Saturday, 12 December 2015

AngryJoe Meets Sonic The Hedgehog! & Special Twitter Madness

A really innocent video, but if this is what Joe thinks his fanbase wants then he is wrong. They are interested in content that is worth their time and that's something Joe rarely puts out, his time and efforts right now should be on reviews and not being an ass on Twitter or
being a moneyfag on Twitch. And this was recorded months ago, just pointing that out. Heck instead of watching this video just watch an Aqua music video. At least it's better than what Joe puts out, and if you don't know who they are then please leave.

And since I haven't covered some stuff from Twitter I had a look and screencapped some stuff that I saw.

Can't stump the Trump!

Man he is such a poser, he's a dragon ball fan and is only watching the original now. 

Get a load of this one. 
Here's some comments:
Failed promises as usual. 

You're talking about Joe, right?

Exactly, we are fed up.


  1. haha omg nice way to expose his poserness, everything he said about dragonball in the past was once again a blatant lie to the fans.
    Great entry, only failure is no barbie girl from aqua lol that could be joe's theme song, im a barbie girl, in a reviewer world laawlawl