Friday, 16 January 2015

WTF Nintendo!?! Seriously? - Angry Rant

Well it seems Angry Joe is taking another hissy fit over YouTube, Nintendo is claiming copy the monetization on a video he was editing. You mean, a company get's the money off someone trying to make money off their content. Joe is acting like such a child, he says that money is the only thing Nintendo cares about even though that's what Joe cares about. He can still show the video, he just can't make money on it. Which is exactly what he wants, he clearly doesn't understand how they work on YouTube or it's copyright ID system. Shouldn't he have learned after the whole 7 dollars fiasco last year.


Exactly, Joe doesn't understand anything.

I know he should have made a throughout video instead of acting like a complete child.

Exactly, nobody is gonna take you seriously when you act like a child who lost his favorite toy.
Like he would actually spend his own money when he can get his fans to get it for him!
Take away his twitch subs and he'll probably explode.


  1. Didn't Nintendo clarify that you cant monetize videos with their stuff years ago?
  2. I will post what I said on video because I am sure he will delete it.

    You can still tell people how much fun you are having, you just can not make money of the video and that is what you want. Also you even stated in your 7 dollar video last year you talked about auto bots doing it, this is the same. You got a wii u FOR FREE and complaining you can not make money off videos from it. To bad. Come at me you at Angry Sheep army. You give money to a guy who does not care about anyone but himself.
  3. I can't believe that his fans bought him a Wii U...
    1. His fans are idiots pissing away money. He has never done one thing for them and they will keep shoving him money.
    2. His fans give him so much and he gives little to none in return. He continues to try and brainwash them with his hero of gamers bull crap like how John Candy got brainwashed into liking Communism in "The Volunteers." but in the end he's a sellout and a you tube junkie and fails in comparison to people like Markiplier.
    3. And Angry Jew didn't even give a thank you or shout out to the fans who bought it for him ROFL! What a greedy entitled cunt.
  4. He couldnt even say nintendo is all about the money rofl!XD
    He wanted to but then you saw his fat face change and him thinking "oh shit im only about money too, if I say that Ill get called out" and then he just pauzes a long time
    pathetic fat faggot rofl
  5. all these butthurt faggots here.
    1. A wild Angry Jew white knight appears! He is a homophobe and probably a racist brony terrorist clopper weeboo autistic scientologist republican wellfare queen alcoholic too.
  6. This is a sad website full of sad people. Why do you losers even give a fuck?
    1. Why do you give a fuck as to why we give a fuck?
  7. I agree with some of the thinks you said about joe, but dude...

    You're putting in waaay much time for someone you don't like. Seriously, you gave this guy a year of your life already.

    You go out and watch all his uploads. Wich you apparently hate doing.
    Then you go out to make an entire blog for the guy you hate, and spent a freaking year hating on some dude you'll probably never meet.

    And besides his videos you also check his twitter and stuff, for what? So you can proclaim to the world that somewhere on this planet there's this guy you really don't like. It's kinda sad really

    You are like the lowest of paparazzi, but without the financial profit or even remotely important people.

    To sum it up:

    You have spent over a year of your life hating on some dude on YouTube...
    1. I actually spend far less time on this than you think, and dude I don't hate Joe. It's just the way I write the bog to make it a little more comedic.
  8. Aww poor Agitated Alejandro can't make money using other peoples work, poor little fat baby.

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