Saturday, 10 January 2015

11/01/2015 - Twitter Madness

Football, football, football, football, football, it seems that's all Joe is interested since it's still football season or whatever.

He took the jump, probably because he was tired of anyone complaining that he didn't own all three.

Newfound idiocy, I think he's had it for a while.

Like we need a board game with his big mug on it, and OF COURSE because internet meme

I don't want to know where this was going.

But do you believe in Chupacabra?

Joe look up the game before you say something stupid, oh wait you did, Kate Upton is in the game you dolt.
Damn Joe, that's nasty.


  1. What a fat, sick, self-hating, disgusting, selfish bastard. Joe is upset that the Cowboys are out of the NFL Playoffs and he can't deal with it. Instead, he tries to lash out at those around him. Maybe because he's a dumb son of a bitch who thinks he's cool.
    Oh, Ciaran, you think that's gross that he spit on the camera? Well, I have to tell you that he's done worse than that. Joe does spit when he talks, I remember that in high school, and this black guy named Brian used to tell Joe (well, sing it): "Say it! Don't spray it! I want the news....not the weather!" It used to be so funny. Joe used to look so embarrassed by that.
    Oh and in that post where you didn't know where it was going....Joe Vargas was intoxicated. It's no fucking secret that he's a damn drunk. That's all he is and that's all he'll ever be good for....he's just a drunk, selfish, piggish bastard.
    1. I thought he was a cokehead
    2. LOL! He could be. I just know that cokeheads usually don't constantly gain as much weight as Joe has. Also, coke is a very expensive habit, and I doubt Joe could afford it. Well, when he's not profiting off of the dead.....
  2. Now he will tell everyone to buy a Wii U then later say not worth it.
    1. LOL I know. He's so not a real gamer. He only bought it because he was sick of people pestering him about Wii U reviews and he was scared he'd lose those audience members.
    2. Congratulations your prediction came true.
  3. By the holy flame, everyone get a load of this. Angry Joe didn't even buy the WII U he has, it was given to him by "Lai Lai". What a bastard.
    1. He's so used to getting free "review" copies of games from publishers and development teams that he can't be bothered to spend his own money on gaming stuff like the actual consumer market he claims to represent.
    2. Ciaran, are you serious?! So he can't spend his own money on something that he can use to further his own show? It has to be given to him for him to appreciate it and use it? I told you he was always looking for a handout no matter what. This is truly a despicable act that he has done.
      I told you guys that Joe isn't a real gamer. He's intelligent enough to know that it's the easiest market to exploit.
    3. Not surprising. Whenever he actually has to spend his own money on gaming's he wines and cries and never let's us forget he had to spend his own money. Because you know 7 dollars in his wallet.
    4. Yup, only has seven dollars in his wallet. That's the only time you actually got a legitimate set of emotions out of Joe. When his money is threatened. What a disingenuous son of a bitch......
  4. He even got a new computer paid by his fans, and it must have costed 5000 dollars for more! 7 Dollars Sanchez
  5. Yeh as long as the sheep keep handing him money he can do it. Has he ever done anything for charities like get the angry sheep's to donate for 9 e during a stream or anything ?
    1. No. He has never done anything for charities or anything. He spent most of his proceeds on buying Papa John's Pizza and Coca-Cola. He hasn't really done much for his fans.

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