Friday, 19 February 2016

AngryJoe Plays The Witness (Drunken!)

Joe acts like it's awesome that he played a game while drunk, he knows people wants reviews and he said that Xcom 2 and Deadpool reviews are coming. Then he tells people to shut up and enjoy the free content, yeah because that's how the world works. And why the hell is he playing some stupid indie game no one cares about you say? Oh wait probably because he's either paid to or is just a plain idiot trying to spam video's with games which are easy for him to play. I mean this game he's playing takes little to no skill, so that's a good thing for him.

And is he trying to create a new type of let's play with his drunken crap? I think not, he's too stupid to come up with a good idea that's not being lazy. Even with all things considered it's still a boring video to watch, I mean who the hell finds a Mexican retard on you tube interested to watch when all he does is act like an idiot and ask chat to tell him what to do. Also did Joe get "drunk" from just one beer, I mean dudes got some serious problems if it only takes one beer before he gets drunk. Anyway it's a shit and boring video for a shit game, and you can tell it's bad when the comments section is full of people complaining...for good reasons. That's all for this time, Dr Jones signing off.


  1. Wow glorifying alcohol abuse while Johnny Manziel's ex gf is scarred for life because of it. Way to set an example for the kids, Joe. Every day he becomes more like Spoony.

  2. what a pathetic mong, being drunk was cool to me for half a year when I was 15 or so... Dude is what, 40?!?! and thinks being drunk is cool;? seriously he has lost it

    1. I love it when you give it to us raw like that harry. No lube, no warnings, you just spread our cheeks and ran that 3 incher with everything you got!!!! Fill our holes more and spread your man salsa on our awaiting ass cheeks as you spew your hot load all over us!!! Mmmm tasty!!!

    2. Drunkeness appeals to Joes adolescent, retarded fanbase. The same kind of people who support having a rapist on his show who sexually harasses 8 year old girls.