Saturday, 5 July 2014

AngryJoe Vlog - Smite Finals & Upcoming Videos!

Oh boy is Joe an idiot, thinking people actually care about his Smite videos, just look at the way he's acting during this Vlog. His jumping around like a retard again and talking as if you should worship his feet. He wears a stupid Zod t-shirt from Man of Steel and says "kneel before Zod", get it a Superman quote, laugh damn you. After yapping on about Smite for a bit he says that there isn't much games out so he doesn't know what to review, how about going back and doing the one's you missed you waste of space. That's about it for this video, don't even bother watching this because you know what to expect when this is his thumbnail.
Check out the stellar comments below:
damn right Joe's missed a lot
A great analogy
There you have it: Gestapo Joe
Joe will be doing reviews once a month now, just like Spoony One!

Aren't you just excited for Joe's next video...oh wait another let's play...Fucking idiot!

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