Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Angry Joe eats some salty Del Pickles and gets pissed

Found this on YouTube, it's from a stream not too long ago where Angry Joe get's pissed at Delrith because they lost. Boo fucking hoo. He goes off on Delrith like he ate all his Doritos and mountain dew, the dude needs to learn to communicate with people without acting like a total asshole. Heck I'll even defend Delrith here because he was actually in the right, unlike Joe who only wants people to do what he tells them.


  1. Trouble in Paradise it seems... Video games are supposed to be fun, not make you angry and pissed at your friends, you're not supposed to take them that seriously.

  2. Joe is such a bad gamer its incredible. How can someone play games for a living and suck this bad? XD
    and yeah he always thinks he is the ultimate leader commander who can just shout at his teammates and they will follow him like slaves, the ONLY time that works if you are the best player in the group and then its still a douche move. But if you are the worst in the group like Joe is it is really infuriating, I dont even know why people still play with him, Joe is probably keeping Delrith out of jail or something I guess.

  3. Way to be petulant, Joe. Don't try and be polite or anything that would be too much. It's never a wise move to belittle or antagonize fellow members of your team. Just try offering it up as advice, in a polite manner, and you might notice said members respond better. Cool your fevered ego.