Thursday, 8 January 2015

Angry Joe 2014 - Year in Review

2014 has come and gone, and this has been Joe's worst year on record. Not only has his overall output dropped, he has showed that he can really be an ass to fans and non-fans alike. Below I present to you a list of events and topics that have shaped 2014 as we know it.

Paid Promotions 

It seems that with the recent wave of other YouTuber's doing paid promotions for companies, Joe though that he would jump in on the bandwagon. But he didn't just take part, he tried to hide the fact that he did, even though all other parties that took part disclosed this information. But after getting called out on YouTube and Twitter, Joe put a very generic disclaimer into his video's months after he published them. This is just shady, he must had a problem wanting to disclose this information, or he just didn't care about his integrity and just sold out.

He couldn't even be bothered to fill it in, how lazy.

Free-to-play Drive

He was trying so hard to sell all these games, and the worst part about it is that he was payed to do so. At least for some of the games, Joe has been taking bribes to promote games that he probably would have never noticed or did a video on. This shows that he is in it for the money and that he truly is the corporate commander. Oh, the irony...

Here's the list:

Wildstar Dominion Beta
Infinite Crisis
Heroes of the Storm
DC Universe Online
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions
Guns of Icarus
Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade
War Thunder

First of all, discussion on his forum was frowned upon, they didn't want to attract attention to their forum because they thought people would think that they were pro-gamer gate. That and they locked the topic and banned members, it's this sort of hypocrisy that adds fuel to the fire. But they did reopen the topic months later after public pressure. At one point Angry Joe called it "overblown bullshit", mainly because he refuses to try and understand both sides, he says he's neutral but still says stupid shit about pro-gamer gaters calling them women haters and the like. I could rant about this but I couldn't be bothered, if you want to know more you can just look at the other posts or check out google search.

Failed Promises

Time and time again, Joe said he would review a game, and time and time again he didn't. Because he only reviews currently released games, so if it's a week or two old he won't revisit it and review it. Even though he said he would, but when has Joe ever been truthful. You can see the list below, I think I've forgotten one or two.

Risen 3
Far Cry 4
Assassins Creed Unity
Infamous Second Son
Sunset Overdrive
Shadow of Mordor


  1. Hey Cillian, is it bad sign for Joe if your blog comes up in the Google that appears when I type his name?
    1. Depends on whether or not you agree with the maker of this blog.
  2. That explains why Joe's fanboys are here, but Joe might see this blog himself.
    1. But would it be bad for him is what I want to know.
    2. Who cares? Let him see it the Fat Uncle Yank. It's all true. He's had a terrible year. He's done some good videos in my opinion but he's been a mostly empty shell this year.
    3. I mean i type his name into Google and the blog comes up from just typing his name. I don't mean bad news for Cillian But for Joe. Since it seems to be a sign of his coming defeat. For like something good they would most likely only show stuff that promotes it first. But when i type in his name in Google search the blog appears on the first page. It seems like even Google has had it with the bull crap of the A.j.s and is trying to dis promote him. Joe probably should really consider making changes or otherwise hes really going t get burned.
  3. Angry Joe Sucks Blog 2014 - Year In Review

    It has to be said.

    It's now 2015 and what originally started off as a blog that could have been used for constructive criticism and a way to point out someone's errors, perhaps almost as a way to build upon and show Joe his failings quickly turned into pocket encyclopedia dramatica.

    Despite holding some good points near the start of the year, by the time October rolled around it was quite clear that the creator of the blog went from being a reviewer with valid points into full on anger to the point of ignorance so strong it could have auditioned for the role of Hercules instead of Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson.

    Believing that a person is not entitled to their own opinion (despite Joe saying it was just his opinion multiple times), the blog creator began bashing everything Joe said as if they clung to his every word like certain religious groups to a certain prophet while posting non stop only the negatives shown and ignoring (what a shock) all the positive comments and feedback.

    This was most visible when comments about twitter postings began to devolve into racial slurs, homophobic banter, and insult after insult.
    Usually directed to anyone associated with Joe even if shown in a picture, the most common slang used being "neck-beard".

    This continued then into the reviews of Joe's Top 10 Lists for 2014 where no matter the game chose for his own opinion filled list, the creator of the blog made it quite clear they would not stand for any decision he made.
    Taking a page from the blogger's book, if Joe was to suck his dick and give it a 10/10 with a Badass Seal of Approval, the blogger would still complain about it.

    Course keeping with tradition, anyone that speaks against the blog creator is labeled a "Fanboy" despite his own actions causing any negative feedback as credibility was essentially ruined by their own hand.
    Refusing to accept the fact that Joe is Joe. He can do anything he wants because he is his own person. Everyone has that right (depending on country) and is entitled to play any game, take any promotion and review whatever game they choose to.
    If he so wishes to take the donations, make a suit made entirely out of money and wear it with a smile and a gold tooth, then he can! If someone has a problem with it, why not do what Joe does but work to make it better?
    Make their own video game reviews, add their own flare to it, then even go so far as posting them on the AJSA community forums in Community Content so others in the group can see. Take one's opinion and have it be heard to those who listen to Joe as your own counter-point instead of devolving on a blog into an angry person people will assume is childish and just jealous.
    If they want their Shadow of Mordor review... then they make it! They fill in the empty slot and don't rely simply on the opinion on one man wither or not they should purchase a video game.
    They will say that "Joe's Career is Over Soon!" and hope for it, but if they watch the streams, watch the videos, and read all the comments they'll see it's not declining but still growing. Sure he's not Markiplier big, but his reviews are taken seriouslly. They have been before, they are now, and will be probably years to come.

    Hopefully in 2015 the blog creator will see that becoming immature and ranting will only cause people to stare at them and chuckle, and maybe work to make the blog a site of actual feedback that could be used to influence Joe for the better in their own ways.

    1. The blogger's reasons for hating Joe's top 10 were either that Joe got paid to promote the game (a baseless accusation), Joe isn't a professional reviewer so his views don't count (ironic given that the exact same can be said about this blogger), or that Joe shouldn't have included it because the blogger hated the game (he forgets the people can have their own opinion). The blogger's for hating the worst of 2014 can also be summed by with the last two reasons included above (i.e. doesn't share Joe's opinion and thinks that Joe isn't professional). That right there is a bad sign for this blog.

      Also apparently the blogger, despite hating on Joe for including the games that he did in the worst of list, thinks that they deserve to be in such a list, thus negating the reasoning for the hate, despite the fact that he still hates Joe for including those games on the list. That right there is proof positive that the blogger is just making stuff up so that he can have the flimsiest of rationalizations to hate Joe.
    2. Joe just steal other people's video in order to promote other people to watch someone's videos. As a result of ChaosD1's channel increased subscribers from 8300 to 9500 by the time of the upload of his Top 10 Worst Games list.
    3. Well actually the blog is written is a satirical manner, I know it comes across and insensitive and offensive but the criticism is there. And don't take everything that's written on the blog seriously, it's written in the vain of encyclopedia dramatica and how someone at first glance would respond. I don't hate Joe, I was a fan but just don't agree with his opinion of some stuff. Read into it a little more, and sorry for the misunderstanding.
    4. You and others are in the right to be hating on Joe for different reasons. True sometimes you may make a mistake but I'd rather take your minor mistakes over the ginormous flaws of Joe any day. Like being biased towards Risen fans in his top worst of 2014 video, being an ass on twitter, as you stated failed promises that he did not even try to keep. As well as letting his fan boys defend him instead of fighting his own battles because he's such a pussy. Maybe Grimno's being a troll or probabbly just has a different opinion on your blog which if he's just trying to lay constructive criticism fine, but in the end I know for one thing that to support the current attitude of Joe Vargas is not a good thing to do. Angry Ho is not the good guy and i know you are Mr. Hillock.
    5. This blog is not satirical. It is hate filled, vitriolic, and fallacious.

      Encyclopedia dramatica is satirical, but you can tell it is satirical. It is an over the top satirical. This blog is not satirical in the slightest. It is just hateful and nothing else.
    6. lol maddemon can you make it any more obvious you are on joe's shill squad?!
    7. Holy shit Grimno, you are the ultimate Angry Jew white knight. I bet you print out pictures of his face and tape it onto the back of your dog before you hump it in the ass.
    8. Sorry harryvdlaan, but I have not stated whether or not I am part of angry joe's angry army.

      You have no proof of your claim and are just saying it because I disagree with you in a failed attempt to ad hominem.
  4. This blog has been a fun read sometimes. LOTS of nit-picking but meh.. Keep posting.
  5. Oh god did u miss so many games. Infamous, divinity, sunset overdrive, farcry 4. Those just off top of my head. He said he was gonna review but never did.
    1. He is too lazy to review console exclusive games, so he just went to promote F2P games. Joe lied this in his Top 10 Worst Games of 2014 that he hates EA for being a greedy scumbag whilst he got paid by EA to do a Let's Plays for DA: Inquisition to earn money.
    2. Yeah sorry for missing those ones, it was late and I wasn't thinking straight. I'll add those one's I missed into the list.
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  8. If Joe talked about Gaza, Ferguson Riots, and Ebola, I'm going to leave the Angry Army and let Joe rot in hell in Gaza.
  9. Here's what's funny, people are coming on a blog that basically exposes their hero as the fraud, liar, selfish, piggish, greedy, fat son of a bitch that he is, to spout their hatred of the blog and that we're wasting our time standing up against Joe Vargas. Oh, talk about the damn irony.
    In other news, keep a watch out on Joe's videos. He may THINK that he's gotten rid of me. Oh, the war's just begun. I plan on battling him until the bitter end. I won't rest until Joe goes back to work and earns his living like a rational adult human being. It's going to go on and on until Joe faces up to his responsibilities and fesses up to being a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN and a SWINDLER SCHMUCK. That's all I want him to do is to admit that he's a lying, selfish, greedy, dumb, fat bastard who has PROFITED OFF OF THE DEAD!
    As long as we support each other and fight the good fight, Joe Vargas and all of his unholy minions will fall quicker than the walls of Jericho: "By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days." Hebrews 11:30. We will banish Joe Vargas back to unsavory world from whence he came!

    "When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city." Joshua 6:20
    1. Joe just better start getting used to me because.......I'm not going anywhere....
    2. I wouldn't mind if Joe was complaining about money if only what he was doing was honorable. What he does is not honorable, he is a you tube junkie. Who constantly needs more money from you tube just because he doesn't want to work and support people in a better way, and i agree with you. I especially lost all faith in him after he dissed Risen fans in his top worst of 2014 video by saying he can't believe their are actually people that like the games and said Piranha Bytes don't even try. Those are 2 ginormous dick moves Joe, disliking the game for stupid reasons i could ignore. But disrespecting people who innocently like them and a group of good developers who try their hardest is inexcusable. Based on the amount of people that have joined the cause, with the help of the blog exposing whats wrong with his internet franchise. As well as Gamer gate and people on you tube talking about the flaws with A.j.s.a I'd say his career is over by the summer as an estimation. Oh and of course his no doubt stupid future actions which i know Ciaran will no doubt post about ,and i can't wait to read more from him.

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