Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Angry Review

Not even 20 seconds in, and it's already a shitty review. Angry "Autism Overload" Joe proves yet again that he's a manchild, it's shit like dressing up like a clown that makes people not take him seriously. Serious talk though - I fucking hate his whole act. I fucking hate how much he exaggerates and overuses his facial muscles for exactly EVERYTHING.

It's nothing but pure sensationalism. I do know the standard for games journalism is very low, but come on - can't we find better outlets for our news and reviews? I'm really sick and tired of it, especially because it is all an act made for nothing else but to attract viewers thinking the videos SHOULD/MUST also be "SO FUNNEH XD" Seriously, even Kotaku looks good next to these types of reviews.

I demand dry and stone-faced reviewers that gives you nothing but facts and well-based opinions and no, Totalbiscuit doesn't count, he's a cuck anyway. It's stupid that Joe's dumb audience thinks if you talk for a long time about subjects you could easily sum up in 60 seconds instead of one hour it somehow makes you intelligent. Quality over quantity, that's all I'm asking for. 

But does Joe have good points in his review, yes of course he does because even a chimp could see the flaws the game has. And it doesn't help Angry Joe's argument when he acts like a baffoon on the internet, but then again it's not like he cares about that sort of stuff because the money will come his way anyway because his fanbase are drones. 

Watch this review from Angry Centaur if you want a proper review. 


  1. Was this the review where he also pulls open a new can of handsigns?
    He overacts so much with his hands and face he comes across as an epileptic clown... I can only focus on that shit and Im laughing all the way trough the video lol.... Oh wait thats only in the serious parts, with the screaming parts and dressup skits im just cringing and facepalming...

  2. I don't like every review Joe does but this one was ok and he is right this game is shit Battlefront 2 is superior in every way to this game it has a hell of a lot more game modes and it was fun. but I do have one gripe with his review the score he gave the game was a little too too generous.

  3. I kinda like this review disregard of his skits. Been a long time Battlefront fan, and I knew that this game is gonna blow. Oh well, hope they listened to their customers on what they want in Battlefront 2.

  4. Who cares that you got bad taste? They're horrible even worse than Joe besides their workethic.

  5. If you ever wanted to see a grown man behaving like a retarded 5 year old child over a crappy superhero movie and cry his ass off go to angryjoechannel now!

    1. I think Joe is annoyed that they are using Doomsday too soon and i agree with him Doomsday should have been saved for at least Man Of Steel 3 I think they should have did a hybrid Superman Zod clone that looks like Superman but is just as ruthless as Zod was and the design for Doomsday looks really stupid.

  6. Oh you mean that stupid board game he's making? Yeah, I totally forgot about that.