Saturday, 9 July 2016

Angry Joe loses [80,000] subs in ONE DAY!

Found this on Reddit of all places, apparently Angry Joe has lost 80,000 subs in one day. According to on the 28th of last month Angry Joe Show is recorded with a GIANT 80,000 sub drop. You would have to be blind not to realize the amount of hate all his videos are starting to get in the comment section... The question remains... Why? I almost though this was because of all the bullshit Joe was getting up to but YouTube regularly cleans up spam, fake and terminated accounts.


  1. I always instinctly knew that a portion of their subscribers were artificially generated. Pewdiepie would probably be the best example.

    1. Its been proven 20 times over, dont look weird at us just because you are too lazy and dumb to find the facts.

    2. Dirk, I forgot to ask, what ever became of that flaming faggot Demon whatever his name was? He used to write 1000 word essays white-knighting for Joe.

  2. Joe's underaged looking Swedish mail order bride has returned to his side.


    After a 21h trip I'm finally back in Texas YAY �� No stream schedule while I'm here but will stream as often as I can ���� #USA #Texas #Travel

    Looks like he took her out to dine like a Queen eating street meat tacos and will stream with Joe Ghostbusters.

  3. It's probably due to the fact he turned on his fans and sided with the idiot Anita in the Gamergate nonsense.