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Top 10 WORST Games of 2014!

Top 10 WORST Games of 2014!

Lord was this list a load of crap, but then again what was I expecting from the tool that is Angry Joe. The dude can't even think of his own opinion on some of the games, he just borrow his "friends" opinion and plays their video. Who's list is this again, because it definitely isn't all Joe's. Anyway let's get on with it...

Number 10 - Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance 

A stupid mobile game ported to the PC, this is what he's going with. He must be out of ideas for the top 10 category if he's including crap like this. We all knew it was going to be crap so why is Joe getting bent out of shape? It's not like he had high hopes for the game, or did he? The most stupid part of this bit of the video is that he just repeats extracts from other professional game reviewing sites like Eurogamer, or even the Wikipedia page for that matter. What's the point in complaining if all he's gonna say is stuff that anyone can say? (And this isn't the first time that's been said)

Number 9 - Risen 3

I knew he would put this game on the list, because he raged at the game early this year, mainly because of his own inability to play the game properly. A fact which is even pointed out among the most hardcore Angry Joe fans, and wasn't he "meant" to review this, I'll add that to the list of disappointments and failings of Joe. He complains that the game reuses stuff from previous games, if he's got the balls to say that about a low budget game then he better say it about every goddamn game, where's this criticism for Battlefield and Call of Duty Joe?

Number 8 - Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Game

Movie tie-in games galore, why is Joe so fixated on these games? Did they run his grandmother over, it seems he's trying to out do "AVGN" or even the Irate Gamer in terms of sheer anger. But he's just blowing hot air like a retard on cotton candy flavored cocaine. Me mentions Activision and act's like they should care for their titles more even though they "published" it not "developed" it, Joe probably can't tell the difference. Anyway it's an alright game, just because some people might not enjoy it doesn't mean it deserves to be on the worst games list. But then again, Joe's just being a moron.

Number 7 - Escape Dead Island

What no Escape from New York reference Joe, oh wait he's only into riding internet memes. This game obviously deserves to be on this list but Joe said it was the "fourth game in the series". Wait what...last time I checked it was the third but then again when has Joe ever bothered to research anything, or do I need to bring up "4 players in my single player incident". See the video below for more on this.

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Number 6 - Deus Ex: The Fall

Another mobile game ported to Android, is this going to be a thing for Joe? Whatever he just runs his mouth like a total moron through this part of the video, playing stupid clips from his live streams on Twitch instead of saying anything constructive about the game. Of course the controls are terrible, it was originally made for IOS you dumb ass, maybe if he played the original release then compared the controls then maybe he'd have something interesting to say. But no, you get his retarded cackling throughout the video, he's such a chimp.

Number 5 - Dungeon Keeper

What's that there coming over the hill, is it a monster? Is it a monster?
No it's not a monster, it's just "Boogie" the "fat of our lives" and the worst part of this stupid segment is that it was only made to promote his fat friend. Everybody knows how much Dungeon Keeper blows chucks, say it don't spray it Joe or Boogie, or the roach man who probably edited this god damn video. There's not much to say about this part other than it's just generic and he probably made this part in under 10 minutes. And about Boogie, it seems he can't even speak English properly, no wonder people on the internet make fun of him.

Number 4 - FEAR Online

A free-to-play, man is he really trying to shoehorn this into his who shtick. You mean a free-to-play is terrible and you pay rip off amounts of money, who would have known. And don't forget his just borrows the entire footage from another guy, talk about being lazy. Stop promoting these people, what did they pay him for these mentions or something because nobody cares.

Number 3 - Rambo: The Video Game

Of course it's on the list, after he raged like a retard in the review he just had to include it. Want to know my though on it, check out the post for the review.

Number 2 - The Slaughtering Grounds

It's another promotion, no one cares about these people, stop highlighting them. The only reason this was probably included was because of the shady stuff the developer was up to, which is understandable considering the circumstances. Seriously did Angry Joe even watch his video, he has some valid points and that dude act's so righteous when he get's the upper hand against the developer. And this should really be included in the controversies video, not the worst games of 2014. Can't he tell the difference?

Number 1 - Duck Dynasty 

I don't know what to say about this one, a crap tv show get's a crap game and it turns out to be crap. Who would have knew, and he reuses so much footage from his Twitch live streams which is just sad to see, it also shows how lazy he actually is when it comes to doing anything. And why is this video so long, just because it's long donesn't make your point more valid, it just dilutes it. Btw, he really mustn't like rednecks, did they rape him when he "went south" and went deliverance on his ass. Or is he just naturally racist.


Send him to Jamie Oliver, maybe he can put him on a diet, or sent him into a meat grinder, either way we all win.

Probably because Joe's opinion was wrong, dumbass.
I know, some gamer he is.
Probably because he likes making fun of people, what an ass.
No, that's just disgusting.


  1. both the list and that fatso were horrible!
  2. Nice post man. Given on the amount of people joining the cause against Joe I'd say his career will be over by the summer.
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  4. I think that Fatso Boogie is the one who thinks that the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan is a karma for Pearl Harbor, this fatso needs to show some respect and lose weight as this was a symbol of how Americans were fat and racist.
  5. I liked the list to be honest. I'd keep Boogie's head as a trophy after raping his Fat Uncle Yank arse. Joe should be shot like a Negro. Please make it happen Glorious Police Officers.
    1. @Pidgeons

      WOW! Are are Literaly the worst human being ever! What a stupid ass xD i feel sorry for you dude. Try to leave your parents house for once and go see the world. Maybe try a Vagina! It can change your life. What a f*cking loser XD
  6. Technically, "Escape Dead Island" IS fourth game, because aside from Dead Island and Dead Island "Riptide" there was also Dead Island "Epidemic", a crappy MOBA that's on Steam right now.
  7. First, you fucking idiot that writes this blog - Boogie it's a caracter. You too should do some research before saying that he can't even speak. You retard. Second and most important: this blog it's just a pure hate on Angry Joe. Nothing more. You are a cancer and all the people in this blog are complete stupid who believe every thing that you say in this piece of shit blog. I feel sorry for you people
    1. I feel sorry for you. While this blog can have some odd things it still shows you the truth behind joe. Sheeps mouth breathing Joe fans like yourself are the problem. You love him so much that even when he fails, and lies to you, you still love him. You're like those Justin Bieber fans. It is stupid sheep like yourself is the reason people can get away with so much because no matter what you will defend them, even though they have never done anything for you. You see being in the AJSA as some kind of basking in Joes light when you need to realized he does not give a shit about you, does not know you, and just wants your money.
    2. So its just a fat suit? xd

      If its a character he should be shot for thinking of such an annoying character (nostalgia ripoff anyways)
      But like the other poster already explained to you: you are a pathetic excuse for a human being, go lick boogies fat ass that should keep you busy for months.
    3. Yuchi Rants: well said.
    4. I am not a fanboy. I have my own channel and i don't need Angry Joe to know that games that i should and shouldn't play. But one thing is exposing someone for the shady things other it's just pure hate because of a "Worst Games" List. I don't support and i don't hate Angry Joe. And you guys are just hating with no reason on this post. I WILL NEVER give a cent to angry joe or other channel.
      And your hate towards someone you don't know, like Boogie, it's just stupid. But hey, this posts keep you guys happy so i'm glad for you :D
    5. Ok I see your point about his comment on Boogie even though I'm not sure if he's just joking about it, But if not I see where you're coming from. Second and just saying you may not want to sound so angry with your comments so fast it gives a bad first impression, be persuasive not aggressive is my saying. If you have something to say try being persuasive first, you'll certainly get farther with it when it comes to a person like Ciaran than Joe. Also glad you have your own channel hope it does better and better,and sorry bout me going against you in the beginning I didn't interpret your comment right. While I do also get what you say about the hatred on the blog but in my opinion it's necessary hate given on the crap Joes been pulling like silencing his audience members that want to talk about gamer gate, failed promises for reviews, saying he can't believe anyone likes Risen games etc..... While it would be nice for more people to have more channels on game reviewing like I might in the future I'd rather have them be reading a innocent blog than support a YouTube junkie like Joe.
    6. Actually anyone who has followed boogie for a while knows him. Boogie is very open person on twitter, in his vlogs, and such. He is also a hypocrite with trying to lose weight then constantly buying mt dew and Doritos. Guess this post makes you happy as well and the blog since you keep coming back and posting.
    7. I love this Blog. That's why i keep coming back.And yes, i think that every "personality" deserves some hate so they can push back and be better. Sorry about my early post, i wasn't angry but it seemed that way.
      There's so much for Angry Joe to do better this year and i really hope he can do it, because i still remember when he was the "go to guy" for the honest and "spoke for the people" channel. And i hope he changes and stop with the stupid let's plays and starts working hard. There are so many people (me included) that whishes to have this life = making youtube a job and really do what you like. And Angry Joe has that but sometimes he just doesn't care...we'll see what's coming for 2015!
    8. Yeah this year he was not even close to same Joe most of us have watched past few years. I can only think he just got lazy, or polaris who owns the show wanted him to do things differently. I hope it is the polaris one, but just seems with the broken promise it is him being lazy. We will see what happens.
  8. Wait a think that Joe should not have included games like Warhammer, Duck Dynasty, FEAR Online, and so on in his list of "the worst games of 2014", because they were bad games and everyone knew they would be bad?

    You are essentially stating that Angry Joe should not have said that they were bad games due to the fact that they were bad games. That is the exact reason why he included them!

    You just are looking for reasons to hate him and grasping at straws to do so.
    1. you are trying to argue with someone who supports gamergate; which is like arguing with a trashcan, ill just sit there and eat trash and is just foul and unpleasant to be around
    2. Who supports gamergate? The guy who makes this blog?
    3. When did I say they shouldn't be on the list? Did you even read what I wrote?

      And @MadDemon64, I'm kinda 50/50 on the whole GamerGate thing, even if I lean to one side more than the other.
    4. Well, if you think that they should be on the list, why are you hating on Joe for including them? The point of making this list is to point out why you think that Angry Joe sucks for including games that he put in his "top 10 worst of" list, implying that they don't deserve to be in the list and that he screwed up what games should be in it.

      You are hating on Joe for including these games including them in his "top 10 worst of 2014" list, yet now you claim that they actually deserve to be in the list? Then what was the point of going on your tiny tirades for Warhammer, Spider Man, FEAR, Rambo, Slaughtering and Duck? Shouldn't you be agreeing with him that they deserve to be on the "worst of" list?

      All you are doing is hating on Joe for the most inane and ridiculous reasons. If you think these games deserve to be in a "top 10 worst of" list, then don't claim that Joe is an idiot for making a list that includes them! Your claims and reasonings are completely at odds with one another!
    5. There's a difference between a game being a bad game and a bad game of the year, it's plain and simple. Joe didn't explain why it's a bad game of the year, he probably doesn't even know the difference.
    6. Yes. He did.
      I watched his video all the way through, and boy did he ever explain.

      You're just ignoring the facts so you can find flimsy excuses to hate him.
    7. @MadDemon64 don't even try man...people in this blog just don't see reason. They just hate, pure and simple. And doesn't matter what you see they will always say: you're a fanboy and go lick Angry Joe's ass. Even if you are not. Just don't even try.
  9. a top 10 worst games should not include crappy games nobody takes seriosly but 10 games that people expected to be good and sucked, you know like all previous worst list joe did you retard.
    1. He's probably saving those for a "Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2014" list or something. He did kinda mention it in the beginning of his video.
  10. This comment has been removed by the author.
  11. Look at those Facebook posts that Boogie and Angry Joe wrote during the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan:
    1. I looked and didn't see them.

      Either I missed it or you are making that up.
  12. I like how this blog is now getting about 20 comments per post. Kind of like how Joe's failed Autistic Army forums only get around 20 people on at any given time LMAO.
  13. I love how Joe's inability to play a game automatically makes the game horrible. He's like a 5 year old little boy who gets pissed off at a toy because he doesn't have the reasoning skills to operate it. Joe's the type that gets upset that he's loosing a game and says fuck it, and smashes the board. Not to mention, I know Joe and I have to tell you, he's not a real gamer. It should resonate well by the way he TRIED to play Risen 3 and the fact that he's NEVER played Dark Souls II, even though he claimed he would review it, but he didn't. Any game that presents some type of challenge, Joe Vargas will avoid it like the plague.
    1. You got that right about him acting like a brat. Although if he had reviewed Dark souls 2 i bet that he would give it a 10/10 or 9/10 just to avoid hate from the Dark souls lovers ,and just because it's a popular game. It's this kind of stuff that makes it so that gaming will never be a very well respected past time or art form like it used to be. Joe is the embodiment of everything wrong with gaming and needs to either change or just leave game reviewing for good if he keeps his attitude up.
    2. Oh I definitely agree. He would give the game a 9/10, even though he was terrible at it and thought it was way too challenging. Most of the game footage that was displayed would be moments where there were NO enemies around. Like you said, Joe didn't want to do the review because the game was WAY TOO challenging for him, and he didn't want to lose those Dark Souls fans in order to voice his TRUE opinion of the game. What a lame bastard. I totally agree, Ethan.

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