Sunday, 18 January 2015

18/01/2015 - Twitter Madness

Remember when Joe actually did reviews and proper video's, yeah me neither. He more focused on yapping about Sports and other unrelated stuff while negating his real duties. He's taking far too long putting out these video's and he know's it, but the real reason probably is that he doesn't want to make them. Mainly because he know's how much people loathe him, and the shit storm he'll kick up in his controversies video. If he'll ever release it, anyway here's some useless stuff from his Twitter account, enjoy.

Of course Joe, but it is a contributing factor you dumbass.

Does he ever shut up about this place, maybe that's the reason he's getting fat.
Angry Joe: Archfiend Football video's 2.0

There's so much lies in these posts, apparently doing better means taking other people's opinions makes the video the best, moron.

Joe, you probably don't even know who the hell Westwood even is! And checking Wikipedia doesn't count, you poser!

The people's champ has spoken, but there's a different between trying to monetize a video and just showing gameplay. Anyone with a lick on sense would know that, but Joe is still acting like an idiot.

Don't forget that the fanbase payed for this colossal machine, it probably costed upwards of 5000 dollars!

Because that's what he does when he should be "working", watching Star Trek and losing what little brain cells he has left.

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