Thursday, 17 December 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Trailer Angry Reaction

He's going to do a reaction video to this but not anything else, fucking faggot. I ought to beat him to death with my copy of Independence Day. Argh! Anyway, onto the autism filled mother fucking "ANGRY REACTION" video.  And man is Joe quite the manchild, I mean there's being excited and then there's being an autistic child on the internet who splooges all over himself because something TMNT related is being created, but at the end of the day who fucking cares about TMNT? 

Get a load of Joe's reaction when he see's Megan Fox, it's like he's afraid of women or something. And does he really need to all sorts of weird and stupid facial reactions? Can't we have a proper reaction video with production values and analysis? FUCK YOU for wanting that, this is pleb Joe and you only get what you deserve because FUCK YOU GIVE ME MONEY! Whatever, this guy's a walking joke. 


Yeah, because your a dumbass. 
He's probably afraid of women. 

Because he's retarded. 

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