Sunday, 30 August 2015

Twitter Mandelaness Africa Edition

Well, not much happening over on Joe's Twitter this week. Other than Joe being an asshole, and saying some random shit nobody cares about. Have fun.

Even though he has eye problems, he still streams.

What the hell is he talking about?

Who is he talking to? 

More reasons for him not to do reviews.

Ouch Joe, you sure do know how to be an asshole.

He does make a point. Though he's only angry because the gets him the YouTube money.

Some illiterate nigger who couldn't even finish high school looks up to Joe. How fucking hilarious. Aim low brother. Aim low.
She said back to school. She never said whether or not it was high school or college.

Learn to read ya illiterate doofus.
well,she asked if joe finished high school. it's possible.
Possibility and probability are two different things.

Please do not encourage his hypocrisy.

*thumbs up*
Wow, people really get triggered by anything these days.
Says the guy triggered by Joe.

QQ moar Ciaran. Maybe your senpai will notice you again.
Is that it? You just throw the same thing back because you can't do anything else, what a little bitch who looks up to a Mexican faggot. The only bigger faggot than you is that fat bastard Delrith and his paedo ways. Try harder next time Joe fag.
Oh, the irony of your comment Ciaran.

You accuse me of "throwing the same thing back because you can't do anything else" yet that is what you do when you respond to my comments 99% of the time. Except when I do it, it's not because I can't do anything else, but because I'm giving you a taste of your own medicine, because when you do it you can't do anything else because you have no proof of your claims and rely on lies and fallacies for your arguments.

As much as a faggot I am and/or Delrith is (i.e. not at all), you're still the bigger one. After all, you wrote a blog for the express purpose of complaining that Joe has a different opinion than you. I haven't made a blog about you. But you made a blog about Joe.

The platform you speak on is proof against the claims you espouse on said platform.

It's hilarious when you think about it.
This gimp admitted to being a faggot, comedy gold bitches. I'll change the title of the blog to that "MadDemon64 admits he's a faggot". It's hilarious when you admit to being a faggot, ohhh the truth hurts mang. And you're hurting. How's the life of a faggot treating you brah?
oh no,MD! what have you done?!


I admitted to being a stating that I wasn't one.

Do you even know how to read Ciaran? Serious question. Because I clearly stated I wasn't one, yet your reading skills are so piss poor you thought I said that I was a faggot.

The only thing that's hilarious here is when you claim somebody said something when it is clearly and painfully obvious they did not. It's hilarious how you make claims that are immediately disproven by reading the comment your claim is a response to.

As for what I did Satoshi, it was state that I'm not a faggot. Seriously, don't let Ciaran's SAT reading comprehension score of 0 rub off on you; you're better than that.
"As much as a faggot I am" Posted by MadDemon64.

Looks like someone is in damage control mode. *Eating of popcorn intensifies."
Cherry picking much Ciaran?

You completely ignored the "(i.e. not at all)" part.

Do you know what i.e. means? Of course you don't. But I'll tell you because I'm a charitable guy. It means "that is/that is to say". So that means that I said "(that is to say not at all)".

Now, since you have the IQ of a sea sponge, you're probably wondering what that means. Again, I'm charitable, so I'll help you out. It means that I said I'm not a faggot. At all.

Way to show the internet you failed the reading comprehension part of the SATs. You can keep your title up, but all it will do is show that you're an illiterate liar. Take my advice and do yourself a favor: save what little credibility you have left and change the title of this blog. It's what any intellectually honest person would do. But if you don't, well that's because you're intellectually dishonest.
"You completely ignored the "(i.e. not at all)" part."

haha, I noticed that part earlier.

should've replied but nah.

Yep. He either doesn't know how to read or he is just being intellectually dishonest.

Well, probably both actually, because this blog does not have any valid criticism. Because it doesn't have any criticism period. It's all "Angry Joe sucks because he made a video with criticism of a game that I agree with 100% but he tried to tell jokes in it and since my sense of humor is different than his I didn't laugh so that means he's the worst reviewer ever!" this and "Angry Joe is a shill because he only gives good reviews to games he likes and gives bad reviews to games he hates. I know this because I like some of the games he hates and I don't like the fact that he has his own opinion!" that.

Zero criticism to be found, just Ciaran pissing and whining and qqing and other words that are synonymous with complaining about Joe's videos. Criticism would be like, telling Joe to make follow up videos for games that fix problems he had with patches, or suggesting that if he reviews a game on one platform he give a warning that his review only applies for games on said platform and that your results on others may vary. But Ciaran doesn't do any of that, because he isn't interested in criticizing, just complaining.
You most certainly have been Ciaran.

Why else would you retitle your blog like that?

You retitled it you've been triggered, that's why.
Confused bro, it must be hard accepting the truth. Go back into that hole you crawled out of MD-kun, oh wait you've never left. Try harder trigger boy.
Says the guy who can't accept the truth.

Do you honestly expect me to take you seriously when you constantly show that you are incapable of telling the truth? I mean seriously dude, you saw my post. You saw that it stated that I was not a faggot. And yet you lied that it did.

You're the only one in a hole Ciaran. Well you and everyone who agrees with you, but at least they're in their holes due to ignorance. You're in it due to delusion-fueled maliciousness. It's better to be in a hole due to being stupid like your fans are than to be in a hole due to being a liar.
Write moar!
Says the guy who writes more than all of the people who comment on his blogs combined.
Good one MD, we all you that honor belongs to you becasue you like to run your mouth. Try harder next time.
Wow what a pathetic girl....
Any normal girl would dump her guy the minute she finds out he looks up to such a loser, even if she doesnt know how bad Joe is she shouldnt like her bf looking up to some random internet loser like some kind of hero lol.
people are pathetic... I cant panthom how anyone can look up to Joe either when its so easy to see what a lowlife douchebag he is these days.
"I cant panthom "


or do you mean fathom?
Because poor literacy is par for the course for these hypocrites.
You do realize that english isn't his first language, and stop being salty because he's right. We all know you love that salt.
thanks for the corection Satoshi
correction before the fatso starts bitchin again
People who don't have English as their first language don't type like harry types Ciaran.

Your inability to realize this fact calls your ability to analyze Joe into question. Then again you couldn't analyze Joe even if you could read his mind.
Just like a whore on hiv, you don't know when to stop homie. But nah, for real, I feel sorry for ya havin' to slurp off Joe's sloppy seconds. Actually wait I don't, sucks to be you bro. Sucker!
Slurp off Joe's sloppy seconds?

Ok now i know you're homosexually attracted to Joe.

But hey, that's just your sexuality. But seriously, please stop involving me in your homoerotic fantasies. Unlike you, I'm not gay.

So...yea...guess you are the one it sucks to be. Because that's all you do: suck, and when you don't suck, you wish you were sucking.
No bro, that's just you.
It's just me?

Right, because I'm the one talking about homoerotic encounters with Joe, commenting on how my dreams are filled with Joe having sex with people.

No, wait, that's you.

Sorry bro, but your own comments show that it's just you and your fans and has never been me.

Quit while you're behind.
Eeew, you shouldn't' take about your encounters with Joe, it's sickening you fag. And what's with the spacing, you autistic?
Says the guy who went into detail regarding "slurping Joe's sloppy seconds".

I didn't say it. You did.

You just admitted you're a fag for being sickened by the very stuff you talk about, the very stuff that you call people fags for.

You just called yourself a fag, which means you are a fag. Looks like you need to change the title of your blog again, fag.
Enjoying the latest chunes? It's all about you.
Oh, hey, you changed the title back to something that is less intellectually dishonest, but still a lie.

You still are required to include satire in your blog if you claim you use satire.
Why? Because you say so, yeah don't count yourself lucky.
After you stated that you wouldn't change the title back?

Either you're a liar or you capitulated. And are a liar.
Nothing is ever written in stone, oh wait your a moron who takes everything seriously. Cry me a river MD.
This coming from you, the guy who still insists that Joe forced a disabled veteran to pay for his restaurant bill despite the fact that that rumor was debunked a long time ago.

I only point out the fact that you think everything is written in stone because you continue to insist that it is.

QQ moar.
When did I insist? Oh wait, only in your twisted fiction you call reality. Try harder next time.
When did you insist it happened? Oh, I dunno, when you posted the story on your blog and didn't bother questioning the validity of the story?

I'm not the one living in a twisted fantasy Ciaran, but you most certainly are. And why should I bother trying harder when I've already succeeded using as much effort as I already have? I mean seriously dude, you do half the work for me!
Already succeeded? You haven't succeed at anything, other than making yourself out to be the biggest Joe fan on the internet. And at the end of the day, that's what you'll be...a stupid fanboy of Joe. Word.
Oh, Ciaran Ciaran Ciaran, how do you remain so ignorant? Not a single one of my comments show that I'm a fanboy of Joe. Not a one. I do not fit the necessary criterion to be considered one. You're simply calling me one because I've succeeded and you know it but can't handle the truth, so you lie about it, just like you lie about everything else.

You're a bigger fanboy of Joe than me. That's why you made such a big deal about Joe mentioning you for five seconds in one of his videos. He's never mentioned me once, but do I care? No. But you care if he mentions you. That is proof positive that you're a fanboy of Joe's, or at the very least a bigger fan of Joe than me.

You can't be serious.
I am.

Actions speak louder than words, and your actions show you to be a bigger fanboy of Joe than I ever could be. You started a blog about him. You were elated when he mentioned you in his videos. You obsessively emailed him and posted his responses in your blog.

You're a fanboy Ciaran. Face it.
That's your perspective of events.
No, it's reality's perspective.

What have you done? You have obsessively emailed Joe in the past and posted his responses on this blog to show that he actually responded to you. That's what a fanboy does. You have also dedicated an entire post to celebrating the fact that he publicly mentioned you and acknowledged your existence in one of his videos. Again, that's what a fanboy does.

You obsess over Joe. You obsess over his videos and tweets, following them and reposting/reblogging them whenever he makes them. You obsess over his ever action. Just like a fanboy.

You're a fanboy Ciaran. That is a fact. Quit lying to yourself.
Man, you sure do love to run your mouth.
Says the guy who runs his mouth so much he created an entire blog in order to record everything that comes out of it.

Pot meet kettle.
Yes, I do love the sound of my own voice. It helps with my method acting.

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