Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Angry Joe disables comments in Mechanic Review

According to on Reddit (Tips fedora) "Yep. The highest voted comment was something like "Joe, inviting more sketchy people doesn't make your videos better". Most of them mentioned diabetes, or that they're arranged from fattest to thinnest. And of course, you had the folks asking why it's become a movie review channel." So because people made fun of the fat slobs Joe got butt hurt and disabled comments over a couple of fat jokes, the dudes got thin skin considering he makes fun of people on Twitter but can't handle it when people make fun of him and his fellow slobs and neck beards.


  1. Damn and this "unbiased" r/angryjoeshow with "it's ok guys that he become twitch sellout whore this is present get over it"

  2. Honestly they're only three fat people, other joe's buff and the one next to him looks like a skinny geek.

    1. Other Joe always looks so out of place, like he just happened to be his roommate who played a little of COD and Joe simply waved a few pesos in front of him to help with his youtube show.

  3. joe said that he'll never turn off the comments

    so much for that

  4. It's also funny that his friends varies from slobs to people that looks like drug addicts. The only person that looks "normal" is OJ but let's be honest, that guy can't even form his own opinions without waiting for AngryJoe to form his own first. Joe really does attract the weirdos.

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