Saturday, 31 October 2015

Angry Joe Tries to pick up chicks on Twitter

Angry "The Manlet" Joe is at it again, no not stealing candy from children and mugging old ladies at the 7/11. But trying to pick up chicks on Twitter of all places, I guess Tinder wasn't working out for him. Remember how Joe called Megan Fox the "biggest dumb slut of the year"? Yeah, I guess he's taken himself a fancy to murdering white women in the USA, oh wait that was that other Mexican Fox News wouldn't shut up about.

Angry Joe's got street cred. 
I guess this is a new low than pretending to be a Feminist for Joe, since he's always trying to pretend that he's something he's not. And one just wonders how Joe came upon this image, did he go searching for it like the predator he probably is? And what did he mean by he would "give her some candy"? Was that supposed to be some type of sexual remark? Angry Joe at his finest people, champion of Tinder and Video Gamers everywhere. I can't wait for trump to clean his ass out of the country.

You can't stump the Trump. Though I prefer David "Pig Fucker" Cameron over Trump, just a little fyi.

And I thought Joe was gay with his paedo friend Delrith and Other Joe? Or is he bisesxual? Shit just sends chills down my spine.


  1. LOL. Did you see the stuff about AJ's ex gf, Amanda? It wasn't a happy ending. She was slutting her ass out on Twitter or something, and AJ wasn't too happy about it, so they split up. This blog is pointless, A/J is a decent reviewer, but his personal life is where it's at. I think the blog owner should reveal some of his own P.L so we can all laugh at that, too. Why let Joe suffer alone, homie?