Monday, 8 February 2016

08/02/2015 - Twitter Madness

Because reasons...

Nice one Joe, stay classy with those "outta the womb" jokes.

I know Fox News say stupid stuff all the time, but is Joe really that insecure about his manhood?

People can say whatever character they want Joe, regardless if it's a console mascot or not.

Always an asshole with this guy, doesn't he have any manners?

Joe's other replies were deleted by him, probably didn't want people knowing he's such a dick to people.

So that's what he's spending all that Twitch money one, good to know that it was spend right. (Sarcasm)

Begging for review copies again, is anything scared for this guy?

Oh great, we've got one pretentious asshole promoting another pretentious asshole.


  1. I cant for the life of me understand why people would actually tweet with joe, it means they still take him seriously... what morons
    1. It's more along the lines of "Sempai noticed me". They just want Joe to notice them for they can have what self importance they need.
  2. Was hoping you were going to put up that hour long twitter fight Joe had? On a side note do you think Joe is in a secret relationship with Delrith and Sgt "I wish I was a real soldier" Ross?
    1. I'll put up the entire twitter fight, I didn't think about it because every time someone argues with Joe on Twitter it's really an afterthought. Though I'd wouldn't put it past Joe about SGT Ross, they could be more than casual dude bros.
    2. I only heard about the hour long fight. I would read his twitter, but it makes me want to punch him in the face that much more. He doesn't respect even his fans, which are his bread and butter, and I think he doesn't even have any self respect either.
    3. Joe should be saving all his twitch money for liposuction and/or diabetes medication, he's going to be needing it soon.
  3. He gonna be one broke ass bitch when his channel falls.

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