Friday, 12 February 2016

Batman v Superman Final Trailer Angry Reaction!

Still waiting for the Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2015? That's all I've got to say. I'll dump music video's instead because if Joe can be lazy so can I.

All that crap aside, if you are wondering what I thought of the video then you won't get it. The main reason being that I didn't even watch the video, I just can't be bothered to. K...keep me posted.


  1. At this point Joe's channel is just a joke. Is he ententionally trying to alienate his fans? Who the fuck gives a shit about his opinion about anything but games?! He should stick to reviews but we all know that reviews take time and effort and this lazy Mexican simply does not like to work too hard.

  2. LOl check out his new video. Playing a game DRUNK omg how funny. What's next? Playing a game while still in bed? Playing a game in the bathtub? Doing a review of his dinner?

    1. Yeah, don't give him fun things to try to entertain his fans... just keep complaining for reviews and top 10s... horah

    2. Sorry, i don't find cheap ideas entertaining, like getting lazy as fuck and getting paid for it. There is no value in what he's doing now. Playing while "drunk? Oh my, top level of entertainment. I can imagine the brainstorming before they did the video.
      Fatprick: Hey, im too lazy to do anything of value today.
      OtherJoe: Okay man, so what now? Wanna drink some beer and suck my dick?
      Fatprick: Wow, you are a genius, my friend! I mean im a genius. That's what we do today!! And we....ahem, i will get paid for it too!! But i don't wanna suck your dick. That's why i keep the fat pedo furry around.
      OtherJoe: But it was my ide....
      Angryprick: Shut up Joe, you know nothiiiiing!!!

      Might as well make a video about the contents of his toilet.

  3. Just wondering, the ProJoe people have nothing to do all day long, then defend their Jewtube celeb?
    At least we entertain ourselves with "hating" him. What do you people get out of it?

  4. Still no game review/top 10 (shocking right?). What we get is a movie review. I know he LOVES Deadpool so im sure the entire video consists of Joe and the others jizzing on each other, acting like God tier nerds.

  5. How did my dick taste last night? I know it's not brown like joe's.. but i tried with the chocolate syrup to emulate that look you like. I do have one request. Can we stop role-playing. I don't wanna pretend to be joe anymore. Just call me by my real name please.