Friday, 6 May 2016

Angry Joe tells fans to fuck off over Reviews and Complains on Twitter

Looks like the stick has only gone farther up Angry Joe's ass, this time he has gone and dug himself a deeper hole by telling his fans to fuck off because it's not just a review show. Sounds like he's salty as usual because people are complaining that he's only pumping out shitty movie video's and trailer reactions.

His Call of Duty reaction trailer also got claimed by Activision and he's been bitching and moaning on Twitter that he can't make money. Boo hoo. Also get a load of Joe saying he'll go to court, I don't think Illegal Mexicans are allowed in court Joe.

It's funny because that's exactly what he's going to be doing.


  1. It's fine to make a living off of Youtube and Twitch, just don't call it work, it's not work unless you put hours and hours into editing each day. Joe doesn't, he just plays games and every so often edit some filler content between reviews, and they aren't the quality of other small Youtubers who do Youtube as a hobby instead of a career.

    I'm not against complaining against monetization either, just do it on the grounds of company corruption, not personal income. That's what Achievement Hunter did with Nintendo for a while, did not make a huge deal about it. You get one video pulled down out of 20 you should be totally fine.

  2. joe is a no good piece of shit motherfucker lazy ass mexican son of a bitch, he used to do 3 reviews per month back in the day, when he wasnt as famous as today, in 2014 he only did like 11 reviews, compared to 2012 where he did 24 reviews for games only, joe is trying to copy other youtube channels that are reaction based channels and its hurting his fanbase in the process.



  3. I think he is kinda lying. I never saw him make a video about a movie or board game back in the old day, it was mostly about video games.

    If he has so much trouble doing reviews, he should hire some people that edit for him instead of having these losers jump around in his videos.

  4. So why watch his videos if you don't like the content?

  5. Joe is apparently in Italy right now. So much for never taking a vacation :p

  6. I don't what it is about Joe. I can't help but want to know what he thinks about games. But then if he has had a bad experience with the game he will constantly make fun of it throughout his review and make it sound much worse than it is. This annoys me because it seems like he wants to make people feel bad and stupid for liking the game that he didn't.

    1. This is why I hated his quantum break review. I enjoyed the game a lot. Is it a system seller? Not even close but he spent so much review complaining and laughing at stupid things in the game. It seemed like he didn't pay attention to the story. To be honest it does seem like he hated simply because it wasn't on Ps4.

    2. I have no problem with Joe wanting to make money, people have bills to pay but you have respect the wishes of the company no matter how silly they might sound. Including copyright.