Saturday, 19 December 2015

Anki Overdrive [AngryJoe's Tabletime!]

Another fucking sponsored (he's call's it a promo) boardgame video, if this ain't proof that he's a sellout I don't know what is. I mean if you aren't convinced at this point you might as well just listen to Eiffel 65's "Move your body" until you go numb and are forced to accept the truth.
Move your body, move your body. Everybody, come on now everybody. 

If you have no idea who these guys are then I have no words to describe the anger I hold towards you, I'm being a fucking serious internet tough guy here. Anyway the video is both long and boring, and it's a sponsored content video so it's a bloody product placement video and you shouldn't even both watching any of it. Because it's Joe trying to sell you a product because he's a sellout, make sure your voice is heard in the comments section and ignore those spineless fucktards that defend Joe at every turn. Probably a bunch of basement virgins who worship the ground Joe walks on because muh video games and muh internet culture.



  1. are you retarded or what? Jesus is a false name, and Santa is Satan so you'd think a fag like you would like him

  2. That boardgame looks boring as fuck, why not just play any race game on your console with your friends.

    It looks like they both had to pretend they loved this shit.

  3. And yet, he uses his retarded Superman GIF from the Cartoon series as a thank you image for donating large sums of money to Angry Jose. It's even worse than Batman and Superman doing a stupid pelvic thrust dance.

  4. oh I almost forgot the sound that plays something with combo is so fucking annoying I dont understand how people can stand long periods of this idiot

  5. On second thought I doubt I will, he just isnt worth it.
    I got too many games to play to waste time on that faggot lol

  6. I think that's for the best, your time could be spent better. Heck the same goes for me, though I'm too busy right now to even bother watching Joe's video's. I don't even like video games that much anymore.

  7. Joe don't care, he's sold his soul and credibility.

  8. I just keep going back to the classics, sometimes I do another playthrough of Chrono Trigger and with the steam sale I bought kotor 1 and 2. Gaming is dead to me same as music basically, just keep going back to what you loved and gaming can still be a fun way to pass the time, I beats watching tv thats for sure.

  9. Oh yeah I was checking joe's youtube to see how hard he would fail in his top 10 lists again (last year was a disaster lol)
    But then I noticed him lying once again, whoever still claims he is honest is retarded for real:
    He put one of those short msgs on youtube to check out his gay stream, in there he said: We are working on our top 10 videos but in the mean time come check us stream "enter crappy game"
    Uhmmmm how the fuck can you work on the top 10 video when you are both sitting there in a stream?!?!?