Thursday, 27 March 2014

Red Lantern Angry Joe in DCUO - Part 2!

Another video so soon, you spoil us Joe...oh wait it's just some clips of him doing a live stream. Most of the video is Joe and Other Joe making their characters based on what people voted for in a poll on his site. Riveting stuff right here, though it is cool to see them recreate some "characters" from the show and they look great, though if character creation is not your think don't worry Joe will show you some combat from the game...oh wait that's what in part two, how silly of's not like he could make the video a little longer...oh wait he can but he's just choosing to make another part so he can make some more monies.
This video drags and you'll see for yourself when and if you watch it, which isn't many because right now it's at 89,727 views in two days. He also acts like a total prick during the video which isn't really a surprise because that's what he's like when he not in character for the Angry reviews. Just look at they way he treated Other Joe during the outlast videos and he's doing the exact same here, probably all that sexual tension between the two, either that or Angry Joe is upset over who plays mother or father when they put pineapples in each others asses. He also accidentally pulls up an amazon page by accident, its on screen for a second but don't worry Joe as I screen capped that and now we all know that you were buying more purple dildos.
Damn, look at those prices...ouch
Well he might as well be, he was actually browsing for the Elder Scrolls Online Soundtrack, the dumb ass probably needs to prove to himself how big of a fan he is by buying the soundtrack, oh wait its sold out and the only people selling a physical copy are charging extreme prices. If he really cared he would have pre-ordered a copy and not checking at the last minute. He also said during the stream that there's no girls in the stream, one: how does he know that and two: that's sexist, (or at least I think it is) both genders watch streams, it's not all guys with their junk hanging out beating off to Joe and Other Joe. Speaking of Other Joe, Joe is a complete ass to him throughout the video, just look at his face you know he wants to punch Joe just like this other guy below:
Anyway what are you still doing here, please kindly read more or go watch pewdiepie or something. Or count how many times Joe is written in this post because I'm too lazy.

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