Thursday, 3 July 2014

AngryJoe Plays Sniper Elite III

Damn, you know Joe needs the money when there is four ad breaks
Well the E3 interviews are over and Joe has jumped at the chance to pump out more let's play video's, he's playing the recently released Sniper Elite 3. He'll probably just stream the game and not review it, just like Infamous and Wolfenstein. Anyway if you've ever wanted to see Joe get frustrated and angry because of his own fault, this video is for you. Just look at how many ad's there are in this video, four, even for a video this long there should have been at least two.
Just look at the video's description, he's pointing you to where you can buy the game. How isn't he being payed by the developers to sell  their game.
Joe and Other Joe take turns when one of them dies but Joe keeps throwing a temper tantrum because Other Joe started to get more points than him, this is just one example of how big of an asshole  Joe is when it comes to "winning". Just look at how serious he is, it's just a game it's meant to be fun be to Joe is serious shit like his life is on the line, he's probably just upset at someone getting a better score than him on "his" show. He says that the game reminds him of Metal Gear Solid even though that's not the only Stealth game, a more proper reference would have been Splinter Cell though I doubt Joe even knows anything about it. Anyway let's see what some viewers have said.

Joe doesn't like competition
Well said
Yeah, Joe don't know shit about the Military
Joe's probably eating some comfort food, we've all been there once
Probably because he's knows that his fanbase would go crazy
Very True, just look at what he uploaded after a let's play video...another Sniper Elite 3 video
Though the video was alright to watch it gets really annoying to watch when Joe starts bitching about Other Joe being better, that's just sad.

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