Tuesday, 17 November 2015

AngryJoe Vs. OtherJoe in WWE 2k16!

Gack! What the hell is that fur ball on the screen, oh wait that's Angry Joe. And is that Other Joe in the background surfing Mexican wrestler porn? Man, Joe and company are just getting weirder by the day. I mean he's got neckbeards and paedophiles on his show, that's just plain wrong. Chris Hanson ahoy!

Anyway Joe's working on the Fallout 4 review, he's going to throw up let's plays in the meantime, yeah because that's what we want to see. I didn't watch more than 50 seconds of the video because I ain't interested in watching shit and lazy content, and neither should you. See ya later peoples......


  1. Little off topic, but tell me you are gonna rip his upcoming 'Star Wars: Battlefront' review apart (he's been doing nothing but bitching about it and I saw some people on twitter calling him out on it)

    1. Depends on what he has to say, but that's probably a yeah.

  2. At the end of the fallout review he is lying so hard to his fans and begging for money again. Dude is OBVIOUSLY reading from a monitor. If he was making a game himself wouldnt you think he would be able to talk about it with reading from a monitor?
    Someone probably just making a game for him and he is trying to exploit his fans with it lol what a scumbag.