Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Far Cry Primal Angry Interview (Lets Play Ed.!)

So this is why he went out of Texas again, to suck corporate dick and score some brownie points with the big man. Yep, it's Angry Jew at it again. And what's he showboating this time, oh wait it's another shitty game nobody cares about but Joe will act like him and others actually care about it when in fact nobody does. Though I actually watched the whole thing since I wanted to know how Ubisoft were going to handle this caveman style game, naturally they fucked things up as usual. Anyway I guess it's worth a watch if you want to hear a little about the game but be warned that this is during a let's play so prepare to be annoyed by Joe's constant ramblings like an epileptic retard getting raped by the easter bunny.

And the guy he has "interviewing" had Guyot in his name, where's my Guyver reference damn it? Joe also had camera problems and lost stuff, way to be prepared Joe. I mean there's being Mexican and then there's being Angry Joe, I'll let you sort out which one is worse. As always, see ya later.


  1. You can tell it's a rushed job just by looking at it, heck even that Kinect game with the animals has better looking animals.

    And Fishy, just because you spout nonsense doesn't make it true.

  2. Blogger does not offer a block system, though I could mark their comment as spam until they go away.