Monday, 4 July 2016

Angry Joe's late Doom Review and closes comments in paid promotion video

The Doom review is too short and has many flaws, you don't need me to tell you that so here's someone from the AJSA pointing out the flaws.
In all honesty, the review was good, but let's face a few flaws:
1. It's pretty late, for whatever reason. Either he just did it as fan service because it was so requested, but nonetheless, it's simply too late and it's kinda pointless now.
2. It's basically, "it's a good game go get it!" with a few good reasons he told us as to why the game is good and why we should get it, but he didn't really go into depth
3. Length. It's pretty short, even for a such a simple game. True, you can't talk too much about this game, but as I said in my 2nd point, he could of gone a bit more into depth with it and give us really good reasons on why we should buy it and it's flaws. Maybe tho he didn't feel like it because he thought it was pointless making it too long for a game like this.
4. Multiplayer. He didn't talk about it at ALL, except "It's there and it's not good as other MP games, but it's still fun."  It's still a big part of the game and he should of taken the time to talk about the mechanics there, maps and whatever else you can talk about. If he took time to properly talk about it's MP, it would add another 5 minutes to the video, making it almost a 20min review which would of made it almost perfect for a game like this. 
However overall, I think it was a good review. It was pretty hilarious and what I like about it is he added lots of that classic AJ bullshit into it with horrible acting and shitty costumes and terrible effects lol, which adds lots of quirky humor into his review, so that was pretty good.
Tho personally, I don't think it's a review I would depend on if I'm thinking about buying the game. I would watch at least 1 or 2 more, specially because he totally ditched talking about multiplayer.
See, there's people doing my work for me now. Tehehe! Anyway let's get down to business: Angry Joe has taken the first step and closed comments and the like/dislike ratio on his latest paid promotion video. The only thing I've got to say is:
We'll see what happens from here on out as the internet reacts to Joe's drastic measures.


  1. Of course its late. He probably had a full hate filled click bait review based on beta, and when it came out and people said it was good, he had to redo it. luckily there were a lot of other actual reviews out there to copy from.

  2. Already unsubbed to him. I was going to unsub when he did paid Loot Crate Unboxing videos on his channel because I had previously subscribed to loot crate and found the stuff they gave you to be complete trash. I didn't at the time because I though maybe they increased the quality of the items in the crates (which I found out recently they really hadn't when a friend of mine showed me a decorative pin they sent him where the colors were off and you could see visible soldering on the back). Now he has put out the "Tri-fecta" of sellout reviews: Duelyst, HEX: Shards of Fate, and Faeria. These are three games meant to cash in on Hearthstone's popularity and three developers who actively pursued, even hounded in some cases, LP-ers and Streamers to look at their game for some kind of compensation (some of the big names got flat out cash and others were given basically unlimited currency in game on their personal accounts).

    1. TB does promotional shit all the time and yes he even hid it for the longest time. Also just like everyone else whenever he is getting paid for it the game is never bad, even when it is.