Sunday, 3 July 2016

Umbrella Corps Angry Review

For some reason he makes fun that there hasn't been an angry review in 4 weeks, when in reality it's been much more than that because he's been doing rapid fire review. The dude can't even fact check his own work for Christ sake, how does he expect to make it in the big leagues? Oh, and he also brought back Corporate Commander and Evil Joe. Oh, joy! He also pushed this review out before Doom because he was ANGRY!

He says playing the game is like getting punched in the face, look at this amazing criticism...or rather lack thereof. The game should be banished according to Joe because it's the worst excuse for a video game all year, yeah because it's the bane of his existence. Joe clearly has only played a handful of games this year. Joe claims the game is worse than Operation Raccoon City which is objectively wrong, he clearly hasn't played that game, plus it's unfair to judge both games side by side. He complains about micro transactions which are cosmetic and have no real effect on gameplay, but does Joe mention this? Heck no! Because he's got his head so far up his ass to pretend he's angry so he can get views on YouTube. Shame. Claims it's worse than Godzilla. He also shows lots of live stream footage, which is just plain lazy editing on his part.

I wonder if he used auto-aim during this game too.

Where is the content he says, yapping about lack of content when the game is an E-SPORTS GAME which he makes no mention of is both unprofessional and ignorant. He clearly hasn't done any research to back up his opinions, other than playing the game for a few hours that is. He also says you fight zombies in the game when in reality you fight other players online, complains about why there is cover in a game which is a third person cover shooter. And I've yet to mention the bad sketches, which are abundant in nature. Joe complains about things minuscule in nature such as how the character aims their gun, yelling to attract attention and foul language is an act of a twelve year old, exactly what Joe is. At the end when he does the final verdict and the rating (a 2/10), the Final Verdict as well as the number for it and the Epic Fail aren't there. Bravo.

All of the band wagoners were already hating this game because they think they're cool. Last month it was Battle Born, this month Mighty No. 9 and Umbrella Corps. Combine a common hobby and no social life and this is what happens. For those who want a good unbiased review, watch the video below:


  1. Well he said this to the question why he disabled stuff:

    "YT isn't a courtroom, nor was intelligent discussion happening, moderation was needed & I don't have the resources for it atm"

  2. He doesn't have resources?

    Dude, just admit that you don't want people telling you that you suck so you disabled the comments!

    Oh well.. At least now I really have no reason to go watch his videos.