Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Star Wars Battlefront BETA - Angry Impressions

Well, it took Joe ages to put out a video that some people actually care about, not me because I already knew the game would be shit. But does that mean the game is worthless, of course not, you might get some enjoyment but the amount of content in the game and the gameplay does not justify paying full price. But does Joe even say this, not he just get's salty because people point out his flaws and tell him how to play the game properly. Mainly because he isn't very good at the game, and his constant shouting like a retard just makes his "impressions" video hard to watch because it's annoying and obnoxious.

It's also hilarious because Joe calls himself a "critic" in the video, that's funny because apparently he thinks a critic is somehow who acts like a complete manchild on Youtube. People need to be open-minded about their criticism, otherwise you just come off as an immature asshole on the internet. That applies to me to, but I don't give a shit.


Take a guess?

The same applies to the Angry Army.

A valid point.

Just obnoxious. 


Double points!


  1. 7 years??? Holy crap. It better be worth it. I love when Bethesda take the time. Unlike EA rushing my favorite series, Mass effect. It not bioware fault.

  2. I'm excited for it! They started working on it shortly after fallout 3. It looks promising. In depth crafting, endless leveling (similar to Skyrim), and a huge open world. All I want is better a.i. Bethesda sucks at a.i. But I still love their games none the less. And mod support for consoles which is AMAZING. Can't wait.

  3. Joe's just being lazy, that's all there is to it. Why did he do a street fighter rant video and a tomb raider one but no Battlefield rant?