Friday, 21 March 2014

Titanfall Angry Review

 The video starts off with both Angry and Other Joe shooting each other wearing bad cosplay, they shoot and call down each others titan's, but they play with toy robots instead. This sequence is both long and boring and only serves as Angry Joe's reason to keep the video under parody because otherwise he wouldn't be able to make monies, which he need moar of. Together the intro sequence takes 2:56 out of the total 31:58 running time. Let's continue.
He says that Titanfall provides a fresh new experience, so does every other new game franchise or at least they do at first. Take Halo 4 for example, it was great to play when it came out and was terrible a week after because all the excitement of playing something new runs out, something Angry Joe does not mention. He also says that it succeeds in creating mech and infantry based combat, now listen just because it has mechs and infantry together doesn't mean it is good because the game isn't even balanced because the mechs move so unrealistically, I would have rather they gone with a "real mech" rather than a guy sized up because that's really what we got. Though it's really down to a players preference, and yeah I know too much text.

He also is annoyed by the game having a bad story even though it was always going to be multiplayer focused, though they could have done more than audio logs. He also brags about it not having destructible environments, yeah it seems Joe's going all Battlefield on this one, that alone would not have made the game better it would have made it worse. Strange enough he wants to be able to shoot planes out of the sky even though no game has that sort of thing, he also says the game should have more maps even though no game ever has more than 15 at launch which is about right for a multiplayer focused game.

Angry Joe is even more fail because he never even touched upon Gun or Uniform customization or lack thereof, which he could have at least mentioned. He didn't even put up a list of improvements that game could have only mentioning a couple aspects, seriously his game review is only so long because he includes sections of his lets play, that and he runs his mouth more than Pat the Nes Punk. Anyway he gives the game a 7/10, which oh my is an average score Joe, it seems he's just as big as a hypocrite as those other game reviewers. (oh wait he always was)

He shows what scores it got for some and shames them for giving it a decimal, in what world does he get the right to judge if someone gives it a decimal, seriously he had the same thing with Pacific Rim and he was wrong there also. Anyways his review is too long and tedious to be take seriously, ,..... just like this post ......


  1. why do you mention Halo 4 when speaking about new franchise or something? you daft?