Sunday, 6 July 2014

Angry Joe Kills Hitler! - Sniper Elite III DLC

Another Sniper Elite video, but don't worry this time it's even more annoying as Joe finds new ways to annoy the shit out of you. Welcome to "Angry Joe Kills Hitler! - Sniper Elite III DLC".

Throughout the video you'll hear Joe trying to speak German, or just make silly noises with his mouth. Seriously who the hell laughs at this shit, he's acting like one of those PewDiePie rejects on YouTube. Anyway who cares about those losers let's concentrate on why Joe is so dense that he can't even play a game properly, he's running out in the open getting  killed and is complaining why he got killed. He's also treating Other Joe like shit again with Joe goading on the enemy's to kill Other Joe because he's a better player than Joe, just look at Joe's reaction when he had to give the controller to Other Joe. Not a friend I would want to play with, though Other Joe as a good friend sticks with him because he knows Joe would probably off himself if left alone. Enough ramblings look at the pretty comments below:

Pretty much sums up why Joe sucks
Well since Murica and the allies won WW2 they get to rewrite history whenever they feel like it
Nope Joe's the new PewDiePie
Well Joe probably won't do it just like all his other failed promises
They would be enjoyable if Joe wasn't ADHD prone

Wasn't that video riveting, I can't wait for the next one, I wonder what he'll do next...another lets play?

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