Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Backlash Against Angry Joe Over His Battlefront Remarks

If you haven't noticed yet, Angry Joe has received massive criticism over the remarks he made in his recent Battlefront video. He's basically under a multi-pronged assault on numerous platforms:

  • His own forum
  • Social media (namely twitter)
  • YouTube comments section

Scroll through the comments on anyone of these places and you'll see the remarks people are making about Angry Joe. I'm not going to cover everywhere, you'll see a few examples below:

Angry Joe getting owned by a DICE employee
This is how is a DICE employee found out about Angry Joe's video, and how did he respond? Joe basically threw tons of shit his way and acted like he was all that and a chicken wing, it's funny because the DICE guy basically owned Joe in the image above, pointing out to everyone what he really is.

Criticism on the Angry Army Forum

Numerous people have pointed out that Joe isn't doing any reviews, these topics have since been closed by "fatass" Tons0fun himself. Lots of people in the battlefront thread have pointed out that Joe is making stuff up about the AJSA wanting to play the game. This is what one guy said:

Other people are bothered by the fact Joe acts like he speaks for them, he's effectively putting words into their mouths when they have a voice of their own. But the funniest thing is that people on Joe's very own forum are calling him a sellout, even they recognize what he truly is and that he's part of the problem in the gaming industry.

The YouTube comments section in general

Youtube is full of people tearing Joe a new asshole, the truth just hurts. I wonder how long it takes Joe to remove the comments section.


  1. I met one DICE employee at E3 and they took photo of me and the map designer of Battlefront. But I feel the karma that the DICE employee owned Angry Joe on Twitter because of how much of a pendejo he is.

  2. I hear you man. I don't care if he puts lets plays or reaction videos more on his channel. But only if he was good at doing them, and from what I've seen they are the weakest parts of his channel.
    focusing on doing those more is seriously a pathetic thing for Joe to do ,since he's just digging the ditch for his career (if you can even call it that) even deeper.

  3. They really work hard to give their dear leader his Safe Space.

  4. Whoa, I look like a Joe hater.

    .....nah, don't care.

  5. lol it seems the last south park is about fags like joe and demonwhores like anita sarkotsian, Joe should hire butters to sift out the negative comments ROOOFFL