Friday, 9 October 2015

The Martian Angry Movie Review

Joe said he started work on another review, what could it be? Mad Max has been out too long and I doubt he's gonna review that, so is it some shitty indie game or Tony Hawks? He also mentions Bill Nye the science guy, he says it all weird and comes off like a YouTube retard, how the hell takes that guy seriously anyway. He then starts shouting MATT DAMON, he even shows a clip to show how autistic he is, only idiots would even bring that bring in a legitimate review, does he even want to be taken seriously?
Joe geeks out over the fact that there are WOMEN in this movie, he champions this fact like he's fucking anita sarkeesian. But the most laughable thing about this "review" is that Joe thinks the Martian is better than Interstellar, he can't be fucking serious. This movie is nowhere near Interstellar, this in itself is why you shouldn't take Joe seriously because he gives you a stupid opinion which anyone can see is wrong. He also gave the movie 9/10, hahahahahaha......Joe says he was alive during the moon landings, yeah and I'm the King of France. Toodles.


Joe only cares about making money, pure and simple.

Right on my righteous brother. 


He's trying to appeal to the female viewers and tumblr. 

Don't forget he's a paedo.


  1. Man, it's like a pack of retards talking to each other. I bet you two were in the Ringer at one point.

  2. yeah anyone willingly sticking their head in the sand to ignore such disgusting shit should be shot on sight...

  3. Anyone thinkin a rumor on the internet as ridiculous as delrith being a child predator should be shot on sight burned to a crisp then have their ashes smoked up in a big ass blunt... you people are a special kind if stupid.

  4. Get your facts straight. Learn what happened in 2008 and stop with the horseshit. Nigga was 18 talking to a 17 year old. Thats not pedophilia. But i wouldnt expect an uneducated loser like you to understand simple facts. The internet thinks your a joke and an obsessive loser. Reddit, tumblr, hell even youtube mocks you. What a fucking retard. Your mom and dad must be proud.

  5. What rage? Oh your confused again and projecting your stalking and biased opinions onto others. It's ok i wouldnt expect a retarded manchild to understand shit. Bet yer paw wished he pulled out and you were just another sex stain on the sheets. I mean there is soo much to be proud of nigga with you whacking it to hentai and stinking up the basement all day..

  6. Wow.. after that sick ass insult i may have to be admitted to the burn unit nigga... shit what does one say after that shit