Monday, 11 April 2016

Hardcore Henry Angry Movie Review

Angry Joe was really impressed by HARDCORE HENRY! All you need to know is that Joe is mentally retarded, he's by definition the retard in the corner jacking off at the family gathering. Case in point: Appealing to lowest common in point is Joe.

I doubt much of you even know what this is from.
Why does Delrith looks like he about to have a stroke in the beginning, he's probably so fat his heart has trouble pushing the hamburger toothpaste that is his blood all the way up to his head. Not to mention that his voice is both annoying and grating to hear. But hopefully he won't be around for long, if the diabetes doesn't get to him it'll be the lack of sunlight and nutrition or his legs will crumble under his own monstrous weight. As for Other Joe, he's quiet as a mouse like usual. It's mainly a Joe and Delrith gay fest for the whole video, both of them talk over each other like it's a dick measuring contest.

And Joe always finds some random single point to pin on and make any other popular movie a 5/10, but this thing is a 9? How is that justified?

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