are other truths you have yet to prove like how MD 64 is Joes puppet or the very man himself. Also where's the proof of him being sold Out? I'm still not seeing proof here?
    12. What about Joe only giving a shit about the money, in his 7 peso's video and his nintendo rant. He says Nintendo is all about the money yet he's the one wanting to "make money" off another's content, it's not like he's dirt poor. He could have easily recouped his losses from another let's play video, but no he posted a rant to get clicks and exposure. He clearly only cares about the money, only a fool would ignore those facts.
    13. I can to a degree agree that what Joe did with Nintendo was a advertisement. He should of known that what he did was going to get flagged and that he was no exception to the rule. However I see various times when in the exchange where Joe does try to connect with you, such as the avengers question you didn't answer. So while I don't agree with him being a sellout I can agree with the Nintendo situation
    14. @stalkermaster: there is nothing to agree on, its a fact, joe has lied to his fans for checks. You can deny reality all you want like a 5 year old girly but its not a case of i agree or not, its about you wanting to see the truth or not.
    15. This comment has been removed by the author.
    16. @stalker he already replied about avengers.

      "And about Age of Ultron, I'm planning on seeing it tomorrow. I can't stand all those crowds, I prefer to go a week or two after most people have seen it. "
    17. Ow did he? Must of missed that
  2. Pissed Jose has managed to silence you, or at least make you tone down your posts. Never stop exposing $hills like Joe!
    1. According to Ciaran's posts on the blogs, his intent was to troll you and be a Sacha Baron Cohen of sorts. According to Ciaran, he wasn't exposing anything.

      Now, which do you prefer, the belief that Angry Joe finally silenced Ciaran, or the belief that Ciaran was never on your side to begin with?
    2. Who said I wasn't exposing anything? This blog has brought light upon many of the things Angry Joe has done, and he hasn't silenced me. Oh and Hard Cer, I'm still on your side and aim to continue the good fight. I was mainly trying to be civil in the emails, I know it comes across as ass kissing.
    3. Well, you haven't exposed anything. Just made baseless claims and provided zero proof.

      You kinda need to be able to prove that something exists in order to expose it, which is what you have failed to do.
  3. Someone with an ego problem would never admit they have one. Joe is who he is, a giant egotistical douce. He great full for fans money not the fans. Prove it differently joe. Give something back not paid for by fans, do charity, show some humbleness. You never will.
    1. No true scotsman fallacy alert! No true scotsman fallacy alert!
  4. Rofl I just started reading but its already clear he is such a loser, half his responses also seem to be written by his management who give him standard shill responses.
    Now on to read about how low the asshole really is lol
  5. So he is trying to better his image... by telling lies??? That whole jewwario excuse is PATHETIC and only people as dumb as joe himself would believe that shit
    1. Still not convinced. Sorry.
    2. Wrong place to comment. Hope I didn't misunderstood you harry.
  6. hahahahahahahahahhahahaha

    "I day dream. Could Ciaran ever been my friend? Could he ever have been a fan? What made me him hate me?"\

    Joe is fucking gay for you rofl dont let maddemon64 find out or he'll get jealous! XD

    But yeah like I said it seems every few lines something is there that sounds so SJW or fantastical that its probably from someone else. Its like joe just asking delrith and his angry army to come up with good lines to act innocent and to make you feel bad about yourself.
    Its all just a bunch of random comments instead of a real letter.
    1. ............maybe that's the case.
    2. I know, Joe was really playing the sympathy card in the emails. It's easy to tell that he's trying to get me to feel sorry for him.
    3. It's cool that you emailed "the" angry Joe man...but what if he's really a good person?
      It's really took some courage for joe to reply you like that.

      Or maybe...Joe sympathizes with you because he thought you hacked his steam he continued to keep replying in hopes of getting his account back...right?
    4. Given how vitriolic the people on this blog tend to be, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them actually did hijack Joe's account.

      Of course I wouldn't be surprised if Ciaran himself hijacked it either.
  7. my god the responses get longer and longer, no wonder the idiot never gets a review done if he cries about every person that doesnt worship him and spends hours shilling that person into liking him....
    1. Lol. You are hilarious man. :D
    2. I hear you man.Like his times on Twitter he could've just walked away from people offending him and ignored the criticism and doing something more productive. But nooooo, he had to just fuel the fires. The fact he spent so much time making a big deal over a hate blog implies to me that he knows everything posted about him on here is true and doesn't want it getting out to the public.
      Markiplier knows some people don't really like his stuff and think his videos suck. He acknowledges this and doesn't rant about it because he knows theirs nothing he can do about it and respects their opinion. Unlike Joe who rants and makes a big deal out of just one guy having a different opinion on him.
  8. Does this mean ciaran ends this blog?
    1. No, it means that Ciaran will either try to change the blog to reflect his original intent (as claimed by him on the AJSA forums) to make a blog about Angry Joe in the vein of Sacha Baron Cohen, or tone it down slightly to make it seem like he originally wanted to troll actual Joe haters when in fact he was always a Joe hater and is toning down the blog in an attempt to trick Joe and his followers.

      Depends on whether or not you believe the blog was meant to troll Joe haters or make up baseless lies about Joe.
    2. Phew,I thought this blog is gonna shut down. Ciaran is really hilarious IMO.
  9. I dont understand your asskissing in the last mail though...
    - the jewwario stuff doesnt need clearing up, its still clear as day he exploited the situation
    - since when does this blog not at least follow your own personal opinion?? What kind of nonsense is that?!
    - how about the pyramid sceme of: hype game for a check> people buy game > burn game with angry review for more cash while the fans already wasted their cash
    - once again asskissing saying joe is just an asshole to assholes on the internet while we all know he also is an asshole to friendly people and fans...
    - admitting you are butthurt when the complaints about his risen review were all legit..
    - you dont go overboard at all! In fact I think you were holding back a lot of times and stayed respectful which a soullless freak like joe doesnt even deserve

    This entertained me for sure but Im kind of disappointed with you being such a sissy Ciaran, you didnt write these blogs for nothing, it was your opinion on the asshole so dont backtrack now....
    1. Why don't you email Joe and see if you can get a rise out of him. Of just get into a Twitter war with him, you know he can't resist being trolled on Twitter.
    2. Twitter is for gays, and im not out to piss off joe, I just cant stand it when people back down from their opinions or posts for no reason.
    3. I know where your coming from harry, but if I dogpiled him like I originally intended to then he wouldn't have replied back at all. And the blog is an exaggerated opinion of mine, for a while it wasn't but then I'd though I would have fun with it. It still have a lot of problems with him, I don't hang a picture of him on my wall and throw darts at it, like some people on the internet.
    4. Hehe alright fair enough, its kind of hard to know what you are saying to be diplomatic and what you really mean in those mails so sorry if drew my conclusions too soon. 
  10. if you ever email him again please ask
    "Was Spoony kicked from tgwtg because he was the only one not willing to sell his soul?"
    1. Actually, it was due to a combination of health issues (such as depression) and a twitter frenzy that started with him making a questionable to horrible tweet regarding JesuOtaku, depending on how you interpreted it (JesuOtaku didn't mind, ObscurusLupa did, etc.).

      Please don't confuse your own schizophrenic fantasies with reality. It only detracts from Ciaran's that he never hated Joe and only wanted to troll real haters like you.
    2. Spoony made a rape joke, maybe he's got April tied in his basement so he can show her his way of love. That's probably why he can't be bothered to get off his drunken ass to make a video.
    3. @ciaran
      Yeah a rape joke so what? All of them make worse jokes every day, and they still do rape jokes themselves! It was all SJW and feminism trying to score over spoony's head from what I read about it.
      glad for him he is out though he is much better on his own.
    4. Spoony was very hard to work with, produced very little content, and developed a severe substance abuse problem with persists to this day.
    5. You had me going until "severe substance abuse".
    6. @spoony sucks
      I didnt like the period he got drunk in his movie vlogs but thats in the past or do you mean his pills?
  11. Heres my question to all the people who watch and defend angry joe, is it fun watching bitch about youtube ad revenue because I find that shit annoying. you can enjoy his reviews if you want, hell you can even enjoy his god awful lets plays, but you cannot deny he's only in it for the money. I mean why haven't other big youtubers made videos about ranting on this topic like the only thing I heard was Total biscuit and pewdiepie talking about the nintendo thing.

    Like after that infamous $7 video I lost all respect for Joe Vargas

    and if I could say something to joe listen!!!! nobody gives a shit about how you make money off of youtube we just want some entertaining content you fuck!!!!!
    1. Yeah well every human being if they were given the chance to do what Joe does, would do the same as they would try to make easy money and live a good life just by posting videos on YouTube and using ads for the money.
  12. Hey MadDemon64 I have a question, since you are a moderator on the AJSA forums, why are you here? You know this is an anti-Angry Joe blog, why come over here? Are you a masochist? Do you get turned on enough with all of the Angry Joe insults and trolling to come over here and pleasure yourself by attempting to refute the evidence on this blog?
  13. Hey MadDemon64 I have a question, since you are a moderator on the AJSA forums, why are you here? You know this is an anti-Angry Joe blog, why come over here? Are you a masochist? Do you get turned on enough with all of the Angry Joe insults and trolling to come over here and pleasure yourself by attempting to refute the evidence on this blog?
    1. There is MadDemon64 on the AJSA forums, who is a advanced member. Its more than likely its him.
    2. There is a MadDemon64 moderator on the AJSA forums?

      That's news to me. And all the mods on the forum.
    3. Don't bullshit us, Maddemon64
    4. Don't bullshit us, Maddemon64
    5. I haven't Eric. I am a very poor liar.

      Everything I have said on this blog is the truth. Whether you are willing to accept it is entirely up to you.
    6. Don't you mean "teh" truth, fanboy?
    7. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

      And you failing to make an ad hominem fallacy insult won't change that. Really it doesn't matter whether or not I like or hate Angry Joe, because I have yet to lie.
  14. I cannot believe I actually read all that. Last shreds of hope in Schmoe has been completely destroyed now. That's it, guyse. The stupid fucker's dead for me.
  15. Good Work Mr. Hillock
  16. So you emailed with Joe for no reason at all and you make these Blog not to change the people opinions about Joe? Can't believe that.
    You are just a poor guy with little atention on your real life (if you have) and need to be somehow important.
    You are a fan of him, not in the usual way, but a fan.
    1. Seems like you haven't been paying attention.
    2. I'm sorry to say this, but this blog is ridiculous. Really, "angryjoesucks".blogspot? The motivation to devote such effort to a bloglike this says everything one needs to know about its author--maybe consider something else in life. Imagine that on your resume. I watch Joe's videos for entertainment and some degree of criticism towards games that you don't often see. I don't love every video he posts nor do I watch them all, and yes, at times he needs to have more respect for copyright laws. You don't have to agree with everything he does, but fairly, this blog is over the top, hypocritical, and asserting a holier-than-thou disposition. As one example, if the emails are accurate, you were begged for proof of a pyramid scheme. What are your facts?! Don't give labels that aren't applicable. The characterizations you provide matter. Don't say pyramid scheme then say not actually a pyramid scheme, then once again call it a pyramid scheme--which you do. I have no affiliation with joe whatsoever, but this blog is the result of misplaced energy and frail accusations.
    3. Um, it's meant to be over the top. Also it takes far less time than you realize to run this blog, it's basically type up my thoughts in an exaggerated way. I used pyramid scheme as a loose term, if you read the emails then you'd realize this.

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