Sunday, 6 December 2015

BvS Trailer #2 ANGRY RANT Reaction!

Jesus Christ fucking Hitler, get a load of that thumbnail. It's proof that Joe is just a general movie YouTuber with terrible thumbnails with big heads and bright letters. And what kind of reaction even is that? A fake reaction is what it is. Anyway onto the actual video:

As usual it's Joe geeking out and all that other shit, he does have some valid points about Doomsday and the plot, he also shits over Gal Gadot as expected. Basically most of the video is Joe stating that he knows better than the company making the movie, and while this is probably his ego speaking for the most part, he's also challenging his inner fanboyism because hez a nerd guyz and that's keewl.

He's a salty fish, he's a salty fish. 

This shit get's tired easily, I mean you could have a well edited and produced video citing the valid points while maintaining a level of professionalism. But Joe only cares about what will get him internet views and that's an angry styled rant that is a dying fad, I mean who the hell wants to be the Angry Video Game Nerd anymore? It's also funny how everyone's picking at everything Joe said in the comments section,

Exactly, would you rather have one or not?

He does have a point. 


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  1. Gotta love him starting to hate something he hyped the shit out of for no reason, screwed by his own childish hype lol xd