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AngryJoe Previews Divinity: Original Sin 2!

Another video of Angry Joe sucking a developer's trouser snake, Angry Joe is on a roll when it comes (literally) to shilling shady developers who drop by his house. Apparently Joe is the first guy who's previewing this game (as if much people care) for all the pseudo hipsters on the internet. It's basically the developer showing Joe and the world how the game works and a little about the world, it's not very interesting and pretty boring as it's just one big long segment that will put you to sleep. Joe also said Divinity Original Sin 1 was a great game, I think he meant to say heavily flawed game. Did I say this video is boring? I'd rather watch the longue on GameSpot than this video, because there they actually sound competent to a point. 
Random bald guy.
Outside of sucking the developers dick, this is what Joe should have said if he really was the people's champion/voice of the people:

They had a kickstarter for their first game which I understand, it was a really big and ambitious project, but it came out all nice and clean I'll give them that. But why start a kickstarter for their second game? Are they seriously that low on funds to host a new project? What happened? The first game was basically funded with the kickstarter and revenue from the sales thereafter, but honestly don't they have any money left to get Divinity OS2 going without kickstarter? I'll tell you why, because it's a fucking safety net so they don't have to waste any their money. I don't see why Joe doesn't have a problem with this, he should be calling them out on their bullshit instead of taking it in the ass like a little bitch.

Anyway, that's just my two pence on the whole matter. What do you guys think?


More like AngryJewShow.

Because incompetence. 

He eat sleeps conquers repeats late night gaming.

Because they can force you to pay for it all over again.

Take a guess.

Captain obvious.

Exactly, the first game has a ton of problems. 
I doubt Angry Joe even knows about this, we should message him on all platforms to raise awareness. Here's the link:

Fuck, don't give him ideas.


I can't even anymore.
Vote me for president, I'll make sure to deport him back to a taco stand in Mexico next to all other cholos.
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My hair is a proud patriot just like me.
You have clearly not been following these Devs have you?
They went to kickstarter for the second game because the fans wanted them to. 
With the original they had to delay the game several times to encorporate the feedback they had received from the backers. This time they already have the funds to make the game, the kickstarter goal is very small for what they would want to achieve so the purpose of this one is to give people a chance to get the game cheaper if they want to while also being able to give them feedback which made the original game very popular. So no it's not because they want money and greed but rather the fans want them to so they can keep adding to the sequel.

Which makes it disapointing when someone just looks at the front cover and yells scam. Heck even Joe wrote in the description that it's not a paid for promotion but something he wants to do.

Speaking of which Joe has found out something today which will change his life, you may laugh at it but it's still serious all and all. So he has Keratoconus now if you want to make another article which talks about this
Hmm i don't know man, just because he says he's not trying to promote it for greedy reasons doesn't make it 100% lie free in my opinion. since i know that Joe has been known to lie in the past i can't trust everything he says. I'm not trying to be biased against Joe, i just don't have a lot of faith in his word anymore.
How much is he getting paid to shill for their tasteless kickstarter scheme?
Hey Ciaran, I found another alternative to Angry Joe aside from Angry Centaur Gaming that is similar to Angry Joe, his name is Aaron Strange. The link for his channel is:
What is the Random Bald Guy's name? Don't tell me that he's from EA or Ubisoft.

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