Friday, 26 August 2016

Purrluna goes back to Sweden (Cuckland)

Looks like Purrluna has arrived back in Sweden! SWEDEN YES! Hopefully she'll get a visit from Captain Sweden (pic related) who'll teach her all about how to be a true Swede.

Follow this and you will be on the true path to enlightenment. Go on my fellow brethren, become what you are truly meant to be. With all that crap aside let's get down to business. Before leaving the United States Purrluna and the gang went out to some cheap american diner which specializes in pancakes. Ah yes fat and grease, one way to get through to a man's heart.
For some strange reason Joe didn't want to "duck face" (when Donald duck shoves his cock down your throat) with the others, either he was embarrassed or didn't want everyone to see him stuffing his fat face on camera. Whatever the reason was one thing is certain: she's clearly enjoying her time with Angrybeard and Delrith more than Angry Joe. After that she tried to leave the states for a few days but her flight kept getting delayed leading to all sorts of problems, but did Joe give a shit about any of this? Fuck no, while she was busy trying to get a flight Joe was stuffing his face streaming and doing the No Man's Sky review.
After all that bothersome business she finally got home after four days, heading back home to Chad or Muhammad sugar daddy depending on your cuck fantasy. Mine involves Delrith and snowmew, heading to Sweden with his dominatrix furry hit squad on a mission to defend Sweden from trannys from Russian with love.


  1. hahaha poor girl her whole trip just seems like it was a disaster, I doubt she'll ever come back.

  2. So what's Delrith being a furry all about? Is there a story there?

  3. The US is a cuck country as well. PC culture sucks, and the US invented it.

    1. Yeah the US elected Niggerobama who thinks Sweden and the rest of Europe as well as the US need to bring in a lot more ragheads than they already have.

  4. fucking sweden piece of shit country, burn those fucking niggers

    they raped kids in my hometown

  5. Starlkermaster confirmed tryhard.