Saturday, 6 September 2014

07/09/2014 - Twitter Madness

If you've been paying attention this week you must have seen Joe exploding on twitter shouting at his fans for demanding video's and his complaining about a lady on an airplane, an incident he caused. But if you want to read about that you can go to his twitter feed or read about those events here, everything else that happened on his twitter will be covered here.

What are the Angry Army going to do, write angry letters?
Awww, get it off, creepy fan art, ahh my eyes
Joe and neck beard plays
And we care why?
Joe's probably likes looking at the pretty lights
What an idiot, can't even remember a single fact
This coming from the guy who said he had only 7 dollars in his pocket
Nobody wants to see that Joe, cut the video down for a better viewing experience, putting up an hour long video just shows how incompetent you are
Because your not a legitimate reporter Joe, real gaming outlets get certain privileges
And by regular video's he means that he'll upload two hour long video's, oh joy!

Did you enjoy all the drama on twitter? Well I did because we're getting to see Joe slowly crumble like an egg shell.

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