Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Total War: Warhammer Pre-Order & DLC Angry Rant!

Look at my face, I'm so angry.
Another video made from his livestream footage, is he even trying anymore? This video just reeks unprofessionalism, derp derp need video for YouTube so people stop complaining so I'll upload an easy money rant video derpty derp. What a complete retard, all this crap was expecting from the get go and Joe crying like a child isn't going to change anything, maybe if he tried to do something to change this then people would say look at that guy but no, this is Phantom Joe who pretends to care, I mean look at him here he totally isn't sincere.
See? Even Other Joe doesn't give a shit.
If you don't preorder you don't get chaos, most people who are going to buy it are going to pre-order it in the first place! Why is he acting surprised when this has been going on for fucking forever, remember all that crap Sega did with the last couple Total War games? This is why we need (Can't Stump the) Trump or (Can't Arson) Ben Carson in American, we need them to stamp all the stupid people out of society and transcend us to a higher plane of existence. Wait, wut? How did that get there?

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  1. I really hope Joe gets punched in the face and realizes what he's become. It's like he's just given up. He's so lazy with his YouTube it's not even funny.