Thursday, 29 January 2015

AngryJoe Plays GreyGoo! [Multiplayer]

Another paid promotion, it looks like sell out Joe is up to no good again. This is the new trend for Joe, shilling out to companies for money to cover their games.  He talks about how some Westwood employees help make the game, maybe the neckbeard delrith knows about them but Joe is being spoon fed this information. Because he only got into gaming when the original Xbox came out and seriously when the Xbox 360 came out. Basically, he's a poser.

He role play's his way throughout the entire video, even talking like a robot at some points. He's really obsessed with saying the blob like it's hilarious, it's like amateur hour at the local comedy club. The video is pure gameplay and not very interesting, there's even periods where there's no dialog at all. They just fight the ai, why can't they fight real players for once, that would be interesting to see. Even though the ai was at hard, it was a cakewalk. I don't even wanna bother write anymore about this so I'll let these angry comments do the talking.

New to the party?

A well thought out opinion, Joe should actually pay attention to these instead of shoving his head up his own ass.

He is corporate commander, it's so ironic!

I know, spamming epic units is no way to play. He's probably one of the retards that play C&C 4 online and spams healer units, fuck that guy.

Dude, screw you. These shitty day jobs are what keep people alive, this guy's probably never worked an honest day in his life.

He probably doesn't even care, that's why he's taking so long.

All in all: If you haven't seen game play, good for you. If you have or aren't interested, just don't bother watching it. We shouldn't be giving Joe the incentive to do more deals with companies, just leave an angry comment.


  1. Paid Promotion Joe. It really has come to this, Joe. Also thanks Ciaran for introducing me to Veemonro (angry joe came out of the closet videos), he's an awesome youtuber.
    1. Yeah, he did a really good job on those.
    2. hehe I follow some of veemonro's stuff as well now :)
      He is pretty smart in some things but quite dumb in others... He is also very very stubborn lol but at least he exposes SJWs and feminazis so I cant hate on him for it.
    3. Anyone who talks about femnazis and SWJs is doing it because they know that sad pathetic neckbeards like to whine and bitch about that sort of thing and they want more views. I wish you'd fucking stop with that shit so I would never have to hear Anita Sarkisian's fucking name again but no, you guys make her fucking famous and are still giving her more publicity. It's fucking sad that you're all this stupid really.
    4. Your right. Talking about sjw means instant views. It's ironic when they complain about how sjw are going on abc and getting popular when they the ones that got them the attention at first. Seriously all those sjw channels need to study and the sjw they hate so much will fade away.
    5. sigh Veemonro sold out as well :/
      Angryjoe calls him a conspiracy theorist and he defends him wtf...
  2. Thats pure nonsense, there name already is all over the media. There is no avoiding it, so then ignoring it would be very VERY stupid, its like germany let hitler just do what he want until it was too late, these feminazis are just as dangerous and you need to step up to them... Ughh never know so many cowards were on here.
    1. Really what has "stepping up" to them done? Who is on the national news? who is duping the millions of uneducated people? Not the anti SJW side, nope just the SJW, and if people didn't raise their voice so loud to bring those extremist who threaten them then they would have faded to nothingness I hate SJW but it has been proven that not do all these anti SJW channels do it for the hits and money but also the speaking out has done more harm than good because of the extremist. No one was taking these SJW seriouslly until they started getting a following of people who hated them. Much like with rebecca black back in the day, "we do not hate them because they are popular, they are popular BECAUSE we hate them."

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