Sunday, 24 July 2016

Star Trek Beyond Angry Movie Review

Another movie review, yup the Angry Joe Movie Review Show gravy train is on a roll these days. Better get used to it. Joe calls himself a "Star Trek fan", yeah right. Sorry Joe but all the things you are praising for this movie are the exact reasons why I don't care for the new series. It is nothing but a pew pew bang bang action movie. And NOT the intellectual thinking man's Sci-fi. *tips fedora* And wtf joe this isnt even a review, its just you explaining the whole fucking movie, not even a spoiler warning or anything like that. Get a load of what Joe said:

".. when you think of Star Trek, you think of spaceships, exploration and of laser fights and phaser fights and all that other stuff...."
I think he is confusing the frame story of the Star Trek universe with the actual idea what Star Trek is(should be) about, Gene would turn, probably did already, in his grave. Being the 50th Anniversary they should have included the Living Original Cast ... Nichelle Nicholes, George Takei, Walter Koeing, and William Shatner! But now the opportunity is lost... with the death Leonard Nimoy. Paramount has greenlit Star Trek 4... which will be time-travel story for Chris Pine's character of James Kirk who meets his father G. Kirk in the PAST!!! (How stupid can Paramount be???) And for the love of God somebody needs to tell Joe to stop reviewing movies and go back to games. Does anyone agree? Yeah I bet you do. 

Is he right?
Oh and paedo Delrith is in this movie "review", uhm yay. Doesn't he have some furry related activities he should be doing. Sick fuck.

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  1. Does Delrith only own one shirt?