Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kingdom Under Fire II - AngryJoe's Game of E3 2014!

This is his game of E3, it's Kingdom Under Fire 2...fail. There was far more interesting stuff at E3 than this, the only reason Joe was interested in this is because its a free-to-play. It's just sad that all he does is spotlight Moba's and free-to-play's, in this year alone he's mentioned them multiple times and it just keeps on coming. He spends the first minute and a half talking about this game as if it's the best thing ever, just look at his face below.
Just look at his face, he looks like he's on something
Anyway let's get down to business, the negative far outweigh the positive so be prepared.

What he did right:
  • Asked a lot of questions covering most aspects about the game
  • Asked what took them so long
  • Talked about some paid options

What he did wrong:
  • Acted as if this game was the best thing ever
  • Never mentioned the change in game play from previous games in series
  • Never asked what the catch was
  • Didn't ask which platforms
  • Kept moving the mic around
  • Acted as if it was totally free, even though free-to-play's never are
  • Didn't mention why the guy needs a translator even though he understood English
  • Acted as if he understood Korean
  • Kept bringing up the Angry Army
  • Didn't mention it being like Dynasty Warriors

Even though the video was interesting to watch I still think Joe was way too excited for this, it's probably because since it's an MMO and he thinks everybody's gonna jump on just because he said so. Anyway onto some comments:

Well said
Probably both
How do you know, maybe he knows Korean
We know, we all know...

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