Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Angry Joe's copyright problems

Like a broken record Angry Joe has yet again began to bitch and moan when he can't make money off someone else's content on YouTube. First his Rogue One trailer reaction got flagged, since he couldn't monetize it he removed the video and edited it so he could make money. But he had further problems and had to get those copyright claims on his video's removed by sending his army of trolls on Twitter at the Sony Twitter handle. Yeah because he can't even do anything himself so he gets his littler army of pathetic fanboys to do it for him. Slurp slurp.

Get a load of his tone on this tweet, sounds like an order. 

Except half of the time they are bot's and not actual people you dimwit, Joe probably thinks the whole world is out to get him.

And here he is celebrating because he got it removed and now he can make all of the jew gold he wants off the video. But you are probably wondering about a post about the actual meme reaction video's? Where is it Dirk? Well I can't be arsed watching them as I've got better things to do with watch an idiot on the internet act like a fucking monkey with a banana up his asshole.


  1. Ah yes MadDemon. Dude even went on the forums to spill his bs with his muscle fetish.

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