Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Angry Joe Tries it Black Ops 3

Angry Joe acts like a retard as usual, calls people "fucking retards" and runs around with a shotgun alot. What a moron. People look to to this guy as a role model for some reason, I don't know who's the bigger idiot. 

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Ah CoD the HIV of the gaming industry. Why does he even bother trying out BO3 when he should know it is just going to be the same game but with wall jumping now which has been in other games for 2-3 years and just now does Activision decide to add that to CoD.
Agreed, I don't know why AngryFag got into this franchise since last year with COD:AW.
I don't mind him reviewing CoD, but why even bother reviewing it? It's just like the Pokemon franchise. Lazy, unoriginal, and boring, yet still grabs the attention of manchildren everywhere.

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